Greed for Glory: Dragon Cities Guide: Level 1 - 4

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This guide is for starters from Level 1 - 4 in Greed for Glory Dragon Cities.

What is Town Center and why it is very important in the game.
The Town Center is the cornerstone of your village. Protect your town center and victory will be close at hand. When you upgrade your town center your village's true potential will be unlocked as new defenses and building upgrades become available.
Your village will depends on your town center. Upgrade it as soon as possible and every upgrade of town center will expand your potential as well as your offense and defense. To be able to upgrade your town center, you only need to met the gold requirements.

There are two resources in Greed for Glory Dragon Cities: Gold and Iron.


  • "Build Upgrade" Costs for Town Center, Defenses, Iron Quarry and Iron Pit.
  • Find A Match Costs.
  • "Build Upgrade" Costs for Army, Obstacles, Gold Mine and Gold Hoard.
  • Train Troops.

Tips for upgrading resources and storage.
Build resources and storage at your building limit. Just focus on upgrading 1 Gold Hoard and 1 Iron Pit. Upgrading only 1 building is best because you will only assign 1 builder (You can save 1 builder for Town Center), the upgrade bonus for each upgrades doubles your capacity thus you don't need two buildings. However when you reach the maximum "Town Center" upgrade limit for storage, you can now upgrade other storage (Gold Hoard and Iron Pit). You don't need to upgrade Gold and Iron Resources (Gold Mine and Iron Quarry) Take Note: most of your resources should be taken from "OTHERS TOWN LOOTS". 
Building Placement for Defending your Town at Starting Levels 1-4.
Place your storage and towers near at your town center and surround it with other buildings. Your resources or loots will depend based on your town center's and storage health so you need to protect them. Towers placed near storage and town center will attack those intruders while the intruders busy attacking the other buildings. Lastly place your walls outside the "other Buildings". This strategy is not suitable for later levels because of your towers limited range.
Diamond Usage
If you have extra bucks to buy diamonds, I recommend to use your initial diamond pool to instantly upgrade your town center and other buildings, getting resources when you upgrade buildings and you don't have enough resources, Instantly refresh army pool to be able to attack other town villages. When you buy diamonds use it to buy builders because you can now build more buildings without waiting for other builders to finish other buildings. If you don't want to buy diamonds, just save your diamonds for builders. Free diamonds can be obtained by doing quest and by using tap joy.

At lower levels, you should prioritize your town center upgrade. Get those town center gold requirement by increasing your gold storage and get gold resources through Town Loots. you should only upgrade 1 storage building and just upgrade other storage building when you reach town center limit upgrade. 

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