Criminal Legacy Guide: Gear Tips and Strategy

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Gear Sets
Gear Sets play a key role in determining the difference between victory and defeat! When choosing which gear set to use there are several things to consider:

Gear Rarity
Determines the quality and strength of the gear set. Higher rarity gear are naturally stronger and have higher level caps and potential.

Gear Element
The element of the gear set will influence your criminal's strengths and weaknesses when facing other elements in combat. Criminals may only equip gear that align with their respective element.

Element Cycle
Fire > Shadow > Steel > Lightning > Water > Fire

Craft new gear from various materials found from enemies, and in the Exotic Cars.

Dead Drop Exchange - Exchange Gear
Exchange Gear selects two gear sets to use as a bargaining tool to get back a new gear set at the cost of a Forged Passport. The results of exchanging gear may vary and are strictly by chance on producing something of higher, equal, or lower quality. Keep in mind that exchanges must use pairs of gear with entirely different elements.

Enhancement Bar - Enhance Gear
Improves the strength of your gear set by increasing its level. To level your gear, select a base gear set and select up to 4 gear sets to be enhanced into the base gear set. The gear used as enhancements will be forged into the base gear set and will no longer be available to use.

Level up your gear to unlock the extra powerful "S" version (available in the Tailor) and new gear appearances!