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Storm Front 1944 Cheats: Gift Codes & 6 Best Tips for Toons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

StormFront 1944 by Gaea Mobile Limited for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

United States: Fierce and Furious
Entering the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. the fierceness of troops along with abundant resources led to it fighting an 2 fronts.
Starting Elite Troop: Torch Excels at attracting enemy fire and covering friendlies.

German Reich: Iron Tempest.
The initiator of World War ll. Germany began to nq uering other countries throughout Europe at amazing speed.
Starting Elite Troop; Mountain Troop. Warrior of Edelweiss -They fear nothing. charging
headlong into battle with the ability to heal themselves.

Soviet Union: Long-Range Strike
The Soviet Union entered the war in order to defend their land against the German Reich
They led the Eastern front with their strong land force.
Starting Elite Troop; Katyusha - Massive strikes from afar with long-range missiles!

China: Unending Resolve
Known for the brutal defense of their homeland.
China fought hard using many tactics to take back their homeland.
Starting Elite Troop; Mortar Crew - Master of mid to long range bombardment.

United Kingdom: Unyielding Will.
One of the few European countries that did not succumb to the German Reich. their island
defenses and fierce. resolute troops made them one of the strongest nations during the war.
Starting Elite Troop; Parachute Artillery -They are highly mobile and well versed in “shoot
and scoot" tactics.

Japan: Warrior Spirit.
The lirnited resources of the tiny island nation let to its aggressive expansion throughout
Asia. Its soldiers fought tooth and nail for every inch in honor of their emperor.
Starting Elite Troop; Type 95 Battalion Gun -Their fast rate of fire against a single target are
infantries worst nightmare.

Alliance War Guide.
Secure more points in the fierce Alliance War to claim victory!
Your Alliance will receive spoils and Alliance Points upon winning the battle and get even more rewards if you‘re the attacker.
The loser will also get some spoils. In case of a tie, both Alliances will only get part of the spoils.

You can adjust your base defense in preparation stage

Alliance members can seize Strongholds to gain points and energy in battle - strategy matters! Alliance War
doesnt affect your Trophy count.

Upon finishing an Alliance War. spoils will be sent to your Alliance Garrison together with Alliance Points if you won.
You can view battle result and watch replay afterwards for a limited time.

Storm Front 1944 Redeem a Gift Code: SF1944

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Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Toons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem by AQUPEP Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #1: Prank Battles.
Starting a Prank Battle
Simply pressing on the battle button in the bottom left corner of the main screen will search for opponents for you to prank. You can check out the defense score and toons each opponent is using before deciding to battle. You can change the list of available opponents by tapping on the “Refresh List” button and paying 1 energy.

Turn Order
Underneath each Toons health bar you’ll see a pink bar which respresents a Toon's speed. This speed bar determines the turn order, as the Toon whose bar fills up first gets to take a turn. After a turn is taken, their bar depletes and it must be built up again before another turn can be taken.

This can result in opponents sometimes trading pranks, while others you may get multiple pranks in a row with different Toons. A Toon with higher speed will get to go earlier and more often than other Toons.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #2: Toons.
Unlocking Toons
Overtime as you accumulate rewards you’ll gradually gather up Toon pieces. Each Toon has unique pieces and requires a specific amount of pieces to be gathered before you can unlock them.

You can check the pieces required for each Toon in your Toon collection by pressing the button that resembles a large book in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Once you have enough pieces, a “claim” button will become available.

Leveling Toons
As you play the game, you’ll gather up XP Potions that allow you to level up your Toons. These XP potions can be applied by going to your character collection and tapping on a Toon, then tapping on the “Level Up” button.

On the level up screen, you’ll have to choose XP potions by tapping on them and then paying the gold necessary in order to level up the Toon. As a Toon levels up their stats will become more powerful, making them stronger all around.

Evolving Toons
When you’ve gathered up the right materials you can evolve a Toon by going to your Toon collection and then tapping on a Toon of your choice. Tapping the “Evolve” button will let you see if you have the materials necessary to evolve the Toon.

Evolving a Toon unlocks large boosts to stats or sometimes entire skills that the Toon didn't previously have access to!

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #3: Currencies.
Need a refresher on what each currency in game does? Look no further!

Used to spin the prize wheel, and come in more than on quality. While a normal ticket simply lets you spin the normal prize wheel, golden tickets allow you to spin the premium prize wheel.

Used to start prank battles. Energy simply regenerates over time, so you’ll either need to wait for more to become available once you run out or buy a refill with some Gems.

Used in various upgrades all throughout the game, you’ll often find yourself needing Gold for a variety of reasons. Similarly, you can find Gold as a reward from just about every in-game source of rewards!

Gems are the rarest currency available in game and can only be purchased via the in-game store. In return however, these gems give you access to skipping wait times, refilling your energy, and trying to open safes for extra rare toons!

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #4: Placing and Moving Buildings.
In order to place a building you first have to buy one. This can be done by pressing on the shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Simply tapping on the “Buildings” menu will take you to the buildings screen.

From here, you can view the buildings available in each Region you’ve unlocked and then decide if you want to purchase one that you have all the necessary materials for.

Have you placed a building but found you’re not happy with where it is? Don’t worry, you can move it! Simply press and hold on a building until you can see the grid spaces beneath it, then drag it to the new location of your choosing inside the region. Tap on the checkbox and you’ll be good to go.

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #5:Tasks Overview.
A task is simply a quick activity that a Toon can undertake to earn a quick prize. Once you have a Toon’s house built, simply tapping on that Toon in the town view will let you view their tasks. You can review the time it will take to complete, the rewards that will be given, and choose to send them out if you wish.

Just remember, there’s a limit on how many tasks you can have active at once. This means that if you want to maximize your tasks, you’ll need to keep an eye on your town and claim the prizes as Toons complete their tasks!

Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem Tip #6: Safe Vaults.
Opening a Safe
Once you’ve grabbed a Safe from a battle you aren’t done yet. You’ll have to put the safe in one of your banks, assign some Toons to defend it, and then wait for it to open! You can also spend gems to open the safe immediately if you just can’t wait.

During the time when the Safe isn’t opened yet other players can attempt to steal it with a team of their own Toons. If the attacking player can beat your team without losing any members, they’ll take the Safe instead.

Getting more Safes
You can snag a Safe by going out and flawlessly winning some Prank Battles! Just remember that you can only get a flawless win if none of your characters are beaten in the battle. Otherwise, you’ll receive other rewards such as materials or Gold.

Unlocking Tasks
Tasks are unlocked on a Toon by Toon basis, based on building their house in your town. Once you’ve built their house, the Toon can be tapped on in town to pull up the tasks that are currently available.

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Sara's Cooking Party Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Parties, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Sara's Cooking Party by Spil Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #1: Cooking.
There are a few ways to start cooking: by throwing a dinner party, by tapping on the “start a party” button or while selecting a recipe by tapping on the “recipe” button on your tablet.

For a dinner party, you begin by inviting people from around the neighborhood. Then you need to select dishes, choose the desired food bags and then you’re ready to cook! When choosing a dish, keep in mind that your guests might have specific food preferences. Some are definitely more picky than others!

You can also start your recipe without guests to increase your Dish Mastery. It’s a good way to practice the dish as well, but you do not receive any rewards. This can only be done by throwing a dinner party.

You can use your diamonds to skip a passive action. Sometimes you’re even able to watch an ad to eliminate the time you still have while waiting for the passive mini-game to finish.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #2: Recipes.
This can be done by collecting enough tips from your guests. Throwing successful dinner parties will reward you with tips for new recipes. When you have collected enough tips for the same recipe, you will have access to a new, and very delicious, one!

You’ll level up by getting more followers. When you level up, you might unlock new cuisines. You can see the amount of followers you need for your next unlockable cuisine in the dish screen.

Right before you start cooking a specific recipe, once selected. You can access it on the tablet by clicking the “recipe” button. When selecting a dish from the dish screen, you can also view the real recipe by clicking on the “i” icon in the top, right corner.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #3: Food Bags.
Food bags contain your ingredients and are used to make a dish. Before starting a recipe, you need to choose which bag you want to use. You can earn them from rewards or you can buy them with your diamonds/coins to get bonuses on your Dish Score. You may also get food bags as a reward from your guests after throwing a successful dinner party.

There are a few types of food bags: the Mass Discount Bag, the Food Plaza Bag with a small Dish Score booster and the Uptown Bag with a higher Dish Score bonus! Not only do they give your score a boost, they’ll also improve your Dish Mastery!

You can also watch an ad to earn a free mystery bag, but you can only do this a few times each day.

You can purchase those when you start cooking a recipe. Simply press the “+” next to the bags.

They will help you earn a better Dish Score or reach a certain food preference with your guests. Not only do they boost your score, they’ll also improve your Dish Mastery.

Sara's Cooking Party Tip #4: Dinner Party.
Go to your tablet and select “start a party.” If possible, it’s advisable to check the food preferences of the people in the guest list. Then select which guests you would like to invite, choose the dishes and start cooking. When you’re ready, serve the dinner to impress your guests!

You’ll always get more followers and coins. When you fulfill the guests’ food preferences, you will be rewarded with diamonds, tips and food bags.

You can unlock more dish slots once you have reached a certain level. When you reach Level 3, you can cook more than one dish for your guests. You will also have to obtain the extra dish slot for the party.

At certain player levels you can unlock the option to buy a new dish slot. For example, by Level 3, you’ll receive a second dish slot.

You can unlock an extra slot when you have reached Level 4. Once you have unlocked the new slot, you need to purchase the seat for the new quest. The more people, the bigger and better the party!

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