Criminal Legacy Guide: Battle and Other Tips and Strategy

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Before stepping foot into an location, setting up the right team, hiring friends, and bringing the correct gear is important. Check to see what elements enemies encountered will have in the location and plan accordingly.

During battle you have the options to:

If you flee, all enemies will be fully healed, including the ones you have defeated.

Special Attack
A special attack can be used when the special meter is filled. The meter fills as criminals inflict and receive damage. When the gauge is filled, clicking on the icon will unleash a Special Attack.

Defeating a world map enemy with a Special Attack will cause it to drop materials used for crafting. Some materials can only be obtained by defeating certain enemies with a Special Attack.

When your party is defeated in battle, you'll have the option to restore your criminals's health and continue the fight, or leave the current location and wait for your health to regenerate.

Health regenerates at a rate of 1 every 20 seconds. First Aid Kits can be used to refill health faster.

Epic Boss

Volkov often unleashes a limited time Epic Boss that gets stronger as you defeat it. During this event, encounters against the Epic Boss cost a varying amount of Epic Energy depending on how many additional criminals and friends you take into battle.

Gain victory rewards for defeating a boss a number of times to unlock the next reward tier. In addition, damage dealt to the Epic Boss will put you in the running for the Damage Leaderboard that offers additional prizes and rewards!

Find Nemesis gear sets in the Exotic Cars and hire friends that have it equipped to deal bonus damage to the boss.

Experience Points

Fill the XP gauge to level up. Leveling up can reward you with bonuses including additional friend slots and gear set inventory space.


Complete missions to earn additional criminals, items, and bonuses while you follow Volkov's trail.


The Arena is a place where players can display their strength in PVP.

The team that you form in the Arena is also used during Syndicate Wars, and differs from the teams used for fighting world map enemies. Your criminals will start each Arena battle with full health.

Arena Combat:

Unlike battling world map enemies, Arena battles allow for 2 types of attacks:

Costs a normal amount of Arena Energy (1) with no bonuses to ATK and DEF.

Power Attack
Costs multiple Arena Energy (3) with an added ATK and DEF bonus.

Revenge Battles:

When other criminals defeat you in the Arena, you can seek revenge for a huge Tournament Point boost!

Tread lightly though, Revenge Battles are always against very strong opponents! Power Attacks are recommended.

Win Streaks:

Winning consecutive Arena battles helps you build your Win Streak, which offers special rewards and Tournament Point bonuses! Make sure you play often, because your Win Streak expires if its timer expires. Winning battles adds time to your timer, so play often and don't forget to use Power Attacks!

Win Streaks can be completed multiple times per Arena Tournament, but do not carry over between events.

Milestone Rewards:

Winning Arena battles helps you earn Tournament Points, which offer extra rewards at certain milestones! Revenge battles and Win Streaks offer additional point bonuses, so you'll have to be aggressive and fight often to earn the top Milestone Rewards!

Tournament Points and Milestone Rewards do not carry over between events, so make sure to push for that next reward milestone before the end of each event.

Event Rewards:

Arena Tournaments offer major rewards at the end of each event! Competition will be tough, but there are valuable prizes for every type of player.

Check in once the event ends, and your rewards will be given to you automatically.

Other Tips


Achievements can be earned by achieving certain feats and objectives. Completing an achievement will reward you with a unique title that you can display to strike fear or praise among the Arena combatants.

Daily Log-in

Log-in daily to collect bonuses and rewards. The daily log-in bonus will only appear 24 hours after the previous bonus has been collected.

Exotic Car

Unlock an Exotic Car by using Diamonds or keys found throughout the game. Depending on the tier of car being opened, you can find anything from Forged Passports to the highest rarity gear! Additionally, some rare crafting materials can ONLY be found in the Exotic Cars.


You can customize your criminals's appearances and names at any time through the Main menu > My Criminals > Appearance tab.
Head Accessories are also equipped in the Appearance tab.


Inviting and meeting new criminals are important in defeating the myriad of enemies in the cities. Every criminal that you become friends with can be hired once every 24 hours to assist you in battle.

You can also earn epic rewards when friends enter your code after completing their tutorial! The more friends you recruit, the bigger the reward.

There are two ways to invite your friends from your device’s Contact List:

Provides a link to download the game, and includes your friend code for extra referral rewards.

Available for SMS-capable devices only. Provides a link to download the game, and includes your friend code for extra referral rewards.