Doraemon Repair Shop Guide: Tips In Game

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Tips in-game

  • Always upgrade your shops as soon as possible. When upgrading your shop, you must upgrade the first row of your shop which is the nearest on your waiting area. The shops near in the waiting area tends to be the most used shops because it is easy to transfer your customers.
  • Always get new workers by spending your bells rather than upgrading your shops or chairs with bells.
  • If you want to play at reduced difficulty, play at lower stages because you will only need to handle lesser shops compared to your current stages. Don't worry about dorayaki, you will still earn dorayaki at 70-90% dorayaki earn from current stages.
  • Prioritize more customers at the waiting area. Transferring customers to the shop will give more new customers to the waiting area for more dorayaki. 


You should play with the lowest speed which is the speed 1. Speed 1 gives you more time to transfer and serve customers thus lowering the pressure and probability of doing mistakes.


Power-ups are definitely helpful in any levels in the game but it costs bells.


Bells are only for workers and shop upgrades, you shouldn't use it for power-ups unless you already upgrade all workers and your shops.


These are your money or coin currency in the game. Spend your dorayaki first for shop upgrades followed by your cashier.


Earn more dorayaki, happiness and bells by doing your quests.


You can only unlock new stages when you met the required happiness and dorayaki. Newer stages will have more shop and increase difficulty.

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