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Arcane Dragons Cheats: 4 Best Tips to become Stronger, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Arcane Dragons by Redbana for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Arcane Dragons Tip #1: Characters.
Warriors have the advantage when it comes to close combat! Master a sword or an axxe to defeat enemies!
Archers are great at long distance range attacks! Use a wide range of bows and arrows to penetrate enemies from afar.
Magicians attack with powerful spells! Spells can inflict damage to a group of enemies close together at once!
Characters can level up until level 70.

Arcane Dragons Tip #2: Clearing Missions.
You can obtain Rubies as a reward by clearing each dungeon for the first time.
You can obtain Rubies as a reward by clearing a stage with SS clear for the first time in story or time attack mode.
It is important to clear a dungeon in a short time to obtain a high ranking.
Clear each chapter stage to open a difficult mode of the same chapter.
You can obtain enhancement stones in time attack mode to effectively level up your equipment.
Clear a dungeon with a party to obtain more gold.
Buffs casted before entering a dungeon will last while you are in that dungeon.
When clearing a dungeon is difficult is difficult try party play or realign your equipment.
Party play allows you to communicate with emoticons in the party chatting window!
Sen Friendship Points to friends as a gift once a day.
Cruise through a dungeon easily by carrying HP Points or MP Potions with you.
Clear missions to obtain a variety of rewards.
Clear both the Daily Mission and Weekly mission to obtain Rubies.
Clearing some missions may increase your Sub Equipment border.
Diverse players gather at the square. You can take part in parties that are recruiting.
Powerful dragons appear in "Raids" so try party play with more than 3 players.
When you are short of Gold, try playing the Day Dungeon: Saturday or Continuous Quests to effectively collect Gold.
You can obtain Upgrade Stones for each property from the Day Dungeon: Monday to Friday to use for rank up.
You can receive more EXP through the Day Dungeon Sunday.
The Day Dungeon reward is different for all 7 days of the week. Monday Lightning, Tuesday Fire,  Wednesday Cold, Thursday Poison, Friday Null, Saturday: Gold, Sunday: EXP.
Record and share your gameplay with others!

Arcane Dragons Tip #3: Equipment.
The "Sub Equipment" border can be expanded after clearing some "missions".
Equipment equipped as "Sub Equipment" will increase your AT (or Def) by 10%.
Some skills grant special properties.
Some weapons come with unique skills. Unique skills are effective during battle.
Some armor comes with unique abilities that unleash their effect automatically during battle.
The unique skills of a weapon or the unique abilities of armor can weaken enemies.
Unique skills or unique abilities can level up by equipping other equipment with the same skills or abilities.
Try removing the enhancement effect from powerful bosses using your unique skills or abilities.
A phasic relationship exists between properties. The phasic relationship of properties is Ice > Flame > Lightning > Ice.
The Sub Equipment border can expand up to 24 slots.
Equipment abilities are granted randomly.
Equipment can get evolved to a maximum rarity of 6 Stars.
Rarity ranges form 1 star to 6 stars.
Equipment evolves 1 rarity step at a time until it reaches the max level.
Equipment rankings are Normal, High Normal, Rare, Hero and Legendary.
Accessories can be equipped by all characters.
Weapons with properties can inflict additional property damage.
The number of abilities attached to equipment can reach up to max 4 from +1 to +4.
There are many different special abilities granted to accessories. .
There are S kinds of equipment properties including Null, Poison, Fire, Cold and Lightning.
Only Head equipment can be set to Hide the equipment image.

Arcane Dragons Tip #4: Runes.
Runes are obtained as a dungeon clear reward.
There are various kinds of Runes and each have different effects when equipped.
Runes are powerful items that strengthen your character when equipped on your equipment.
The Magic Powder slot needs to be open in order to equip Runes.
Disassemble equipment to obtain Magic Powder.
Each chapter of the Extra quest will open after clearing each chapter in Story mode.
Accessories for equipment can be obtained as clear rewards from Extra.
Play Roulette once a day for free. Try it at the Gatcha.

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Hamster Restaurant Cheats: 10 Best Tips to Earn Fast, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Hamster Restaurant for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hamster Restaurant Tip #1: Kitchen.
In the kitchen, you can consume coins and cook.
The dishes that can be made are different in Every kitchen.
Let's set various kitchens and increase cooking variations!
The recipe will be released as you raise the cooking level.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #2: Orders.
Let's cook for the guests who came to the plaza!
By tapping is you can see which food you want to eat.
Let's make that dish and push button to eat food!
When you tap a guest who has finished cooking, you can receive coins and experience points in return.
The level of the categories of dishes served to guests will also rise. Let's cook more and more!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #3: Puzzle.
Advancing the puzzle will allow you to release rare hamsters and increase the maximum number of hamsters that can be placed in the plaza.
You can check the number of stages you can earn under the ready screen.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #4: Shop.
At the shop you can purchase restaurants, table sets & decorations.
Placing the purchased table set in the open space, the guest will come to your plaza.
Push "Visit" button, you can see the guest's plaza.
The table set & restaurant has an upper limit of placement.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #5: User Level.
Increase the installed upper limit and plaza extension at the user level up.
Tap the blue star on the hamster and you will get the experience point.
If you give food to hamsters, you get the experience point.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #6: Cooking Level.
There are six categories of meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, desserts, and cooking basics in the cooking level.
When you cook dishes to the guests, the level of the categories of dishes that you offer will go up.
As you raise each dish level, other recipes will be released!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #7: Hamsters.
Tap the icon in the upper left to see the hamster selection screen. Let's get hamsters with stars gained by puzzle.
By tapping on each hamster icon you can put the hamster onto the plaza.
there is an upper limit to the number of hamsters that can be placed on the plaza.
To increase the upper limit, press the +button at the upper left of the selection screen, or advance the puzzle and release the upper limit.
As you advance the puzzle you will get rare hamsters! Let's step forward and get it.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #8: Bus.
By tapping the acorns bus, you can go to the plaza of other users or shop at a special shop.
You can get a friend coin by stroking a hamster in other user's plaza or visiting your own plaza.
Let's save a friend coin and get a limited item at a special shop!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #9: Affection Degree.
The degree of affection can be received by the hamster you choose when you cook.
The heart when stroking in the plaza is not included in affection degree.
You can check the degree of love on the selection screen of the hamster.
Depending on the number of hamsters whose heart is 100%, you can get cheese on the Achieve screen.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #10: Re-challenge the puzzle stage.
If you advance the stage of the puzzle to a certain extent, you can try again with life using the randomly chosen stage 3 already acquired stage.
You can not earn stars in the results of the re-challenge stage, so be careful.
The stage of re-challenge will clear, or will change to another stage after a certain period of time.

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War of Horde Cheats: 6 Best Tips to Win Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

War Horde by T1Gamer for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War of Horde Tip #1: I want equipment!
  • After reaching level 12, by clearing Dungeons you can get equipment.
  • By completing First Recharge you can get powerful weapons that can be used for synthesizing legendary artifacts.
  • By defeating Wild Boss you can get special weapons.
  • After reaching level 20, you can buy equipment at the Market.

War of Horde Tip #2: Insert Gems.
  • By inserting gems you can boost your BP significantly.
  • After reaching level 42, by joining Enchanted Land you can get plenty of crystals.
  • You can buy crystals at the Market.
  • After reaching level 20, you can buy crystals at the Market.
  • By joining Recharge Events you can get crystals.
War of Horde Tip #3: Equipment Enhancement.
  • By enhancing equipment you can boost your BP significantly.
  • By defeating Wild Boss you can get plenty of enhancing materials.
  • You can buy enhancing materials at the Market.
  • By joining Recharge Events you can get enhancing materials.
War of Horde Tip #4: Skill Upgrade.
  • By upgrading skills you can boost your BP significantly.
  • You'll need skill scrolls to upgrade skills above level 60, by defeating Philtres Dungeon and Wild Boss you can get skill scrolls.
War of Horde Tip #5: I want Gold!
  • After reaching level 17, by joining Gold Mine you can plenty of Gold.
  • After reaching level 17, by you can get plenty of Gold.
  • After reaching level 30, by joining Ogres Must Die you can get plenty of Gold.
  • After reaching level 30, by you can get completing Daily Quests you can get plenty of Gold.
  • By joining Recharge Events you can get plenty of Gold.
War of Horde Tip #6: I want to Level Up!
  • By doing auto-battle in Philtres Dungeon you can get mass amount of EXP.
  • After reaching level 12, by clearing Dungeons you can get plenty of EXP.
  • After reaching level 12, by joining Violet Seal, Bonfire Party you can get plenty of EXP.
  • After reaching level 19, by joining Arena Battles you can get plenty of EXP.
  • After reaching level 39, by finishing Daily Quest you can get plenty of EXP.
  • If you have missed some events, you can retrieve the EXP in Resource Retrieve.

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Fanatical Basketball Cheats: 3 Best Tips to Win Games, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Fanatical Basketball for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Fanatical Basketball Tip #1: Controls.
Drag the button to move your players. Tap the control button to pass the ball. Hold and release offense button to jump shot.
Move your player in front of the opposing ball handler. Tap the control button to steal the ball.
Move forward and tap offense button to do layup or dunk.
Tap Switch button to switch to the ball nearest teammate.
Tap the Block button to attempt blocking the shooting opposing player. It will only works if the opposing player was at shooting form.
Perform correct shooting form like releasing the jump button at maximum jump, open wide shots and etc because even if you had an good upgraded shooting skills, you can still be blocked by an opponent or the ball will travel awkwardly hitting below the board or it may be an airball regardless of shooting success rate.

Fanatical Basketball Tip #2: Coins and Gems.
You will earn coins and gems for each win, you can also get bonuses on your wins depending on how many steals, blocks, dunks and 3 points you've made.
Earn daily bonus by just logging in the game. Log in continuously up to the 28th day to get maximum daily bonus.
Earning Gems are easy! You can get it by just wining a matches and you can also get it through achievements.

Fanatical Basketball Tip #3: Teams.
There are 5 types of teams and it is rated by D, C, B, A and the highest rated is S.
S or Super Team isn't the best team to develop or to improve. Rated A teams are the best teams because it is available to buy in "Today's Shop" thus you can upgrade them easily if you have money. S Teams can only be obtained through packages which has a low success rate,
It is recommended to save your money to buy your favorite team when it is available at the Today's Shop.

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Mortal Blade Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Mortal Blade for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Mortal Blade Tip #1: Battle Tips.
Hold Block button to block, defend first! Wait until the enemy is dizzy before attacking.
If the shield points are out, then it won't protect you anymore.
Successful defense gives you a chance to attack. When this happens, attack and don't stop.
Watch out for enemy attacks, you can parry them by swapping in line with the enemy's strike.
You can only parry the strike at the right time.
Same as blocking, parrying will result into a success defense that leads to free strikes to your enemy.
You can also dodge by pressing either left or right button and avoid the enemy strikes at the right time and right position.
You have 4 chances to dodge in the beginning,each one can be charged in a period of time.
Successfully parry, block and dodge can give you a chance to attack.

Mortal Blade Tip #2: Other Tips.
Completed 4 daily tasks can receive extra diamond reward.
Cost 1 Skill point to strengthen one of your attributes! And you will unlock a new skill by costing enough skill points.
Daily Reward will give you instant reward when you logged in the game. The more the number of consecutive days of landing the more abundant reward.
If the cooldown of reward level is over, you can challenge it again.
You can remove the gem inlaid from the equipment by costing some money.
You will get 3 stars if you have 100% defense rate, 2 stars if you have 60-99% defense rate and 1 star if you have 0-59% defense rate.
Each equipment has 3 gem holes, but the last 2 holes need diamonds to unlock.
Rare gems can be upgraded with 2 same type extra gems.

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Shadow Fighting Street Cheats: 7 Newbie Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Shadow Fighting Street or Shadow Fighter for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

  1. Tap Forward Button to walk Forward. Tap Backward Button to walk backward.
  2. Double tap the forward button to run. Double tap the backward button to step back.
  3. X button is attack "A" while O button is attack "B". Tap Up button to jump.
  4. Tap and slide the O button to the left or right to use basic skills.
  5. Tap and slide the X right and left continuously to use your Special skill.
  6. Tap and slide the X button to the right to grab the enemy.
  7. Special Skill requires full gauge but when successfully hit an enemy, it deals huge amount of damage.

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Gangster Crimes Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Gangster Crimes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Gangster Crimes Tip #1: Money Press.
Your Money Press is a lucrative business!
It produces tons of cash all the time. But make sure you collect all that money in time, before you get robbed!
Upgrading your Money Press ensures it will produce even more cash, and the capacity will also increase!

Gangster Crimes Tip #2: Mafia Mansion.
The Mafia Mansion will give you the possibility to unlock new in-game possibilities, and it will also increase the capacity level so you can settle more troops in your empire.
Upgrading it will increase your Mafia Power!
You can also upgrade your troops and equip them with weapons right here in your Mafia Mansion.

Gangster Crimes Tip #3: Car Showroom.
There's no better place to sell your oars then in your very own Car Showroom!
Make sure to upgrade your showroom to allow for more capacity and faster ofiers.
Your followers can also provide great publicity about your showroom. And the more followers you have, the more your customers will he willing to offer you!

Gangster Crimes Tip #4: Weapon Lab.
Welcome in your Weapon Lab! Have [a lot) of useless weapons, but you want to get rid of them?
Here you can recycle your useless weapons into brand new weapons!
Upgrade your weapon Lab to a higher level to gel stronger weapons in return.

Gangster Crimes Tip #5: Ammunition Factory.
Without ammunition, you're nothing!
To be able to attack other players, you need ammunition at your disposal.
In order to start the producing process, you should press the “Produce” button every 24 hours. Note: during an upgrade your Ammunition Factory will not produce ammunition.
And when you're in the course of producing, you also can't upgrade your Ammunition Factory!

Gangster Crimes Tip #6: Bank
Deposit your cash in the bank to keep it safe while players are attacking you.
This is a good choice if you have no current investment opportunities to put your money into.
Upgrade your bank to a higher level for more capacity.

Gangster Crimes Tip #7: Hospital.
You'll need your health during attacks, so upgrade your Hospital to a higher level for extra health and a faster recovery speed!
Note: if your health is too low, performing criminal activities is not always possible.

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