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Immortal Conquest Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Troops, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Immortal Conquest by NetEase Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Immortal Conquest Tip #1: Skills to Control Effects.
Among all the skills, some skills are able to control the enemy's effects.
These effects are namely:
Chaos: Makes the enemy dizzy such that they cannot attack or cast any Spells.
Confusion: Causes the enemy to lose their sanity and attack everybody, including their own soldiers.
Cowardice: The enemy will get cold feet and cannot even launch a common attack.
Silence: The enemy is not able to launch their active skills.
I have summarized the skills used to create these effects respectively for your reference as you plan your battle formation, skills and group your troops.

Immortal Conquest Tip #2: Troop Recruitment.
Introduction: Gairo's power can be increased through recruiting soldiers.
Entrance: Main Page -> Main City -> Troop -> Recruitment.
1. Configure gairo into the troop and start to recruit when it stays in the main city
2. Recruitment consumes resources and time.
The more soldiers it recruited, the more resources and time it consumes.
3. After building Drill Grounds, the recruitment feature will unlock then, allowing one troop to recruit.
When the Drill Grounds are upgraded to levels 3 and 5, it will unlock one more queue to recruit.
Reminder :
1. Using militia to recruit won't take any time, only consuming resources and militia.
2. Recruiting consumes resources. If resources are insufficient at the time of recruitment, gairo will not have full soldiers.
Required resources are listed below the page

Immortal Conquest Tip #3: Recruitment Consumption.
Introduction : Recruitment consumes resources. Different kind of army consumes different amount of resources
Note : Open the Gairo stats page and see soldiers bar on the left side,
tap soldiers and check the resources one soldier consumes
Explanation: Cavalry consumes a large amount of iron, archers consume a large amount of wood, while infantry consumes an equal amount of different resources.

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Zombie Girls Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Alliance, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Zombie Girls for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Zombie Girls Tip #1: Alliance Wages.
Finish your daily active quests and when you get 300 points, you will become an Active Member.
A member gets 50 points when the number of Active Members reaches 30.
Each member gets another 50 points if the number of Active Members reaches 50.
The 500 point reward will surprise you!

You can earn Contribution by donating to Alliance Technology.
You will receive a reward when your Contribution reaches 1000.
And there is a better reward when your Contribution reaches 3000.

Log on everyday to increase the Attendance of your Alliance.
If 30 members log on today, you will receive a reward.
If 50 members log on today, you will receive a better reward!
You can check Attendance in only one Alliance Per day.

Zombie Girls Tip #2: Gather & Attacking.
Choose a resource point and occupy it with your troops.
When gathering has finished, your troops will return with resources.

Zombies on the World Map must be defeated one level at a time, from lower lo higher levels.
You will get rich rewards after defeating each group.
When you feel you are powerful enough. attack other player bases.

Zombie Girls Tip #3: Alliance Honor.
You can donate resources to Alliance Technology to earn Alliance Honor.
Your Alliance Honor can be used to buy special items.
You can see your current Alliance Honor in the Alliance Store.

Alliance Honor is bound to individual Alliance members and can be transferred from one Alliance to another.

Alliance Commanders or Players who are 2 levels higher than you can promote your rank.
Commanders with higher ranks can kick you out of the Alliance or demote you.

Zombie Girls Tip #4: Alliance Membership Reward.
1. Use Alliance Teleport to move your City to where your allies gather.
You and your allies can help each other. build your Cities together, provide each other with resources and send armies to each other as reinforcement.
You can also experience the exciting Alliance war!

2. Tap on Alliance Teleport to use it. after which your City will be moved close to the Alliance Commander or within the Alliance Territory .
Hurry up to move to where your allies gather, build your Alliance together and achieve something great!

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The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Cheats: Coupon Code & 3 Best Tips for Characters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

The Dark RPG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #1: Classes.
There are three class characters to start with:
1. Cat Lady "Dexterity Type"
2. Sword Master "Strength Type"
3. Battle Mage "Intelligence Type"

Cat Lady is good for killing enemies very fast because she has fast attack speed and she can land critical hits at higher rate.
Although she is good at attacking enemies, she is vulnerable to enemy attacks. That's why you need to increase her damage output to kill enemies fast to avoid receiving more damage from enemies.

Sword Master is good for tanking enemies because he has the highest defense in all classes, having highest defense and good damage is perfect for fighting enemy mobs.
Sword Master can survive and kill enemies without too much risk because of it's Defense and Strength. Although he has the highest damage in all classes, he has the weakest DPS (Damage per Second) in all classes because of it's low attack speed.

Battle Mage has the highest damage output when she uses her deadly skills. However using skills cost MP or Mana Points. She is fragile also but with skills, she can avoid taking damage and can kill enemies using few skills only.
Battle Mage is very powerful when she has mana. There are many ways to manage your mana usage, thus Battle Mage is the most powerful class in the game.

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #2: Stat Progression by character.

DEX 1 Point -> [Atk Speed] + 0.3% [Crit Rate] + 0.002%.
(Cat Lady: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Dex)
< 1 Level Up > Str +3, Dex +9, Int +3, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.

STR 1 Point -> [Def] +1.
(Sword Master: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Str)
< 1 Level Up > Str +9, Dex +3, Int +3, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.

INT 1 Point -> [Magic Skill] Cool Reduce 0.7%.
Battle Mage: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Int.
< 1 Level Up > Str +5, Dex +5, Int +5, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.
< Extra Attr > MP Gen +20%, Skill Cool Reduce +10%.

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #3: Calculating the Final Attack Speed.

There are two types of attack speed value in the game.
1. Attack Speed in Dexterity.
Dexterity is a stat attribute that can be obtained by leveling up and equip attributes.
Cat Lady has the highest dexterity gain out of two other classes.

2. Attack Speed in Weapons.
You can gain Attack Speed in weapons depending of it's type, the attack speed value will be displayed in weapons's information.
If your character holds two weapon at the same time, just add the attack speed value from two weapons and divide it by two to get it's new attack speed value.

To get the Final Attack Speed, just add the attack speed value of dexterity to the attack speed value of weapons.

You can only have a maximum of 500% attack speed.

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Coupon Code: THEDARKCOINS.

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Neko Gacha Cheats: Redeem Code & 7 Quick Tips for Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Neko Gacha by Lunime for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Neko Gacha Tip #1: Neko Quest.
Assemble your strongest neko team to battle the boss nekos in neko quest!
Journey through 11 different worlds each filled with more powerful bosses!

You will unlock the next quest after beating the previous one.
Make sure your nekos are ready for battle! Collect duplicates of Nekos in the gacha to increase their levels.
You can also play mini-games to earn experience!

When your Neko fever bar fills all the way up, it's time to tap!
Click on the bar to activate neko fever, then tap your nekos as fast as you can to unleash a flurry of attacks on the boss.

Neko Gacha Tip #2: Neko Mini Games.
Jump hurdles in neko leap, dodge traffic in neko roll, block shots in neko soccer, pet your team in neko pat, rock out in neko band, and test your mind in neko memory!
Reach certain score levels to earn coins and gems! Switch from ease mode to hard mode to earn even more rewards!
Click on the crown symbol next to a game to submit your high score to the leaderboard!

Neko Gacha Tip #3: Decorate Home!
Click edit room to customize your items on display.
You can buy more decorations in the shop.
Want some fresh air? Click outside to go in your backyard.

Neko Gacha Tip #4: Manage Nekos!
Assemble your team of five nekos by clicking Neko teams!.
Do you want to learn about all the nekos you have?
Click neko collection to view them all and see their personalities and hobbies.

Neko Gacha Tip #5: Gatcha for Nekos!
Use 100 Neko coins for 1 Pull or 1000 coins for 11 pulls.
Want to increase your gacha luck?
Click the Gem button to switch to the neko gem gatcha machine, which gives you better chances to win legendary nekos.

Neko Gacha Tip #6: Play Games!
Click on the Play icon to choose from neko quest, mini games or neko parade!
Neko Quest: Assemble your best neko team to battle boss nekos.
Neko Mini Games: Choose from six mini games to win coins and gems!
Neko Parade: Battle Boss Nekos using every neko from a star rarity.

Neko Gacha Tip #7: Go Shopping!
Go to the shop to purchase items to decorate your room with!
Choose from wallpaper, floors, furniture, tables, wall decorations, corner items, toys, tableware and food items.
Create a unique room and invite your friends to come visit!

Redeem Promo Code: NEKOGACHA

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Top Football Manager Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

TOP FM for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Top Football Manager Tip #1: Reducing Player Injuries.
You need to have the best players available to play for important matches such as competitive championships.
Injuries makes your players weak or unable to play.

Avoiding injury maybe impossible for a whole season, but it can be reduced as little as possible.
To lower the risk of injury, here are some guidelines to prevent injuries:

1. Don't over-training. Too much training will cause injury in either training or real matches.
2. Don't play too much friendly matches. Friendly matches has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving your team but doing too much makes your players vulnerable for injuries.
3. Don't overly use the Tackling Style. We all know that tackling style is a risky decision because of it's pros and cons. One of the cons is making your player vulnerable for injury.
4. Players should have full condition level. Having full condition level for a player makes it difficult to get injuries.

Top Football Manager Tip #2: Retiring Players.
All players will have their retirement at the maximum of age 38.
This will vary from player to player and renewed contracts.
Renewed contracts will extend your player's playing time for three years.
To reach the maximum age of 38, your player should renew it's contract when he is at age 35.
You should attain highest age possible for your best players, just to have them longer in your team because they are valuable.
So you should pay attention to the age of your players when you want to add new players or retain your best players.

Top Football Manager Tip #3: Free Items.
You can get free items which is very helpful for important matches or championship matches.

There are 4 ways to get free items:
1. In-Game friends and Facebook Friends. You can get some free items via gifts from your friends.
2. Referring your Friends to the game. There are two ways to invite a friend to the game: invitation code and Facebook invitation. You will be only rewarded if they accept the invitation and play the game.
3. Watching Ads. Watch video ads and you will get coins or free items depending of the availability. Video Ads rewards are limited for a single day, so get them every day to earn more free items.
4. Post/Share it to your Facebook News feed. You will get free items when you share your achievements, match results, etc.

Top Football Manager Tip #4: Other Helpful Tips
  • You can make 3 substitutions in a match. Make the appropriate adjustments based on the formation.
  • You can view opponent information to plan your tactics.
  • You can either bet on goals/results of the match or share great matches to FA channel.
  • You can also follow up the real-time  statistics, switch 2D/3D model or leave match.
  • Make sure your players energy and morale are high before the match.
  • You get important news in your mail to help manage your team.
  • You can bid to get players in the Transfer Market to strengthen your team.
  • In spotlight, you can watch matches and place bets on the results.

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Hero Revolution Cheats: Redeem Code & 4 Best Tips for Pet and Enhancing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Hero Revolution Tip #1: Enhance and Polish.
Enhancing can raise enhancing level and basic attributes of gears
Enhancing level cap ls subject to Hero level cap
Chance to earn enhancing bonus enhancing more levels once

90% of the Enhance Stones used will be refunded when smelting.

Higher VIP level grants more bonus chance and better results

Polishing will increase the polish Attribute. Polishing will consume Polish Stone.
You can save or cancel after polishing. Once saved. the result will be added to current attributes.

90% of the Polish Stones used will be refunded when smelting.

Hero Revolution Tip #2: Pet.
Every servant can have a pet The pet will butt the servant with its talent.
Each pet will have 5 talents. Talents will be unlocked through advancing
You can feed pet with Pet Crystal to increase repletion.

You can compose a pet by collecting its shards.
Each pet will have 5 talents. Talents will be unlocked through advancing.
You can feed pet with Pet Crystal to increase repletion.
You can use pet soul and evolution rune to advance pets.

Hero Revolution Tip #3: Status Attributes Information.
  • HP: Max HP.
  • ATK: increase the damage and healing power.
  • DEF: reduce the physical damage taken.
  • M.DEF: reduce the magic damage taken.
  • HIT: increase the hit rate.
  • Dodge: increase the dodge rate.
  • Crit: increase the critical rate dealt.
  • Critical strike causes: 1.5 times at damage.
  • Res Crit: reduce the critical rate taken.
  • Crit DMG: increase the critical damage dealt.
  • Res Crit DMG: reduce the critical damage taken.
  • Sunder: rate to ignore defense.
  • Parry: rate to reduce 50% damage taken.
  • DMG Bonus: Increase the damage dealt.
  • DMG Red: reduce the damage taken.

Hero Revolution Tip #4: Other Tips.

Inviting friends on FB to win rewards.
1. Click the invitation button to invite friends to play the game directly through FB.
2. When the number of invited friends reaches the requirement, you can get the reward.
3. Rewards are sent by mail.

Arena Rules.
Arena only allows auto battle.
if challengers win. they will gains the rank of the defenders.
Challengers lose if they cannot win when time is up

The reward will be sent at 10 pm.
Victory in arena will gain you lots of honor.

You can wish for on item using Lamp.
You can make up to 10 wishes everyday
Come back for items the next day.

Hero Revolution Redeem Code: HRPETSHARDS

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Ginger Rangers Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons and Levels, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Ginger Rangers for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Ginger Rangers Tip #1: Character Unlock Missions.
Each unshockable character has a set of missions that must be completed in order to unlock that character.
Character unlock missions become available after increasing your stage and satisfying certain conditions.

Ginger Rangers Tip #2: Weapon Trader.
You can trade coins or trader items for weapons. The weapon trader sometimes offers weapons that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Weapon Trader becomes available when you reach a certain level.
Some weapons are available only for a limited time.

Ginger Rangers Tip #3: Max Bottle.
Bottle provides the weakest damage out of all primary weapon or grandpa's power but it's ammo are unlimited.
Unlike other weapons that needs ammunition in order to be use, Bottle can be use without limitations, perfect for rapid firing enemy mobs.
Ammunition for other weapons are expensive but very effective and deadly but you need to save those coins for future powerful weapons.
Having an upgraded bottle is still good enough to have progress and beat levels, you just need to hit enemies accurately.
Just avoid upgrading or buying ammunition if you don't have a maximum upgrade of bottle first.
Because a maximum upgraded bottle gives you decent damage for higher levels and you can switch with other weapons to finish weakened enemies or to survive in clutch situations.
Higher levels gives higher amount of coins, having maximum upgraded bottle is helpful to get a lot of coins very fast.

Ginger Rangers Tip #4: Winning The Game.
The game is won by conquering all the levels in the cowboy land and ending the curse of perpetual summer.
After winning, you will be given the option of staring over with a new party, or continuing with your party against a fresh set of levels.
Your first few victories will unlock new characters and secret weapons.

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