Legend of Roland: Action RPG Guide: Job Classes

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Knight Captain
The job of Knight Captain is to absorb damage from the enemies while attacking them. While the Knight Captain tanks the damage, your other party members are safe from the enemies and they can attack those enemies if they are range type.

The job of priest is to protect all party members through buffs (heal,increase defense etc). Priest can't auto attack but he/she can auto heal a single party member. Priest should auto heal melee class job most of the time because they are always receive damage from the enemies.

Wizard are range class job. They can attack enemies at long distance while being safe from melee attacks. Wizards have AoE skills to hit multiple enemies. Wizards must be closer to the priest all the time to protect priest from enemies while attacking them at the same time.

Archer are range class job same as wizard. They can attack multiple enemies as well. Archers and Wizards shares strengths and weakness. It's up to you if you prefer wizard (More AoE skills) or Archer (Attack burst skills)

A melee class that deals high damage but weak in defense. Knight Captain have higher amount of defense compared to thief. Two melee at one party is very difficult to heal them both. It is recommended to have 1 melee only in the party.

Recommended Job Party Formation.

One melee class, one priest and two range class.
You need one melee class either Knight Captain or Thief that has a high amount of defense for them to tank the enemies damage.
You need a (healer) priest in a party. Heal ability makes your party regain HP from HP lost due to enemies damage.
Two range class either 1 wizard 1 archer or 2 wizards or 2 archers. It is recommended to get 2 same range  class, because they have the same active skills (passive skills are not same).

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