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Rise of Gods Cheats: Gift Codes & 2 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Rise of Gods by Ujoy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Rise of Gods Tip #1: State of War.
Duel Mode.
A state war auto starts on the 3rd day of a new server.
The ATK and DEF will be assigned randomly, to familiarize players with State War Rules.

Free For All:
Unlocks on the 4th day of a new server
After the 4th day of a new server, the King and the Imperator may launch war on the other 5 states

War Declaration Rules:
After the 4th day, every Mon. Wed. Fri launches State War, every Tue. Thu. Sat. unlocks Global Field
00:00-19:00 of State War Day-is Declaration Period. Kings and imperators can click on State Military interface to launch wars
Declaration will cost 1m Treasury Fund.
After declaration, the war will start at 20:00-20:30.

Victory Requirements:
ATK wins: ATK can defeat the imperial Marshal in the rival Lumia in the allotted time
DEF wins: DEF can protect the Imperial Marshal in the allotted time

ATK Strategy:
ATK Route—>Angel of Healing or Guardian—>Mage of Holy Light or Darkness—>Guardian God
Raid Route: crackthe stone of Belvedere Plain, open a secret passage of Belvedere Plain-Lumia; after 5 mins, the passage will be sealed again
Imperial Marshal: the Mage of Holy Light at South Gate, Mags of Darkness at East will decrease 50% DMG To defeat the Imperial Marshal, ATK need to occupy Mags of Holy Light or Mags of Darkness to cause DMG to imperial Marsha .

DEF Strategy;
Protect the imperial Marshal in the allotted time
Loong and Guardian Angel, Angel of Healing, once defeated can't be taken back.
Mage of Darkness and Mage of Holy Light can be taken back.

Rise of Gods Tip #2: Global Field.
-Kings may declare war on targets of the Global Field. win the war to claim the territory!
-Each state can expand their territory in the Global Field. Be a dominator and get enormous rewards!

Global Field Participation.
Since the 4th day of a new server, Global Field is unlocked!
Since the 4th day, every Mon. Wed. Fri launches State War, even; Tue. Thu. Sat. unlocks Global Field
-From 0100-1 9:00. King and Imperator can declare war on the target; search for allies from 19:00-20:00; launch war from 20:00-20:30 .
Each Lv. 30+player can join the war and fight for their state!

Declaration Rules.
0:00-19:00 is time for declaration. Kings can declare war on the target in the Global Field!
Declaration will cost Treasury Funds, which can't be canceled once declared Bid.
Each territory may be targeted by several states. The state with the highest bid will claim the right to attack.
Once the King declares war, he may increase the bid by spending more Treasury Funds.
It takes wisdom to evaluate the status quo and win the bid with a reasonable price.

Available Territory.
States march to the inland after lending on the coastline
Therefore,territories on the coastline end territories that border the occupied ones may become targets of war
Expedition declaration can be conducted to distant inland, unless it's a capital.March Token is required in expedition declaration.

March Token:
March Token can be used to conduct expedition declaration or form an alliance on Global Field
A certain number of March Tokens ere granted at the beginning of each season.
Boost the grade of state to acquire March Token rewards; King and Imperator may buy March Token directly.

Rise of Gods Gift Code: rosnewbie.

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War Reign Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Humans, Strategy Guide and Tricks

War Reign by Megaport for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Being at war for a long period of time has given the Humans an overwhelming technological advantage compared to other races. Based on their accumulated technology, Humans possess the most elite units and combat support among all the races. Just as siege weapons backed up by artillery units are undefeatable by any attack, a specialized Human army is a fierce enemy for any race.

War Reign Tip #1: Defensive Structures.

  • Cannon: It is a bit slow, but this defensive building viciously attacks a single target. Place with other defensive building to maximize its effects.
  • Dwarf Tower: A basic defensive building. It attacks a single target. Place it effectively to maximize damage.
  • Fire Mine: Severely damages nearby units.
  • Great Cannon: Its attack range is short, but this defensive building rapidly attacks nearby units. It is effective against numerous low HP units via AoE damage.
  • Lightning Tower: A defensive building that makes enemies in a wide area unable to move. Place it with other defensive buildings to compensate for its slow attack speed. It cannot attack units if they are too close.

War Reign Tip #2: Resources Building.

  • Gold Refinery: Building that produces Gold. Increases production as it levels up. Tap on the building to collect the Gold.
  • Gold Storage: Increases your base's storage space for Gold. Increases storage amount as it levels up.
  • Stone Quarry: Building that produces Stone. Increases production as it levels up. Tap on the building to collect the stone.
  • Stone Storage: Increases your base's storage space for Stone. Increases storage amount as it levels up.
  • Vault: The Vault protects resources from enemy invasions. As the Vault is upgraded, more resources are protected.
  • Wood Sawmill: Building that produces Wood. Increases production as it levels up. Tap on the building to collect the Wood.
  • Wood Storage: Increases your base's storage space for Wood. Increases storage amount as it levels up.

War Reign Tip #3: Support Buildings.

  • Armory: Human units train here. Form a stronger force through continuous training.
  • Army Camp: Outstanding engineers are always on standby at the Army Camp. Since these buildings are extremely strong, efficient placement will help with defensive strategies.
  • Assemble Area: Assemble attack forces here. Upgrade the Assembly Area to increase its unit capacity.
  • Command Post: A battle transport unit. Transports your units to battle. A building that upgrades battle skills. Upgrade the Headquarters to unlock new skills, and to increase Mana provided in battle.
  • Guild Tower: Upgrade the Guild Tower to receive more support units from your Guild. Support units help to defend your territory.
  • Headquarters: The Headquarters is the core building for the Humans. Upgrade the Headquarters to unlock new buildings and upgrades. If the headquarters is destroyed, all other buildings are also destroyed.
  • Hero Tower: Upgrade Hero skills and levels here. The Hero designated as the Defensive Hero protects allied territory from enemy invasion.
  • Temple: Upgrade bonus effects using Battle Stones acquired from battle.

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Arami Puzzventure Cheats: 17 Quick Tips for Puzzle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Arami Puzzventure by NCSOFT for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Arami Puzzventure Tip #1: Gameplay/How to Play.

  • Move Arami to the exit.
  • Destroy the stones by matching 3 of the same color.
  • Change Arami's direction by pressing the direction key.
  • Match stones next to flowers to get them! There are 3 bunches in each stage, so keep looking.
  • When you destroy stones next to strawberry blocks or chests they add to your collection.
  • You can remove sheep blocks if you match the stones next to them.
  • You can save a friend trapped by a Vinetrap or Sticky if you match the stones next to them.
  • You can make a bomb by matching 4 stones in a square shape.
  • You can make a bomb by matching a 4 stones in a square shape.
  • You can also make a bomb by matching them in a T or L shape.
  • If you match 4 stones in one row either horizontally or vertically, you can make stripped stones that destroy one entire row.
  • Match 5 stones to generate a rainbow bomb of immense power.
  • You can get even more power if special stones are swapped with each other.
  • When Arami, kokomi and a kan-kan are close to each other, they can form a group and move together.
  • If you bump in to a thumbman, you will be blown far away.
  • If you bump into a stick, you will get stuck in it's goo and will be rendered unable to move.
  • The white flowers blooming places around this planet are said to bring happiness.

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Birds Mania Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Matching, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Birds Mania Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Birds Mania Tip #1: Life Tree.
Every 50 stars make the life tree grow once.
Every branch has different function, the right branch produce bomb item in every 2 days.
The left one produce 10 hearts item in every 2 days, click the branch to make it grow.
Choose left branch or right branch, you can only choose one,
Collect more pot in 10 seconds, to make life tree grow faster.
Get a blue pot to reduce 20 second for all branches and gold pot to reduce 200 seconds for all branches.

Birds Mania Tip #2: Completing Levels.
Ice & Fish.
Clear the ices to collect the fishes.
Fishes are always covered by ices, you can found ices at the back of the birds.
Clear the ices to collect the fishes. You can only clear the ice but matching or eliminating the bird in the ice tile.
You need to clear all of the ices that covers the fish to be able to successfully collect the fish.
Bombs are very effective on collecting fishes because bombs can eliminate multiple ice that covers the fish.

Match any birds besides the grass to eliminate the grass.
The grasses can block any birds that you want to match.
You can eliminate grasses by hitting them with bomb explosions.
You need to eliminate them for you to be able to use that tile for matching or switch the birds.

Boss Mushrooms.
The mushrooms are the bad guys, Let's beat them with birds power.
Only targets on the board can hit the boss.
Rainbow Birds are very effective on Mushrooms because you eliminate specific birds. 
Make sure that birds you want to eliminate is on the target to be able to attack the boss mushrooms.
When the boss's HP down to 0%, you will pass the level.

Magician Hat.
Move and match the bird that wears the hat, so you can get the hat.
Any types of eliminating the bird that has a magician hat, can also give you the hat.
Collect the magician hats to pass the level.

Bird Cages
This is similar with the ice but you can't move the birds in cages
However you can break the cage by matching them with the same birds.
You can also use any kind of bird bombs to break the cage.
If you encounter a bird that wears a magician hat and it is inside of the cage, you need to break the cage first and following it by eliminating the bird to successfully get the magician hat.

Birds Mania Tip #3: Daily Rewards.
Day 1: +5 Lives.
Day 2: 1 Time Bomb.
Day 3: 2 Bird Flash.
Day 4: 2 Bird Bomb.
Day 5: Max Lives.
Day 6: 2 Exchange Birds.
Day 7: 100 Coins.

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Cars: Lightning League Cheats: 5 Best Tips for How to Play, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Cars: Lightning League by Disney for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cars: Lightning League Tip #1: How to Play.
Swipe left or right to change lanes!
Hit the Green Zone to boost! Be the first to cross the finish line!
You can change lanes in the air!
Tap on the right zones to drift!
Swipe down to smash crates!
Swipe to jump!
Power-Ups Give you advantages, purchase them with gems, or win them in reward boxes!
Special Crates have more coins and gems!
Boosting Automatically smashes crates!
Coins are used to upgrade your Car, you can make them faster and perform better.
Gems are used to buy power-ups or to revive if you crash during a level.

Cars: Lightning League Tip #2: Raid Vaults.
The raid vaults are the main way of earning new cards and card duplicates, along with gold. Earn raid vaults by successfully raiding fortresses, but watch that you have available spots for them.
Raid vaults are locked when earned, and must be unlocked after a set period of time, or immediately by using crowns.

Cars: Lightning League Tip #3: Free Vaults.
The free vault is a way to earn new cards and card duplicates, along with crowns and gold. It is awarded automatically after 4 hours since the last time it was opened and it cannot be sped up.

Cars: Lightning League Tip #4: Daily Missions Vaults.
The daily mission vaults are a way to earn new cards and card duplicates, along with crowns and gold. These vaults are awarded automatically when you complete a daily mission.
You need to open the daily mission vault in order to get a new daily mission.

Cars: Lightning League Tip #5: Season Vaults
The season vaults are a way to earn new cards and card duplicates, along with gold and avatars. They are awarded at the end of each season to all the players that completed a raid.
Players that have earned more medals and are placed higher in their leaderboards earn more cards and gold out of their season vault.

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Lucky Strike Cheats: Coupon Number & 4 Best Tips for RPG, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Lucky Strike Tip #1: Item Cards.
1. An item can hold up to 4 stats, according to the item grade.
High grade items have a special, unique effect.
2. Stats of all the items will be increased upon level up, but the initial value and the amount increased may vary.
3. The max level information of the selected item shown on the information window is the minimum to maximum stat acquirable from leveling up the item.

Lucky Strike Tip #2: Monster Cards.
1. Monster cards‘ stats will be increased according to grade and level.
2. Monster card level can be increased up to 30, and grade up to +2 of the original value. (max 6)
3. You can use 2 identical monster cards that have reached the max level to get 1 upgraded monster card.
4. Item card stats will also be increased according to grade and level, and you cannot retrieve the item once it's equipped.
5. Items can be enhanced up to level 10, and the amount of stat increase varies per item.
6. Monster card skills consist of Leader, Passive, and Active skills.
7. Leader and Passive skills will be leveled up automatically according to the card grade.
8. Active skill level can be increased up to level 7 regardless to the upgrade.

Lucky Strike Tip #2: Event Tips.

Defeat “Divine Beasts” to acquire powerful Divine Armor sets!
Wearing the armor will grant you extraordinary elemental power!

Water Divine Beast Descent

Slay Aquarius in order to receive the Water Divine Beast Set!
Revel in a tidal wave of immense power, delicately balanced with a cool and fluid protective skill against fire attacks.

●Event Rewards
・Water Divine Beast・Torso/Legs/Head/Arms/Feet
and more.

Fire Divine Beast Descent
Slay Freiras in order to receive the Divine Fire Beast Set!
A potent mix of unparalleled destructive capability and a protective skill against wind attacks.
●Event Rewards
・Fire Divine Beast・Torso/Legs/Head/Arms/Feet
and more.

Wind Divine Beast Descent

Slay Torneil in order to receive the Divine Wind Beast Set!
Empowered with a light and quick protective skill against earth attacks, coupled with ferocious and merciless gale-force attacks.

●Event Rewards
・Fire Divine Beast・Torso/Legs/Head/Arms/Feet
and more.

Earth Divine Beast Descent

Slay Sandoria in order to receive the Divine Earth Beast Set!
Imbues a staunch, unbreakable defense against water attacks, powered by immense earth power.

●Event Rewards
・Fire Divine Beast・Torso/Legs/Head/Arms/Feet
and more.

Event Cycle Period
06/24/2017 (WED) ~ 7/19 /2017 (WED) 23:59 (PST)
Water Divine Beast Descent
06/24/2017 (WED) 0:00 (PST) ~ 07/07/2017 (WED) 23:59 (PST)
Fire Divine Beast Descent
06/08/2017 (THU) 0:00 (PST) ~ 07/21/2017 (WED) 23:59 (PST)
Wind Divine Beast Descent
06/22/2017 (THU) 0:00 (PST) ~ 07/05/2017 (WED) 23:59 (PST)
Earth Divine Beast Descent
07/06/2017 (THU) 0:00 (PST) ~ 7/19/2017 (WED) 23:59 (PST)

Lucky Strike Tip #4: Acquirable Rewards.
Gold and EXP, Item and Skill Enhance Materials, Monster Card (Grade 1-2)
Gold and EXP (+30%), Item and Skill
Enhance Materials, Monster Card {Grade 1-3)

Lucky Strike Coupon Number Code: lsrewards

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Asphalt Street Storm Cheats: Coupon & 5 Best Tips for Game Modes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Asphalt Street Storm Racing by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #1: Game Modes.
Currently there are five main game modes. Three of them can be accessed by entering a city location: New York, Paris or Hong Kong.
There you can compete against Single Player opponents organized in club of three members, in both 1v1 races and 4P races, or against human opponents in direct 1v1 Multiplayer races and in 4P Multiplayer races.
The other two game modes can be accessed from the game hub: Champions Clash and Daily Trial.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #2: 4P Race.
This game mode lets you compete in a Multiplayer race between 4 competitors.
This mode can be accessed from the city lobby. The 4P races are not always active, so when you see one, you should join by tapping on the 4P info box and paying the required fee (if any). Notice that not all 4P races require a fee certain 4P Multiplayer and 4P Single-Player races are free of charge. Some 4P Multiplayer races require you to pay DIAMONDS this is a 4P Pink Slip race and you can win the opponents‘ cars if you participate.
For the 4P Pink Slip race, we will retain the DIAMONDS as part of the fee.
For the regular 4P Multiplayer races, part of the entry fee will be added to the prize pot the winner gets 75% of the pot and the second-best will win 25% of the prize pot.
You'll need to defeat the 3 opponents from a club individually in 1v1
Single-Player races before having to race them all in a 4P race. Once you do, you'll move on to the next club.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #3: Champions Clash.
This is a limited-time event with several milestones for you to reach by racing against other players.
Each milestone/stage has its own requirements in order for you to be able to join it.
By winning races and betting in those races, you can gather event points. You get a bonus for trading cars that you win for event points.
At the end of the event, the players with the highest amounts of event points are eligible for big rewards.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #4: Daily Trial.
This is a daily event in which you receive a temporary car in order to compete during three stages against an Al opponent using the same model of car.
You will receive a reward for each stage that you complete by winning the associated race.
Only players that are challenged are able to choose if betting will take place.
If they choose to race without betting, you will not have the opportunity to put any money on the race.

Asphalt Street Storm Tip #5: Subscribers.
Your number of subscribers is a good indicator of your progress in the game; they are gained by playing any of the game modes.
The subscriber number is used as an unlock condition for a few game modes and locations.
Reaching certain thresholds provides you with a reward.
You can view your progress and collect these rewards by visiting the REWARDS tab in the Player Proļ¬le.
You can access your Player Profile by tapping your avatar in the top bar.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Coupon Code: newbie (limited time only!).

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