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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Cheats: 6 Best Tips For Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars by ZeptoLab for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #1: Prestige Mode.
Prestige Mode is available for players who have reached the last Stage 24. Prestige allows you to "restart" the game from the very beginning while gaining all the Skills, Rating and Gems. You car, all your Coins and spare parts will be reset. This action is irreversible.

When you enter Prestige, you gain a special icon with a number next to your nickname. The number indicates the Prestige Level. You can activate Prestige Mode up to 10 times.

Certain spare parts and skills can be unlocked only after reaching a certain Prestige Level.

Prestige players compete in the same groups as none-Prestige ones.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #2: One Championship Round.
One Championship Round lasts for 48 hours. Anything can happen at the end of the Round: other players won't sit idly and will constantly upgrade their machines to get as many medals as possible.
It is possible that you could be busted out of the top positions at the end of the round and won't get promoted.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #3: Power.
Every part except for Wheels uses Power in order to function.
Each chassis has a certain Power capacity, which depends on the number of Stars that the chassis has. For example, if the Power capacity of your car is 10, you can't install a Chainsaw that requires 11 power onto it.

The only way to increase the Power of your chassis is to fuse an Power Toolbox into it. Power toolboxes can be found in Supply Boxes.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #4: Skills.
Skills give special bonuses which stay with players forever, even after earning the Prestige status.

By earning Skills, you can upgrade Health of certain parts, increase weapons Damage, get bonus Energy and much more.

To develop new Skills, you need to spend Skill points (cat paws icon). You get them by completing Stages or earning a Prestige status.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #5: Not getting an Item after the next Stage.
New spare parts become available after you reach a certain Stage.
However, that doesn't mean that the part will be automatically added to your inventory.
now on, it will simply become available in the Toolboxes that you get by winning Quick Fights or being promoted to the next Stages/Leagues.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tip #6: Stickers
Stickers are cosmetic items that you can use to decorate your car and make it "purr-fect" looking. You can apply as many stickers as you want to your vehicle.

You get your first Sticker by completing the tutorial. After that, new Stickers will be available by completing Stages and gaining Prestige statuses.

As other items in your Garage, Stickers can be sold for Gold.

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Last Fortress Cheats: 9 Best Tips For City Development, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Last Fortress by Gameholic for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Last Fortress Tip #1: Gameplay.
Expand your Federation’s territory by creating Camps in different cities. Plus, build Farms, Oil Refineries, Iron Ore Plants as well as three types of Barracks where you can recruit troops for your Heroes to lead.
With your own army, you can attack NPCs wandering in the World or Skynet Cities (NB: Enemies in cities are very strong, so you’d better team-up with others to fight them by joining the War Assembly).

Last Fortress Tip #2: Heroes Stats.
1. Dominance: Affects number of troops you can take into battle.
2. Courage: Affects ATK bonus of troops led by Heroes.
3. Politics: Increases gains when Hero is Constructing.
4. Tenacity: Affects DEF bonus of troops led by Heroes.

Last Fortress Tip #3: Occupy Cities.
1. Choose an enemy City on the World Map.
2. Select "Attack" and send troops to fight. After arriving at the City, your troops will immediately start battling the Defense Troops here.
3. If you win, your Federation will occupy the City.
Defense Troops are strong so fight with other Federation members to avoid defeat.

Last Fortress Tip #4: Defend Cities.
1. Choose a friendly City on the World Map.
2. Select "Move" and send troops to guard the City.
If attacked, your troops will help defend.
3. Note: If the City has Camps, troops that have been setup will not take part in City defense.

Last Fortress Tip #5: Search.
1. Choose a search site on the World Map and send troops to investigate.
2. Troops use time searching every floor of a Search the last floor or are defeated.
3. Get EXP and Chests from searching.

Last Fortress Tip #6: Attack Skynet.
1. Choose a Skynet troop on the World Map and send troops to attack.
2. Get EXP and Rewards when you defeat Skynet troops; The higher their level, the better your rewards.

Last Fortress Tip #7: Construction.
1. Choose a friendly City on the World Map. Select "Construct" and send troops to go build.
2. Get Character EXP, Rewards and Defense points from Constructing; Defense Points increase the number of City Guards in the City.
3. The longer the construction time, the better the gains you will get.

Last Fortress Tip #8: Construction Help.
1. You can request help from your legion when constructing/upgrading buildings.
2. Other players in the same Legion can help construct/upgrade a building once to speed up construction time.
3, You can only request help once/building and can receive help a max of 55 times/building.

Last Fortress Tip #9: Daily Reward.
1. Sign in every day to get great rewards.
2. Sign in on successive days to get even better rewards; can sign in max 7 days in a row.
3. Will reset after 7 days or if you miss a day.

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Bit Heroes Cheats: 5 Best Tips For Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Bit Heroes by Kongregate for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bit Heroes Tip #1: Battle Gameplay.
During your turn, select a skill to use on your opponent.
You can use more powerful skills by spending sp earned during battle.
You can press and hold to see what each skill does.
Sometimes, you have an option to persuade a defeated enemy.
You can increase the chance to persuade it by spending gems.

When you found a new weapon, try it and see it's different skills. Remember different weapons will give you different skills.
Use your basic skills to save SP for more powerful skills.
Power increases the amount of damage and healing you do.
Stamina Increases the amount health have in battle.
Agility increases how quickly you get turns in battle.

Bit Heroes Tip #2: Improving Heroes Level and Heroes.
Attack enemies (via the Map or in World), Donate resources in your Federation and carry out Construction tasks in your Cities.

Upgrade your character level to unlock more Heroes. Earn EXP for them by attacking NPCs in World or enemy cities in the War Assembly. You can also upgrade your Heroes’ skills using Skill Elixir.

Bit Heroes Tip #3: Heroes Buffs.
1. Heroes Buffs are effective for all the Character's Camps and Heroes.
2. The same buff can be stacked.
3. Activating Buffs requires the activation items or spending Diamonds.
4. Effect disappears when Buff time finishes.

Bit Heroes Tip #4: Daily Rewards.
Claim special rewards for each day you play!
There are a lot of rewards each day and the reward value goes up each and every day up to the 10th day.
Once you reached the 10th day, it will be reset to day 1 for the next day you logged on.

Bit Heroes Tip #5: Other Tips.
1. When you’re in one of your Camps, you can tap its name at the top of the screen to jump to other Camps.
2. Before you exit the game, have your Heroes carry out Construction tasks to earn loads of valuable EXP.
3. It’s easier to upgrade and recruit in-batch rather than one-by-one.
4. When members of your Legion request help, a “shaking hands” icon will appear next to your Command Center. Tap to help all those requesting help.
5. You’ll get extra bonuses when you build resource buildings in the slots with the matching icons.

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Get Me Outta Here Cheats: 4 Best Tips For Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Get Me Outta Here Tip #1: Weapon Guide.

Father's Gun.
Has the fastest firing rate in the alien arsenal, yet this prototype has an overheating problem with large side effects.
Press and Hold to shoot. Overheating the weapon will send or a large blast will also send the user flying.

Space Shotgun.
An alien engineered shotgun that packs a more powerful punch than blasters but with a much shorter range.
Press and Hold to shoot. Is able to hold a charge for six consecutive shots.

Chargeshot Z500.
The chargeshot Z5000 delivers blasts at three different power levels charged by its internal plasma reactor.
Press and Hold to shoot. The initial blast power is determined by the power meter level.
The gun charges while it is not being shot.

SF86 Blaster with Grenade Launcher.
Shoots rapid fire energy blasts and is packed with a rechargeable grenade launcher.
Press and Hold to shoot, Double Tap and Hold to engage grenade launcher.
Release when the indicator is at the desired distance to launch a grenade.

Get Me Outta Here Tip #2: Highscores and Difficulty.
- Build Combos for more points!
- Defeat Bosses to earn more time.
- Grab power ups to help along the way.
- Stay Alive! Escape the ship.

Difficulty Modifiers allow you to customize the gameplay experience.
Green modifiers give the player an advantage but come with a score penalty.
Red modifiers come with a score bonus but make the game more challenging.
It is recommended that beginners play with the green modifiers turned on.

Get Me Outta Here Tip #3: Controls.

  • On the right side of the screen swipe down to drop.
  • Swipe in the opposite direction you are facing to create distance from enemies.
  • On the right side of the screen Press and Hold to shoot.  Watch that overheating bar.
  • On the right side of the screen swipe up to jump.
  • On the right side of the screen swipe left or right to roll (dodges most enemies and attacks).

Get Me Outta Here Tip #4: Purchase the Full Game.
You can play the game for free but you can purchase the full game.
By purchasing the full game (full content), you will receive:

  • Remove Ads.
  • Auto Coin Doubler.
  • Bonus Weapons Unlocked.
  • Bonus Modes Unlocked.

You can also purchase the full game (Indie Supporter) and you will receive.

  • All Full Content features.
  • Exclusive Light Gun Skins as a gratitude.

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Angry Birds Islands Cheats: Coupon Codes & 3 Best Tips For Adventures, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Angry Birds Islands by NHN 629 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Angry Birds Islands Tip #1: Combat.
Angry Birds will battle monsters encountered during an Adventure
Monsters are travelers from a different dimension. Their objective is still unknown.
Monsters have captured Baby Piggies. You can save Baby Piggies by defeating monsters.
Tapping on the monster icon will start the battle
Tap on a summoned Angry Bird icon, drag it in front of a monster, and an Angry Bird will appear to start the battle.
Birds used in battle do not return.
If you find yourself at a disadvantage. you can use an Angry Bird Skill to tum the tide of battle.
Angry Bird Skill requires a Bird for activation.
The number of Angry Bird Skills depends on the number of Angry Birds you have available.
Battles take place in real time, and you can move to a different location by pressing the Exit button.
If you Exit during battle, you can harvest and battle at the same time, or summon additional Angry Birds by visiting the town.
lf you Exit during battle, you can harvest and battle at the same time, or summon additional Angry Birds by visiting the town.
Defeating monsters during battle earns you Gold Stars.
Gold Stars are special rewards that can be gathered at the Star Altar in the town.
Collecting Gold Stars grants you special rewards.
Gold Stars are also used in the rankings. You can compete with other users to harvest the most Gold Stars.

Angry Birds Islands Tip #2: Friend Making.
During an Adventure, you can meet other users and become friend a
If you make a new friend, you can share Friendship Points or visit each other's town.
You can also discover NPCS on the World Map during an Adventure.
N PCs offer World Quests. You can earn lots of rewards through World Quests.
You can start World Quests by accepting them.
Accepted Quests are displayed on the Bulletin Board in the Town.
During an Adventure, you can check the Bulletin Board for Quest infomation.
But you can only complete Quests in the town.

Angry Birds Islands Tip #3: Cart & Gate.
You can ride in Carts to explore the world outside of town.
Normal. Harvesting and Combat Carts each have key characteristics.
The key characteristic vary depending on whether a Piggy or Bird is riding.
Harvesting Carts can only be ridden by Piggies and Combat Carts can only be ridden by Birds. Normal Carts can be ridden by any character.
Carts can be upgraded. Upgraded Carts can carry more materials back to the town and can travel faster.

Building a Cart Lab in My Town will unlock a Cart Upgrade.
Cart upgrades require Gold and specific materials. Once the upgrade starts. it requires a certain amount of time to complete.
A Cart upgrade becomes available when a Cart is empty ofany Piggies. Birds or materials.
You can purchase additional Carts. upgrade Carts and store unused Carts

The gate connects My Town with other worlds.
When you go to a different world from My Town or vice-versa. the Cart will pass through the gate.
As you level up, you can build multiple gates in My Town.
Multiple gates allow you to control multiple Carts. simultaneously.

Angry Birds Islands Event Coupon Number Code: 26479247374 (Keypad Number for angrybirds)

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Cat Simulator Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Hunting Animals, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Cat Sim by Turbo Rocket Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cat Simulator Tip #1: Kinds of Animals.
There are a lot of animals in Cat Simulator Game. Some of them are aggressive like dogs, hawks and etc and they will attack your cat.
Aggressive animals have high health point and high attack damage.
It's dangerous if your cat is under-leveled if you are facing them.
You can escape from them using your cat's abilities, such as shout or even just out running them is also good enough. You can also kill them with the help of your family cat members.

Some of the animals are passive, they may run if they are being attacked and it will run or escape if they see your cat. Fortunately you can easily chase them because their movement speed is not fast enough and the route  of their escape path is just plain straight forward and can be easily predicted.

Some animals are passive when not being attacked but will fight back when being attacked, such as raccoons and etc. Some of the animals that are being attacked will be helped by the same animal type by attacking your cat. 

Cat Simulator Tip #2: Hunting Animals.
Finding animals are easy because there is a mini-map that will guide you to find some of the animals nearby at your current location. You just need to go to their location and you might see them. 
You can also use the charge ability of your cat to instantly chase the nearest animal on that location. 
The charge ability of your cat is somehow similar to a hero's ability in famous RTS game "DoTA" named Charged of Darkness of Spirit Breaker. 
The charge ability has more than doubled of your cat's running speed, making it very useful to chase any kind of animal you want to hunt. 
It also deals high damage compared to normal attack. You can also use charge ability as your main attack when facing weaker animals, but it is not advisable to depend on it when facing tough animals because of it's energy cost. 
It is recommended to use shout followed by normal attacks when facing tough animals.

Cat Simulator Tip #3: Attacking Aggressive Animals without receiving any damage (Trick/Cheat).
You can't do this trick without the help of your family cat members. 
You should have atleast 1 family cat member to pull this trick off.
Just go to the intended target and make sure there are no aggressive animals nearby to your target.
Once your target turn it's attention to your cat, just walk backwards while facing them. 
They will chase you and will attempt attacking you but they will stop and do their attack animation or movement before they can deal their attack damage to your cat. Fortunately, you won't receive any damage from their attack animation when you walk backwards but your family cat members will deal attack damage to your intended target. If you follow this trick, your intended target will be killed by your family cat members without receiving any attack damage from them.

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Gang War Mafia Cheats: 5 Best Tips For PvE, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Gang War Mafia by Skylight Technologies for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

5 PvE Game Mode Tips for Gang War Mafia 

Gang War Mafia Tip #1: Ammunition.
Ammunition in all game modes except "PvE Mode" isn't really a big problem, because you can easily buy, loot it from other players or Refill it through ammo crates.
However in PvE Mode, it is necessary to have a good amount of ammo if you want to survive and kill enemies.
The only way to refill your ammunition is to refill it through ammo crates.
Be careful when refilling an ammunition from crate because it takes about 5 seconds to successfully refill.
Since you need 5 seconds to successfully refill an ammo from the ammo crate, you will be vulnerable to enemies because you can't shoot them and you need to be in front of the crate while holding the ammo refill button for 5 seconds.
Receiving enemy's damage while attempting to complete the 5 seconds rule won't interrupt, but you are more vulnerable from enemies attacks.

Gang War Mafia Tip #2: Jumping.
Enemies and Players has the same movement speed, out-running enemies would be impossible to do.
However enemies can't jump and you need to jump through certain areas because they can't go directly to the path where you've jumped.
Enemies can't run directly to a certain areas without going to alternative route.
Jump smartly to escape safely from them, specially with enemy mobs and just go to the crates for ammo refill.

Gang War Mafia Tip #3: Teammates.
You can Refill ammo in crates easily if you cooperate with your teammates.
Even if you have only 1 teammate but if you cooperate with him/her, refilling ammunition will be much easier.
If you have stranger teammates to start with, it is much better to talk and strategize first at the game lobby before you start the game.
Enemies will attack nearby players, they will change target when there is a player/teammate nearest to them.
Therefore you can pass the enemies to the other players/teammates and use that strategy by making enemies change target and safely go to the crate to refill ammo.
But it takes team cooperation to do it successfully while receiving enemies damage as low as possible.

Gang War Mafia Tip #4: Enemy Snipers.
Quickly takeout enemy snipers as fast as you and your teammates can, when after the wave starts!
They can hit you from above with ease and they can still hit you even if you are running too fast.
If you and your teammates assign each other for possible sniper's spawn areas, it would be much easier to kill snipers quickly.

Gang War Mafia Tip #5: Headshots.
Headshots deals high damage output because it amplifies your gun damage output.
You can also save more ammunition when doing headshots because it takes only 1 or few bullets to kill a single enemy.
If you are facing or being chased by an enemy mob, just aim at their neck area and fire them if you have an automatic rifle.
Most of your shot will land at their head because automatic rifle has recoil and thus your aim sometimes will go up and can land more headshots from it.

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