Stack Rabbit Guide: Level Guide

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Blue: Collect Veggies In-Order
Collect the specific same veggies that are highlighted in upper right of your screen.
After you collect the first order of veggies, there will be a new set of veggies to be collected until it is depleted.
Always be prepared of your next veggies order, this will help you on how to plan and pick your veggies to minimize your matches usage.

Violet: Collect all crates
Violet levels are not similar with the blue levels instead you only need to collect all crates whether it is 3 or more chained veggies.
You can create a max of 7 same veggies but you need to prioritize the crates.
When you are collecting your first three same veggies, you need to get the crates first to secure those crates. Collecting crates at your last chain of veggies will put you on risk because there is a chance that your rabbit won't make it through your last veggies when the time after your first three same veggies collected will expired.
A good tip is when you collect two or three crates that are different veggies because when you match your current upper veggies, it will be followed by another crate veggies and you only need atleast 2 same veggies.

Red: Collect Veggies In-Order while the dog is charging at you.
The conditions of this level is similar to blue levels but the difficulty of this level increases because the dog will charge at you.
You will know that the dog will run at you when he position himself with a charge stance.
Take note that after the dog will run at specific row of plots, the plot will be empty and there will be no future veggies that will grow on that plant.
A good tip is to minimize the rows that the dog will run at it by going into the empty plot row always when the dog will run/charge at you.

Green: Match the stack
The green levels are different from the three other color levels, you need to match the stack located at the upper right of your screen.
You don't need to have three match same veggies unless when you are trapped with other veggies.
You can also match a stack regardless of what is your first veggies or lower veggies as long as you have the same stack and will not exceed to the carry capacity of 7 limit veggies.

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