Siren Fantasia Guide: Puzzle Tips

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Siren Fantasia is a FREE rotating puzzle game. It is a mix of puzzle and rpg but you need to focus on both aspects. Mastering the puzzle is not an easy task but this guide will help you on how to play the puzzle efficiently.


It is your total health points in the game. If your health points become zero your game is over. Your health points are you're combined health points of your party. HP Bar can be healed by using the HEART CARD, the healed amount is based on your combined REC in your party.

MANA Stored in Dungeon

It does not help you in puzzle but you will have a clue on how many mana you collected on that stage. You will gain mana by breaking the slate cards.

Party Members

This is your 5 spellbooks and 1 optional helper in your party. They can cast spells or attack your enemies.


Enemies has it's own attributes and you can determine by looking at their HP bar. You can also select which will be your first target by tapping them. They have a counter "number" located at their HP Bar. Every turn you make, the counter will deduct by 1 and if it will reach zero the enemy will attack your spellbooks Total HP.

MP and Skills
Not all spellbooks do have skills nor party skills. MP is needed to cast a skill. Each attributes of spellbooks have separate MP pool. You can gain 1 MP by destroying a chain cards and the MP will goes to the attribute of the destroyed card. To be able to see your current MP of a specific attributes, just tap the spellbook.


The puzzle is consist of cards, you need to rotate them in order to create a chain of cards.
The chained cards except for Heart and Slate cards, will be destroyed and attack those enemies based on the attribute of the destroyed cards.

A chain of heart cards will heal your HP bar.

The slate cards can be only destroyed if it is nearby cards will destroyed too but it takes two nearby destroyed cards.

Basic Tips on choosing what cards are worth to chain:

Chain cards that has a stronger attributes than enemies attributes.
- Enemies are easy to kill if you attack them with their weakness attribute.

Chain cards that are located in the last three row of cards.
- To be able to land multiple chain combo.

Chain heart cards when you need hp or you only have a few hp left
- Do not chain the heart cards when you have a full or almost full HP

Cards that has a similar attributes of your STRONG spellbooks
- Even it is the same or weaker attribute than your enemies attribute, It will be strong enough to damage or kill the enemies if it is a very strong spellbooks.

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