Wraithborne Guide: Best Runes

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Wraithborne Runes acts as your powerful skills and you also have combo skills labeled as a SKILL. Your SKILLS are no match with Runes when it comes to usefulness and efficiency. You don't need other combo skills aside from your basic skills like Channel Shield, Power Attack, and Quick Combo. Choosing the right runes will make your playing more easier.

Two types of rune skills.

Rune Activation
These type of runes activates when you just tap your runes located at upper right of your screen.

Damage all enemies in a close range around the player.

Target desired areas with a meteor strike - each dealing damage in a small radius.

Stuns all enemies in a range around the player.

Gain Instantly over the powers of magic - Instantly recharges your mana reserve.

Increase your speed and attack power.

Power Attack/Channeling Activation
These type of runes only activates when your use power attack or using shield when channeling.

Blast your enemies with force. Replaces your power-attack with a ranged bolt that stuns.

Channel magic power to heal over time.

Master The element of fire. Replaces your power-attack with a cone of fireballs.

Best Runes

Othala: It is easily unlocked for early stages. Othala is a ranged nuke damage to stun your enemies, can also be used for melee range as you only need the stun. When you stun any enemies, it is your opener to attack him freely. It has no cooldown so you can spam it, but it will cost mana. Upgrading it will increase it radius and damage. Boss enemies will not be affected with othala's stun but it will still receive damage.

Dagaz: It is the best rune when it comes to survivability. Heals you while channeling at the cost of mana. Max upgrade this as soon as possible to lower the mana cost and cooldown. Best synergy with two armors, warrior (mana regeneration for early levels) and wraithspirit (fast mana regeneration for late levels) and 1 weapon (Defender hammer: Shield costs no mana). When you have a level 3 Dagaz, Wraith Spirit and Defender, you can easily gain health points.

Kenaz: This rune will instantly gives mana to you so you don't need to wait for regeneration. You will only need to wait it's cooldown to use it again. Synergize well with Othala/Sowilo and Dagaz.

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