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Cookie Clickers 2 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Cookies Per Second, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Cookie Clickers 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #1: Auto Clicks & Power Click.
Auto Clicks in PowerUps Shop will increase your CPS or Cookies Per Second without tapping the screen.
You can still earn cookies while the game or app is closed without time limitation, so you can get your cookies when you go back to the game.
Power Click in Upgrades Shop will boost your Click with every level your clock power doubles.
Power Click has higher CPS compared with the Auto Clicks when tapping the screen. If you want to get a lot of Cookies for a short time amount, just upgrade the Power Click and actively tapping the screen will give you a huge amount of Cookies.
However both Auto Clicks and Power Click should be upgraded because they are needed to improve your current level.

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #2: Levels.
Each Levels has three achievements required for you to proceed to the next level.
Those three achievements should be completed if you want to level up.
Every Completed Levels will give you bonus rewards such as Auto Click, Power Click, Cookies and etc.
You should also immediately complete those achievement if you are new to this game since some features would only be available if you completed specific levels.
These achievements will balance your total gameplay because some achievements requires specific total playing time, total Clicks, total Watched ads etc.
You won't improve much specially if you are stuck at lower levels while having higher CPS. Higher Levels will definitely boost your Cookies per Second.

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #3: Other Ways to increase CPS (Cookies Per Second).
1. Time Machine
You can get instant Cookies with the Time Machine. You will earn cookies depends on how many Golden Cookies was used and your current CPS. 1 Golden Cookie is equivalent into CPS x 5 Mins.
2. Lucky Spin
Free Spin for every 15 hours or spend 3 Golden Cookies for a single spin. Lucky Spin has many rewards such as Auto Click Shop Upgrades, Power Click Upgrade, Golden Cookies and Cookies.
3.Watch Ads
You can earn instant Cookies after watching an ad, the amount of cookies you can get in the ads will be based on your total upgrades in the shop.

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Spaceship Battles Cheats: 21 Quick Tips for Spaceship Parts, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Spaceship Battles by Herocraft & Epic Owl for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Vulcan Cannon: Improved range and damage over its smaller sibling.
Deals moderate damage against armor and shields alike.

Rocket Launcher: A simple weapon that fires a guided rocket at the enemy.
Has poor damage against shields, but is very effective against thin layers of armor and other modules.

Combat Shield: Basic, relatively cheap shielding.
Eats a lot of power. but stops rockets and light ballistic fire effectively.
Useless versus lasers which all penetrate it.

Laser Beam: Long range and good accuracy, the
Laser Beam penetrates shields and burns quickly through unarmored hulls.

Warp Drive: This engine periodically warps you facing the enemy within range of your weapons.
Effective at turning the tide of a battle, or getting up close and personal with some heavy weapons.

Small Solar Armor: Armor provides small amounts of power for its host ship while offering reasonable protection from harm.
Decent lasers and ballistic fire, but crushed by explosives.

Vectored Thurster: Sacrificing nearly all forward thrust capabilities. the Vectured
Thruster allows a ship to improve its turning rate by surprising amounts.

Vulcan Turret: Accurate targeting and sustained ballistic fire in a 360 degree angle
Excellent for slow ships and taking out enemy supports.

Medium Reactor: Medium CFRs provide an ample power supply for ships of almost and size.
Take care to protect them as they explode violently if destroyed.

Rocket Turret: Overcoming the limitations of locking on targets only in front of you.
The Rocket Turret fires homing rockets at enemies wherever they may be.

Medium Steel Armor: A larger slab of steel. Its sheer size allows it to soak up most smaller explosions in addition to being excellent against chainguns and lasers.

Afterburner: The Afterburner periodically beasts the power of all your engines.
Skilled captains use an Afterburner for quickly turning a dangerous situation around.

Large Ion Drive: An upgrade ever the Small Inn Drive in terms of durability and output.
This variant can keep even large ships moving with relative ease.
Difficult to destroy and cheap to power.

Railgun: The Railgun has a long Effective range and high damage but it fires slowly.
Best when installed in clusters tn take out shields and armor.

Point Defense Turret: This defensive system tracks down approaching missiles and fires them down. Relatively bulky.
It can also withstand some measure of lasers and ballistic fire.

Laser Turret: A Laser Beam that can target and strike enemies in a 360 degree angle around you.
Best when passing ever the enemy and striking them en the sides and hack where armor is scarce.

Missile Launcher: Packs a greater payload than the Rocket Launcher with slightly improved range.
The explosion radius reaches through light armor.

Medium Armored Reactor: The Medium Armored Reactor is half plating. half power plant.
It offers a good output of power and some measure of protection.
Explodes when destroyed.

Mine Launcher: Drops packets of high yield mines that detonate upon enemy contact Untargetable. but punishing when set off.
Shields soften the blow.

Bunker Shield: A protective shield with a small radius and nu recharge. but high power and a deflecting surface.
Useless against lasers, but brilliant versus rapid ballistic fire and missiles.

Repair Bay: The Repair Bay focuses on a handful pf damaged ship parts and heals the sustained damage with high speeds during battle. Repair Bays have limited supplies.

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Donut Trumpet Tycoon Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Earning Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Donut Trumpet for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Donut Trumpet Tip #:1 Objective.
The objective of Donut Trumpet is to grow your real estate empire into a global phenomenon and build your empire value day after day.

Donut Trumpet Tip #:2 Building Empire.
Click on 'Buy Properties' in the app to load nearby places for you to buy. You can buy between 0.1% and 100% of each property. You can only buy properties near your current location. So get out and about and start building your empire.

Donut Trumpet Tip #:3 Earn Money.
Each time someone visits your property in the real world and leaves a digital footprint you will earn rent in the game. But be careful, each day you must pay daily costs for your property regardless of how much rent you earn.

Donut Trumpet Tip #:4 Leveling Up.
Your level is increased depending on value of your properties. However, if you sell some of your properties, your level won't change.
Venue Prices and Rent

Donut Trumpet Tip #:5 Property Price.
Properties are valued depending on the category of the property and on the number of check-ins you can expect your property to receive. The more popular the property, the higher the price.
The price of properties will change approximately every 24 hours depending on how their popularity has changed since the property was bought.

Donut Trumpet Tip #:6 Cash Limit.
Cash limit says what's the maximum amount of money you can have on a given level. The higher level the higher the limit.
You can temporary have more money than your limit if you sell a property or win a prize. In such situation you will not be able to collect any rent and will have to pay costs, unless you spend your money investing in something

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Underworld Card Game Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Ranking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Underworld Card Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Underworld Card Game Tip #1: Increase Rank.
Your rank is increased by winning matches against opponents.  You earn one star for every victory. When you have enough stars, your Rank increases.
After Rank 15, you also lose one star every time you lose a game. Your Rank never drops below 15.

Underworld Card Game Tip #2: Abilities.
Awaken - Triggers an Effect when unit is placed on the gameboard.
Defend - Target must be primary target of attacks in the zone.
Ferocity - Triggers Effect when a character is damaged and not killed
Multistrike - Character can attack twice per turn
Recon - This ability will trigger and Effect when the unit moves into a new zone
Swift - Unit can attack and move in the same turn
Tough - Unit ignores the next source of damage
Revenge - Unit Effect will be triggered at the moment of death.

Underworld Card Game Tip #3:  Attacking.
Drag an arrow from the unit you want to attack with to the enemy unit you want to attack. The color of the arrow indicates the type of attack.  If there are no restrictions on the gameboard (range limitation or the Defence ability) the opponent's unit will be attacked.
Attacking a character in an adjacent zone is a Close-Range attack. The arrow is yellow.
Attacking a character one zone away is a Long-Range attack. The arrow is blue.
You cannot perform an attack on a character that is two zones away

Underworld Card Game Tip #4: Card Description.
(FANG) At the top left of each card (excluding Champions) and printed on top of a Fang is a number that will represent the casting cost for that Card.
(RANGE) The middle-left number next to a cross-hair icon represents the amount of Ranged Damage that card can inflict.
(MELEE) In the bottom left with an icon of a fist next to it is the amount of Melee Damage that can be inflicted.
(CHAMPION LEVEL) Champions will have unique icons at the bottom middle of their card.  Each time a champion kills an enemy unit or losses an allied unit an “arrow” will fill up changing for grey to green.  When all the arrows have filled, the champion will level up.
(HEALTH) In the bottom right, the number overlayed on top of the drop of blood is the Health value of that card, when that number reaches zero the card will be destroyed.

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Guardian Soul Cheats: Coupon Number & 2 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Guardian Soul by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Guardian Soul Tip #1: Battle Tips.
Tap monster directly to enable the [Tap Attack] Feature, All of your available guardians will attack the selected monster and ignore other monsters for a single attack. You can do more than single attack by repeatedly tapping the monster.
Tap guardians to restore their health points, useful when you have a guardian that has a low health points or being attack by monsters.
Critical Blow is very powerful, but it consumes your [Tap Gauge]. By the way don't forget that 5 on the gauge is recovered every time you eliminate a monster.
If you want a specific guardian to attack a specific monster, just drag your finger to the monster you wish to attack. This prompts the guardian to attack the designated monster.
Usually the most dangerous monster in a battle is the dealer-attack type in the rear position. If you eliminate the dealers in rear first, then the battle will be in your favor.
Use the [Move Guardian] command to strategically position your guardian specially those fragile guardians should be positioned at the rear of your tanker guardian.
It would be wise to eliminate the Tower of Summons first before more monsters appear.
Hold down on any kind of Enemy Tower for 1 second and all Guardians will attack the tower.
This function is also very useful when you are fighting a powerful enemy.
Tower of Heal continuously heals nearby enemies. If the battle is prolonged, that tower will put you at a disadvantage. It'll be wise to eliminate first.

Guardian Soul Tip #2: Choosing the Right Guardian Starters!
Tanker Attack whose job is a tanker but also a guardian with high attack power.
Ranged Dealers engages powerful attack from the rear.
Aid Guardians provides various assistance in battle.

Starter Tanker #1: Lohan Obell.
This Guardian's skills are all attack type and is recommended for players who enjoy exciting action oriented game-play.
Starter Tanker #2: Nitta.
This Guardian has HP recovery skill as the third skill, and is recommended for players who enjoy stable game play.
Starter Ranged Dealer #1: Aria.
[Physical Attack Type] Dealer. This character shoots multiple arrows and is recommended for players who prefer easy control.
Starter Ranged Dealer #2: Dranis.
[Magic Attack Type] Dealer. General attack is weak but possesses powerful attack skill. This character is recommended for players who enjoy strategic battle.
Starter Aid Guardian #1: Jean.
Aid Guardian has skills with beneficial effects. This character is recommended for players who enjoy maneuvering and strategic battles.
Starter Aid Guardian #2: Amazoness.
This Guardian's role is to support the tanker. This guardian can summon and provide additional tank character, and is recommended for player who prefer easy control.

Guardian Soul Coupon Number Code: 64723.

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Juggernaut Champions Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Beat Enemies Faster, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Juggernaut Champions by for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Juggernaut Champions Tip #1: Combo Bar.
It fills up as fast as you hit (tap). Once it is filled, you will be able to use your ultra-powered special attack.
Special Attack deals huge amount of damage for about 1 second. The amount of damage for Special Attack depends on how powerful your main champion is or basically how powerful your "Damage per Tap is.
It is recommended to use Special Attack on bosses specially if it is a tough one. To efficiently use Special Attack, use 3 or more fingers tapping at very fast rate to be able to cast special attacks frequently.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #2: Magic.
There are 4 types of magic available in Juggernaut Champions.
1. Fire Spell: Inflicts x100 damage to Bosses. Same as your Special Attack, Fire Spell depends on how powerful your Damage per Tap. You can only use once per boss fight and it has 3 charges. When the charge is completely used, you can recharge it for 45 mins to be used again.
2. Knight Sword: 200% damage of the team. It costs 2.33k "shield with sword" to learn it. You can obtain "shield with sword" through daily challenges.
3. Banner of Valor: 60% gold from monsters. It costs 1.25k "tournament points" to learn it. You can obtain "tournament points" through tournaments but you need to use Rebirth ability (magic) for that.
4. Rebirth: Starts a new game with additional Mana for studying artifacts.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #3: Main Champion vs Hired Champions.
Your Main Champion attacks only by actively tapping the screen while Hired Champions attacks automatically on it's own.
Actively Tapping the screen is a fast way to beat enemies and bosses. However there will be a time that you need to rely on Hired Champions if you want to beat enemies and earn coins at fast rate.
At early levels, it is cost efficient to upgrade your Main Champion because when you actively tapping the screen, it is much faster to beat enemies. However when you increase your level at some rate, upgrading your main hero doesn't improve your damage as much as improving at lower levels.
When it happens, you only need to upgrade your main hero to get it's abilities such as "100% bonus damage" or any abilities that are helpful.
It is the same also with Hired Champions, you need abilities that are beneficial because some abilities gives aren't helpful compared with other abilities.
Hired Champions is important at higher levels since Hired Champions gives higher damage output compared to your main champion at higher levels and you don't need to be actively tapping the screen to beat enemies and bosses.
However, you should take note of the abilities of your Main Champion and Hired Champions on when to upgrade them. Abilities are also key to improve damage output.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #4: Boss Fights.
Boss Fights have time limits so you better kill the boss before the time runs out. The lower red bar represents the remaining time while the upper red bar represents the boss health.
Facing bosses for the first time doesn't carry a risk if you can't kill them. However if you can't kill for the second time it might injured some of your hired champions.

Juggernaut Champions Tip #5: Connect with Facebook.
This will allow you to exchange resources with your friends and leverage with enemies. You will gain additional 50 gems and also be able to transfer your progress between devices.

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Shadow Wars Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Monsters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Shadow Wars by PikPok for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Shadow Wars Tip #1: Gems.
Gems in any kind of battles should be matched as many as possible as you can.
More gems matched or eliminated will result in to a single power gem to be appear at the selected gem location.
More matched gems will create a more powerful type of power gem.
Power Gems needs to be activated by selecting it or getting hit by another power gem.
Power Gems can eliminate a row of gems or column of gems or both depending on how many corresponding gem bursts in creating the power gem.
Power Gems can help you eliminate certain gems that are hard or impossible to eliminate without the help of power gems.
Power Gems can also increase your damage output by making a chain effect with other power gems or by just simply eliminating a row/column of gems.
It is recommended to carefully select on where to put your power gems. Remember Power Gems can eliminate a row/column and can trigger other power gems for more damage output.

Shadow Wars Tip #2: Leveling Up.
Level up your monsters to improve them! It will increase their base stats making it more powerful.
You can level up your monsters by earning XP "experience" through battles. Fortunately, if you want to instantly level up your monsters, you can use XP Shots.
It is easy to obtain XP shots! You can get it by fights and rewards! XP shots are good if you want to level up your newly obtain powerful monsters.
However your monsters can't level up more than your player's level so level up your player's level through battles and gaining experience.

Shadow Wars Tip #3: Skills.
Skills are important to win battles! There are maximum of 3 skills for a monster to obtain but you can only use 2 skills (1 active and 1 passive skill) in any battles.
You can have 2 active skills for any monster but you can only carry 1 active skill to be used in battles.
Active skill are better than passive skill, however in order to use active skill you need to match the element of the monster and the element of selected gems.
Once you reached its required amount of elemental gems, you can use it in the battles.
The best active skills in the game are healing skills because getting 3 star battles requires no death from any of your monsters after the battle.
Monster Skills can be improve through leveling up and evolving.

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