Doraemon Repair Shop Guide: How to earn more dorayaki (Coins) and bells

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You can earn more dorayaki and bells in Doraemon repair shop by
  • Jackpot Round
Always look for customer's loot, you can get tokens that are needed for jackpot round. You will get a maximum of 3 tokens for 1 jackpot round. You need atleast two pairs of dorayaki to get dorayaki jack bonus. For bells, you need to have triple bells to get the bonus. Take Note: Vip Day will increase your Jackpot Round Bonuses for dorayaki and bells.
  • Quest
Finish certain requirements to get dorayaki and bells.
  • Daily Rewards
Always login daily to get your daily rewards such as dorayaki and bells.

To earn more dorayaki
  • By serving customers
Upgrade your shop to increase it's service charge to your customer and shortening the serving time to get more customer thus increasing your dorayaki earn.

To earn more bells