Stack Rabbit Guide: Carrot Lives Cheat

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Stack Rabbit game is definitely a very difficult game. It is similar with other games that has a lives limit like candy crush etc. This cheat will give you unlimited carrot lives but in this guide, there will be no cheats for power ups. Please support the developers of this game by either buy carrot lives or power-ups. Since you already know that there is a carrot lives cheat and probably any other popular/unpopular websites share this also. If you want to support developers, I recommend to buy power-ups as power ups helps you to pass your current level.

How to have unlimited carrot lives? Follow this simple steps

  1. Open Stack Rabbit app, go to it's "select level screen", where you can see how many carrots you have.
  2. You need to have 0 - 4 carrot lives to see the result.
  3. Press your home menu button.
  4. Go to your settings->Time/Date.
  5. For your convenience, add 1 day to your current date since it is more easier than adding hours.
  6. Go back to your app, I recommend to press your multitask button for faster and more easier.
  7. You will see that you have 5 lives again. 

You can stop at this step but if you want to go back at your current date just follow the steps below.

  1. You should have a full lives of 5 before you follow the next steps.
  2. Go back to your settings->Time/Date and set your date to your real date.
  3. Open Stack Rabbit app and check if it is 5 lives

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