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A Girl Adrift Cheats: Coupon Codes & 5 Best Tips for Fishing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

A Girl Adrift Game by Daerisoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

A Girl Adrift Tip #1: Fishing.
Long Press and Release anywhere on the screen and start fishing.
Fishing will be canceled if you press cancel fishing button.
When a fish has bit, tap quickly to catch it.
You have to tap quickly to catch it before it runs away.
When you catch a fish, you get EXP and Fishcakes and you'll start fishing again.
You can upgrade your fishing rod with fishcake.

A Girl Adrift Tip #2: Map and Navigation.
If you want to move to another location, press map on the top of the screen.
You can catch boss fish if you move to a location with a skull mark on the map.
Catch a boss fish to rank up and discover and new areas.
The max level will increase based on rank.
You can check out help from menu on the top right corner of the screen.

A Girl Adrift Tip #3: Harbors, Items and Skins.
Catch a special fish to get items.
Items from special fish can be sold at harbors.
Sell items to get pearls and using pearls buy skins.
Purchased skin can be equipped by pressing the button on the upper right corner of the screen.
The total sum of all of the skins abilities are applied, even if you're not wearing it.
Improve your stats by collecting a variety of skins.

A Girl Adrift Tip #4: Inventory & Special Event.
Items in the inventory can be sold at any harbor.
When you sell items, youcan get pearls or mastery points.
Press and Hold to lock the items you do not wish to sell.
Locked items can be used in black marketeering or construction.
To unlock a locked item, you must long press the locked item.

You can collect special currencies during special events.
This currency can be obtained by catching fish during the event.
Collect seasonal event skins with event currency.

A Girl Adrift Tip #5: Rare fish and level.
If boss is too difficult to catch please follow from the line.
In areas marked with fish icon, rare fish will appear.
Sell items from rare fish and buy various skins.
Keep in mind that fish that has lower level than you will give you less EXP.

A Girl Adrift Coupon Code: taptap (100 potions.

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Subdivision Infinity Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Ships, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Subdivision Infinity by Crescent Moon Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Subdivision Infinity Tip #1: Drones.
Drones. These Drones will collect resources for you automatically. Each Drone also has a set of abilities that can be unlocked as they are upgraded.

When you build your Drone, you get to pick which Mode it has an affinity to.
Resource Affinity
Increases the level of 'Resource' Mode, makes it easier to collect more resources.
Thruster Affinity
Increases the level of 'Thruster' Mode. Makes your Tap per Boost even stronger!
Subdivision Infinity's Notes : After the Alien first approached me,
the Builder Drone informed me that it could now
build Drones with Starsoul affinity.
Starsoul Affinity
Increases the level of ‘Starsoul’ Mode. Makes it
easier for your Starsoul power to activate.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #2: Modes.
The shuttle comes in different modes, each with it's own special functions!
Resource Mode
Tapping in this mode also allows the Shuttle to collect resources.
The faster you tap, the higher the level of lntercommunication between the Drones, sensing where the resources are for faster collection.
Thruster Mode
Tapping in this mode gives the Shuttle the chance to do Critical Boosts.
Any Drones that I have affinity to Thruster Mode will aid in acceleration and give increasingly more
powerful boosts.
Subdivision Infinity's Notes : It have termed my focusing on the Starsoul as 'Starsoul' Mode.
The Builder Drone tells that any Drone with affinity to the Starsoul helps to fill it up with light even faster. It also makes the Shuttle Skim the Slipstream more effectively.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #3: Advancements.
The Shuttle has a library of possible upgrades blueprints.
However these cannot be built with normal resources, but instead need Exotic Matter.
Each advancement you build can greatly help the efficiency of the operations of the Shuttle across different functions. When possible, build them.

You can find Exotic Matter in various places, but the most common places to find them are near Celestial Bodies.
Most Exotic Matter need to be properly analysed in specific laboratories before they can be used. Unfortunately, shuttles do not carry equipment to analyse Exotic Matter.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #4: Redetermine.
When it appears that Subdivision Infinity cannot easily progress and she starts think so as well, It shall help to redetermine her fate by rearranging matter to back to how it was before she first left Earth.
I'll let her keep her existing Exotic Matter, Advancements, Drone Enhancements, Milestone Perks and Special Drones.
Most importantly, she will be able to make use of the new Exotic Matter that she got from her travels.
She won't remember ever traveling out into space, and will think that the items were in the shuttle all along.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #5: UFO Help.
It can sense when Subdivision Infinity needs major help. It will attempt to help her provided she has GEMs that It can use to power actions.
On occasion It will offer to help her with smaller actions, but only if she wants it. It respect her determination enough not to force help upon her.

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Star Tap Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Idle Clicker, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Star Tap Game by Inzen Studio for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Star Tap  Tip #1: Gameplay Tips.
In this game, Stella will fulfil a promise she made once before, to explore and travel through the infinite reaches of space.

She will need all the help she can get from the Drones, her Shuttle, and the mysterious Alien that seemingly came out from nowhere.

Get Advancements that will turn her Shuttle into a High
Tech vehicle capable of travelling at unbelievable speeds!

Stella has relentless determination and unmatched
willpower. Help her in her seemingly impossible voyage!

1. Try different ways of playing! Some players prefer to focus on one specific mode, others prefer a balance of the three.
2. Upgrade your Shuttle and Drones often.
Make use of all your abilities and the UFO help, it will greatly aid in your travels.
3. When your game is offline, Stella is still flying onward.
The shuttle and the drones don't stop working!
You might come back to find that she has already reached her destination, so remember to check back so that you can set off for your next milestone. Don't keep Stella waiting!
4. The Builder Drone will enhance your Drones permanently, it works fast, and is done with an upgrade
in 3 HOURS so remember to enhance the next Drone as soon as you are able to.
5. Multipliers are important to the modes. At higher multipliers ;
Starsoul Mode - Every tap fills up more of the Starsoul
Resource Mode - Drones collect resources much faster
Thruster Mode - Every tap gives out stronger Boosts.
So it is important to keep the multipliers as high as possible.

Star Tap  Tip #2: Boosting.
The most important task, dear traveler, is to accelerate.
Just tap on the screen to make your thruster boost.
And keep tapping! In the almost frictionless emptiness of space, the Shuttle will not slow down, so your speed will just keep increasing!
The higher your speed, the faster you will reach your destination!

Star Tap  Tip #3: Resources.
The other important task, is to Collect Resources.
You can do it manually during 'Resource' Mode by tapping (See 'Modes' below).
Drones will help you Auto-collect resources (See 'Drones' below).
You can also get resources near planets and stars.
Stella's Note I I have found that the Slipstream is rich in resources!

Star Tap  Tip #4: Shuttle & Abilities.
The shuttle comes with a Builder Drone.
This Builder Drone will upgrade your shuttle with enough resources.
Upgrading your Shuttle is important! It will increase the strength of your boosts, so that each Tap is stronger! It will also enable you to collect even more resources during ‘Resource’ Mode.
Certain abilities will be unlocked when you upgrade your shuttle to higher levels.
They will aid you in your journey.

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CarX Highway Racing Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Racing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

CarX Highway Racing Game by CarX Technologies for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

CarX Highway Racing Tip #1: Pink Slip & Perfect Start.
This means that you will be betting your current car.
If you lose the Pink Slip bet, you lose the car. If you win a Pink Slip bet, you'll win your opponent's car.

Three things are taken into account: whether the RPM needle is in the green zone when starting the car, the speed of the car when crossing the starting line, and the amount of time between receiving the "GO" sign and actually crossing the starting line.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #2: Blueprints.
These are special rewards that act as pieces of cars.
After obtaining a certain number of Blueprints for any given car, you can then complete that car and receive it.

Make sure that you've checked for them in your Inventory and tapped the
CLAIM icon in order to get the car. If the icon is only partially visible, you
still don't have the number of Blueprints required for that specific car.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #3: Driver's Rating & City Location.
This is a Multiplayer rating based on your skill as a player.
This number can go up or down as a result of your wins, losses against other players, and other players‘ skill ratings.

After New York, each additional city requires a certain number of Subscribers.
Gain more Subscribers to increase your total by racing in both the Single Player and Multiplayer game modes.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #4: Subscribers.
Your number of subscribers is a good indicator of your progress in the game; they are gained by playing any of the game modes.
The subscriber number is used as an unlock condition for a few game modes and locations.
Reaching certain thresholds provides you with a reward.
You can view your progress and collect these rewards by visiting the REWARDS tab in the Player Profile.
You can access your Player Profile by tapping your avatar in the top bar.

CarX Highway Racing Tip #5: Upgrade Car & Stages.
You'll need to access the UPGRADE section via the UPGRADE icon in the top bar of the race lobby, or from the UPGRADE icon located in the bottom bar of the Garage.
There you'll need to select the upgrade component and purchase an upgrade stage using CASH. You can speed up the upgrade delivery by watching an ad or using DIAMONDS.

Each component affects a car's stats differently.
The early (STAGE 1 & STAGE 2) stages increase the car's stats progressively, while choosing a PRO tuning stage affects those stats to different extents.
For example, you can choose to focus on Torque or Weight depending on which you want to improve more.

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ToyKart Cheats: Coupon Codes & 6 Best Tips for Kart, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Toy Kart Game by PlayPark/Asia Soft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

ToyKart Tip #1: Grand Prix Racing.
Grand Prix has rookie, junior and license mode.
Rookie has 22 stages,
junior has 5 cups of different difficulty levels and each cup has it's sub stages.
License mode has 6 license stages. You must acquire each license to have better grade of karts.
Quick race will be unlocked in Rookie and junior modes after clearing the stage with 3 stars.
Using Quick Race direct you to the result screen immediately to receive rewards and exps.
Rookie mode gives exp oil, kart parts, tickets, sun fury pieces and etc.
Junior mode gives kart pieces, quick race tickets, exp oil, component pieces, tickets and etc.

ToyKart Tip #2: Infinite Mode.
New missions are available in infinite mode every day.
All stages and records will be reset at 00:00 every day.
There are 50 stages in all and the order changes every day.
The number of karts you have determines the number of plays you can do (1 kart = 2 plays).
Engine parts are given as reward from infinite mode only.

ToyKart Tip #3: Multi-Player Racing.
In multi player mode, max 6 players can join in a race together and it has single and team matches.
Each of single and team matches can choose either item or speed mode.
You can either create a room by yourself or press Quick Start to join a room to be able to start a game.
Quick Start lets you create a room to race.
After creating a room, you can invite your online friend to the room to play together.

ToyKart Tip #4: User level and Kart Crafting.
User level grows by playing grand prix mode.
The max number of tickets you can have increases over your levels.
Each license grade requires a certain level to be able to challenge it.
For you to craft a new kart, you have to collect the kart's pieces.
You can craft the kart by collecting all the required kart pieces and paying gold.
Kart pieces are available from Grand Prix as reward of mission clearing.

The kart you create at first is one start kart.
To upgrade a kart star grades, the kart has to reach it's max level before you can upgrade by using kart pieces and gold.
List of kart star grades and their max levels are explained in Kart level up tool tip.
When your kart star grade becomes higher, you required to have the upgraded kart's license to use.

ToyKart Tip #5: Pet Gatcha & Item Gatcha.
Spending Gold Diamonds allows you to draw a pet.
Pet passive skills are random.
Spending Diamonds gives a higher chance to draw a pet with better passive skills.

Spending Gold Diamonds can draw a part and a piece.
Spending Diamonds allows you to draw higher grades of kart parts.
Kart piece, 6 kinds of kart parts, exp oil and quick race tickets are available from gatcha.
Buying 10 at a time gives the highest chance to get great parts.

Toy Kart Tip #6: Other Tips.
Garage: You can manage your kart/character/tire/pet/other items here.
Upgrading or selling can be done here with other  different materials that you earned from playing races.
Shop: You can buy stuff that are useful to your play. there are other items, pet, and other gatchas too.
Battle mode:You can earn points from winning the races. Stack points form the selected track to hold the cup.
Ranking: Rankings of mind and others are displayed here.
Rankings for Grand Prix, multiplayer, Infinite Mode are available.
Friend: You can make friends in the game and view/add/delete friend at your friend list.
You can enjoy multiplay mode with your friends from the list and exchange mails as well.
Mission.: Various missions are available in Single Play and Infinite Mode.
You can check out missions info in progression here.
Mail.; You can send and receive mails here.
Rewards you earned from racing are sometimes mailed to you.

Toy Kart Coupon Code: Newbie.

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Point Blank: Strike Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Striking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Point Blank: Strike Game by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Point Blank: Strike Tip #1: Improving your Weapons and Team Level.
[Gear] → tap a weapon you want to upgrade → tap [Enhance].
You can see the material weapons available and upgrade cost on the right side, and on the left side is the detailed stat change according to the materials you select.
After selecting material weapons you want to use to upgrade a weapon, touch the [Power Up] button and the upgrade cost will be expended and your weapon will be strengthened.
When two identical weapons are synthesized, you will get the weapon with higher level.
Touch [Gear] in the main lobby, then you can see the tabs of Primary/Secondary/Knife. You can equip the weapon you want in each tab.
The team level is determined by the average level of the characters in the team.
You can increase your team level by strengthening the level of the characters in your team.

Point Blank: Strike Tip #2: Daily Log-in Reward System.
The daily log-in reward system of Point Blank: Strike is that you claim the reward in the column of the day number.
(Ex: Claim the reward in the column of the number 25 on July 25, and the reward of 27 on July 27)
The reward is only available from day 1 to 28. There is no reward for the day 29, 30, and 31.
The daily log-in reward is reset at 00:00(UTC+7) on the first day every month.

The number on ATTENDANCE is the total log-in days of the month.
When the number reaches 10 and 20, you can claim the rewards for 10 and 20 log-in.
The log-in history is also reset at 00:00(UTC+7) on the first day every month.
(Ex. If you install the game from 20, the total amount of log-in days you can earn for the month is 9 at most, so 10 and 20 log-in rewards are not available.)

Point Blank: Strike Tip #3: Weapon Skin.
Even the same kind of weapon can have different effects depending on the skins equipped.
There are 5 kinds of skins, and each skin has the following additional effects.

Skin Type---Abbreviation---Effects.
SNOW Skin---SN---Increases Accuracy.
Desert Skin---DE---Increases Critical Rate.
WoodLand Skin---WL Increases Magazine Size.
Gray Skin---GR---Increases Damage.
Olive Skin---OL---Reduces Weight.

The same type of weapon can be combined at the maximum level, even though their skins are different.
If you combine weapons with different skins, the skin of the combined result weapon will be randomly decided.
If you combine weapons of the same skin, the result of the combination is with the same skin.

Point Blank: Strike Tip #4: Game Modes.
Point Blank: Strike has 4 modes.

1. Team Deathmatch: It is a standard team deathmatch.
It is possible to play up to 4vs4. A team with more kills within a given time will win.
2. AI Match: Death match between player team and AI.
The maximum number of users is 4, and the maximum number of AI is 8.
You can adjust the levels from 1 to 8. The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes.
3. Headshot Mode: In Headshot mode, you can barely damage the enemies' HP unless your attack is a headshot attack, so you have to shoot the head to defeat the enemies.
4. Emblem Match: Battle between Red vs Blue team.
Each team gets scores according to the number of kills and emblem touches of each player.

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Demoncer Cheats: Exchange Codes & 5 Best Tips for Gear, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Demoncer by Eyougame for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Demoncer Tip #1: Dungeon.
Dungeon is a place that can produce a big mass of coins. Only Lv.32 and above player can enter.
Player can own maximum 3 rooms and arrange 7 mercenaries in the room.
Gold mine of each room can produce 5000 coins every 15 minutes. Mercenaries can produce coins too.
The higher the level, the more the coins produced. you're allowed to snatch other player's dungeon
coins as long as you can defeat their mercenaries.

You can click the "locating raid" icon and enter player's name.Consuming one location token
can appoint target dungeon to raid. Location token can be purchased at shop.

Click the raid button on the top right corner of dungeon interface. Everyday first player-pairing
won't cost any coins, after that you can spend coins yo pair with player for raid. It's a
need to transform into Deity before entering dungeon. You have to defeat the mercenaries
and escape from the traps.

Success in killing all the mercenaries in the dungeon will bring you the target's coins whereas
failure will bring you nothing. Dungeon can be upgraded. Number of coins, room and
mercenaries will increase rapidly with the level of the dungeon. The upgrade of dungeon needs
corresponding coins and level.

Rich list can be seen in Dungeon. Click the list icon to check other player's situation and own rank.
The list will be reset at 00:00 every Sunday.

In Dungeon, you can click Battle Notice to check dungeon details of player's attack on other player
as well as attack of others on your dungeon. Click Raid to launch a revenge by consuming a
Revenge Token which can be purchased at shop. When player successfully raided a dungeon, a
Label window will pop up to let player leave comment.

Demoncer Tip #2: Gear Expert.
You can find a Gear Expert button on the right bottom corner of your hero interface.
There are four functions in Gear Expert: G Enhance, S Refine, J Enhance, S Refine. You can use them to improve your gear and Scroll’s attribute.
Collecting gear with the same name (armor, helmet, boost, sword) will activate gear bonus.
Quality of gear in the game is differentiate via color. Ranked from lowest to highest: green, blue, purple, orange and red. Gears with higher quality may have better attributes.

Demoncer Tip #3: Acquiring Gear.
Tap ‘Event’ Button on the upper right. Find secret code, and input: Kingdoms to get newbie reward.
Pass mainline, some stage offer gear shards.
In the Bloodshed Shop(Blood Coin can be obtained from Bloodshed.)
Tap ‘Event’ button and take part in the event to get gear.
Tap Summon Button, use diamond to summon gear. Chance to get gear and gear shards,
PS. You can use gear all to check all the gear details.

Demoncer Tip #4: Combo Skill.
High quality hero will have combo skill. Fight with some specified hero together to active their blend skill.
Combo skill is more powerful than common skill. You can check hero’s details on Preview.
Control skills have failure rate, also some enemies may have anti-control skills.

Demoncer Tip #5: Shifting Heroes and How to get Heroes.
Shift your heroes can increases their basic attributes and also will unlock their special talents.
Shift cost shift pill and gold. Once your hero is shifted to level 3, it will require hero token to continue shifting to higher level.
Heroes above purple quality will have their own talent. Talent can be unlocked through shifting.
Purchase in the shop: You can get hero or hero soul in the hero shop.
Get from the mainline quest: Defeat certain stage boss to get their hero souls.
Summon: Use recruit token, holy token or diamonds to summon hero in the summon system.
Free Summon:There are three free summon chances every 24 hrs.
Diamond Summon:Single diamond summon costs 280 diamonds, 12-draw costs 2800 diamonds. Have chance to get red hero
PS. Summon-Preview can check all the hero detail.

Demoncer Redemption Code/Exchange Code: demoncernewserver (limited time only).

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