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Summon Rush Cheats: Coupon Codes & 2 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Summon Rush by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Summon Rush Tip #1: Gameplay Tips.
Summoners and creatures are affected by attributes and become stronger or weaker.
Fire is stronger against Earth, Earth is stronger against Water, and Water is stronger against Fire, dealing more damage.
Light and Dark are stronger against each other.
If the opponent has a stronger attribute, then damage will be halved. Consider attribute relations when creating a deck.
You can summon anytime as long as you have the cost for summoning. Creatures have Battlecry skill so learn and befriend creatures.

Each Summoner activates beneficial specialties when summoning same attributes as themselves so pay attention to the specialty of each summoner.
How about summoning a same attribute summon which is the same as the summoner? 
The enemy has a lot of creatures. Summoning creatures that can freeze all enemies at that time will be useful.
Summoners and creatures can use active skills when mana is full. 
Summoners can learn different Spells depending on their attributes.
Always clear a quest, you will be come more accustomed to battle. Rewards are also important.

Summon Rush Tip #2: Deck Tips.
Deck Settings
- If you have more than 1 Summoner, tap a Summoner card to switch
- Touch the desired creature card to set in deck slots.
- Touch engraved Spells to set in deck slots.
- Touch a creature card that is checked or in deck slots to remove them.
- In auto battle, Creatures and Spells are used according to the deck order.
- Tap begin battle or deck setting button to complete deck settings.
- Tag return to leave without saving current deck settings.
- When reset, all Creatures and Spells are removed from deck slots.
- Recommended deck is arranged according to decks that caused the most damage to the boss (Aka's Training Ground).

- Touch a character in the deck settings window for 2 seconds to check the character's skill and stats info.
- Touch and hold a character equipped in the lower slot of the deck settings window for I second to change order with the slot you want

How to search 
- Check the desired sorting method to list Creatures and Spells accordingly.

How to use continue on.
- You can continue on a stage that you completed.
- Continue on will keep on completing the selected stage automatically.
- Continue on is canceled when there is not enough stamina, battle fails, dungeon entry limit reached, level up, or upon other special events.

Summon Rush Coupon Code: SRCDIAMONDS.

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Bethesda Pinball Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pinball, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Bethesda Pinball by Zen Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bethesda Pinball Tip #1: Controls.
Press and swipe down at the bottom right side of the screen to pull the plunger.
Release to launch the ball with the desired power. Although, it doesn't really matter if you launch the ball slow or fast, as long as you successfully launch it.
After launching the ball from plunger, you can operate the flippers at the bottom of the screen. Left bottom side for left flipper and right bottom side for right flipper.
Swipe in the desired direction on the upper half of the screen to nudge the table and slightly alter the ball's movement.
You can tap them to nudge but swiping is better to control the direction of the nudge.
Just nudge when the ball is stuck or stay in a certain area for too long.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #2: Checkbox.
Sometimes a checkbox will appear on the screen. Tap the launch button for various actions.
You can get Main Quest and Equip Loot through the Pinball Field, a checkbox will appear.
However, you should decide and act fast because the time won't paused when interacting with checkboxes.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #3: Camera.
Tap the camera button to change the view, or hold it to activate the free view.
Default view settings is recommended because it offers a lot of view from the play field. Zoom works better for smaller screen devices.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #4: Match Ups.
Play Matchup for a player versus player, and Single Player for a classic pinball experience.
Complete Single Player for Experience, but playing Single Player will cost Coins. Collect Coins in Matchup.
Win by beating the opponents score to gain better ranks.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #5: Rewards.
Earn rewards every time when a game ends. Single Player will reward only experience, while Matchup games will mostly reward Coins.
Watch Video for significant, one time boosts toward the next XP / Coin rewards.
A Booster provides a continuous multiplier for all rewards while it lasts.
Select one of the Perks to provide a passive bonus, boosting high scores on the selected table in Matchup.

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Class Society Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Class Society for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Class Society Tip #1: Gameplay.
A Filthy Society that your status is decided depending on the hierarchy.
Reward is given when you finish your work.
Given money is obtained automatically when time goes by but you can obtain faster by touching it.
You can't earn more money if the money is full.
You can save more money if you strengthen your safe. Upgrade your safe.
You can strengthen your work ability with your money. Hire the irregular workers.
You can go to the upper class by accumulating wealth with more money.
You can learn skills with study points that you obtain by level up.
Purchase equipment for faster advancement on your equipment.
Obtain an assistant and a buff that will help you with your game in stores!

Class Society Tip #2: Watch Ads.
Free buff after watching advertisement.
Gorgeous Movement = 50% of work speed increases.
Honesty Nature = 50% of money obtained with ability increases.
Lucky Day = 10% of critical possibility increases.

Class Society Tip #3: Strength.
Strengthening Safe Capacity will save a maximum of X amount.
Strengthening the Work Ability will earn X amount at once.
Strengthening the Work Speed will increase money producing speed in X percentage.
Strengthening the Personality will increase treasure box obtain possibility in X percentage.
Strengthening the Welfare will increase critical possibility in X percentage.
Strengthening Flattering will fever time possibility in X percentage.
Strengthening Irregulars will hire one irregular worker.

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Totem Story Farm Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Farming, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Totem Story Farm for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Totem Story Farm Tip #1: Farm Visitors & Staffs.
To get more visitors. you'll need to raise the overall Appeal of your farm.
To do that, install more Facilities and make use of combos.

The staff live in lodges and take care of your Fields and Ranches within their move range.
Give them equipment to improve their stats and have them do even more excellent work on your farm.
Certain items enhance staffs ability growth around them.

Totem Story Farm Tip #2: Staff Abilities.
Know-How: Affects the amount of experience points Fields and Livestock receive when staff takes care of them.
Zeal: Affects the bonus after taking care of a Field Livestock.
Stamina: The higher the Stamina, the longer your staff can work without a break.
Florist: Specializes in Flowers.
Farmer: Specializes in Fruit and Veggies.
Rancher: Specializes in Livestock.
Odd-jobber: No specialization.
Staff tend to prioritize the type of work they specialize in.

Totem Story Farm Tip #3: Visitors Abilities.
Visitors‘ stats can be raised whenever their Satisfaction rating levels up.
Photo Skills: Takes more photos at once.
Walk Speed: Walks faster and visits the farm more often.

Totem Story Farm Tip #4: Impulse Shopping: Buys more stuff.
Sociability: Brings Friends along to your farm.
Shopping Spree: Spends a lot more than usual on purchases.

Totem Story Farm Tip #5: Favorites.
Visitors have their preferences as to what they want to see.
Cater to your audience and you'll quickly raise Satisfaction of various age or gender groups.

Totem Story Farm Tip #6: Caring For Crops and Livestock.
Once you create Fields or Ranches, your staff will take over the care of Crops,
Flowers, or Livestock, until they are ready to be shown to the visitors.
Visitors will leave some Gold behind when they check out your Fields.
There are helpful items boosting the results of staffs‘ efforts.

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Pocket Plants Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Farming, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Pocket Plants for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pocket Plants Tip #1: Contests & Festivals.
Compete against other farms in various categories.
For some contests, the judges will only look at a specific part of your farm
Use combos wisely and take good care of Fields to increase your odds of winning.

There is a number of farm festivals where you can compete for prizes:
Tug of War Fest, Outdoor Sports Fest, Gourmet Fest & Flower Art Fest.
What's needed to win differs depending on the festival type.

Pocket Plants Tip #2: Weather, Changing Seasons & Photos.
There's a season for everything. Flowers, Livestock..
When in season, your Produce gets certain bonuses, grows faster, and becomes ready to be photographed earlier. Nearby Facilities are also affected.

Rain: Less visitors, but higher chance of Fields becoming dazzling.
Downpour: Large reduction in visitor numbers, but even better than rain at making your Fields dazzling.

Photos of your farm gifted to you by visitors have many uses.
They will be necessary for purchasing certain items, and for crafting equipment.
Keep Livestock and grow more Crops to obtain lots of photos.

Pocket Plants Tip #3: Energy Bonus.
Contrary to the daily refill, which counts as Classic Energy, all the Energy you buy or win via your Inbox goes directly into the Bonus Energy counter.
When you play and use Energy, the game will always consume your Classic Energy before using the Bonus Energy.
Even when you have a stock of Bonus Energy, your Classic Energy will still receive its daily refill.

Pocket Plants Tip #4: Getting More Energy.
There are many ways to obtain Energy in City of Love: Paris:
Participate in Community activities and contests (Visit Facebook page!).
Your energy bar refills automatically over a period of time.
You can buy Energy in the SHOP section.
You can participate in Community events (see our Facebook page!).
You can give your friends a Referral code.
You can use your friend's Referral code.
You can complete your Souvenir collection for each Episode.

Pocket Plants Tip #5: Buying Energy.
You can buy Energy by going to the SHOP section directly and selecting a specific pack of energy to purchase.
When you're out of energy, a pop-up will appear and remind you that you can purchase packs of energy.

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Postknight Cheats: Redeem Codes & 2 Best Tips for Increasing Stats, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Postknight by Kurechii for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Postknight Tip #1: Detailed Postknight Status Attributes.
- HP: Displays your character's maximum HP. Current HP decreases if your character takes damage from enemies. Once it becomes 0, your character dies.
- ATK: Indicates how strong your character's attack is.
- DEF: Indicates how much damage your character can endure.
- Penetration: Decreases the target's Defense.
- Evasion: Indicates your character's chances of evading an incoming attack, and thus not take any damage.
- Crit Chance: Indicates your character's chances at dealing powerful damage.
- Crit Resistance: Indicates the chances of resisting critical hits taken.
- Critical Strike: Indicates the amount of damage dealt by critical strikes.
- Critical DEF: Indicates the amount of damage reduction against critical strikes.
- ATK Against Boss: Bonus attack against boss monsters.
- DEF Against Boss: Bonus defense against boss monsters.
- PvP ATK: Additional Attack against an opponent in Bloody Battlefield.
- PvP DEF: Additional defense against an opponent in Bloody Battlefield.
- Damage Reduction: Indicates the amount of damage reduced.
- CC Resistance: Decreases the chances of getting CC effect.
- Lifesteal: Restores HP according to the damage dealt to the target.
- Additional Damage: Indicates the amount of additional damage that ignores the target's defense.
- Damage Reflection: The chances of dealing reflected damage if attacked, based on your character's defense. It happens with a probability of 70%.
- ATK Speed: Increases attack speed, based on your character's basic attack speed.
- Movement Speed: Increases movement speed, based on your character's basic movement speed.
- Gold: lncreases the amount of Gold earned when you kill a monster.
- XP: lncreases XP gain from completing a stage.
- Drop Rate: lncreases the chance of item drops when you kill a monster.

Postknight Tip #2: Items & Gears.
Items usually have one basic option. Set items have one additional set option
Items can have a number of random options according to the grade.
A set effect is applied if you equip multiple gear or accessories with the same grade.
You can increase the maximum number of items you can own with Gems.
If your Inventory is full, you cannot proceed.
Use the Lock button to lock valuable items so you do not accidentally sell or use them as materials.

Gear that has reached their maximum enhancement level can be upgraded, except for Mythic grade gear.
Additional item options are added when items are upgraded above a certain grade.
You need Gold and Upgrade Stones to upgrade items.

Getting promo code?
You can win a promo code during Specific events in-game or from Postknight facebook page (daily posts, contests, games, etc.).

Postknight Redeem Code: PKSTATS & RCPK. (Limited Code Only).

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Solid Soccer Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Matches, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Solid Soccer for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Solid Soccer Tip #1: Match Making.
When you enter a league, the game tries to find a random opponent for you.
Someone that plays in the same league, and located geographically in the same part of the world, as you are.
If no such player is available when the countdown completes, you will be matched with against computer team instead.

Solid Soccer Tip #2: Player Controls, Team Skills and Rating.
Passing is easy, just swipe back, aim and release to kick the ball.
It has the same interaction for tackling,  just swipe back, aim and release to tackle.
Shooting is different, just swipe back and hold to dribble, release when you want to shoot.

The game will automatically select the player nearest to the ball, so you only need to press, pull back and release.
You can choose to control another player with a short tap.

Each skill you upgrade will add one star to you Team Skill.
This controls how fast your team can switch from defensive to offensive and vice versa.

When you start playing you have 100 Rating points.
If you win a match you will receive points from your opponent, and if you lose you'll have to give away some of your points.
If you beat a team with a higher Rating, you will receive more points and vice versa.

Solid Soccer Tip #3: Disconnection, Wrong Colors and No off-side rule.
If you disconnect a league match, you will lose that match and rating.
Tell you friends not to call you and avoid shaky Internet connection when you're playing.

If your team and the opponent have similar colors, they change the opponent's kit colors so you can see who is who on the pitch.

To make the game faster and more fun, they decided to skip off-side and free-kicks.
It's the same for both sides, so you can't blame the referee if you lose!

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