Prime World - DEFENDERS Guide: Strategy Tips

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It's worth remembering...

Remember, as you build additional towers of one type, the cost goes up. And we don't have unlimited materials.

You can use 2x button to increase the game speed. To return to 1x mode, just hit the 2x button one more time.

Your rewards (Experience and Coins/Silver) will depends on the results of the game (Lives left and Water Drop left)

Pay attention to the opponent icons before you select a level. This can help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

Anomalies can strongly influence the outcome of battle, provided you build the right towers over them.

You can gain stars for every level up.

Talents will improve your gaming experience.

If you don't have enough silver, sell some of the cards you no longer use.

You can use Next Wave button to instantly summon next wave of enemies and get bonus prime. Be careful, this can increase the mission difficulty.

Don't worry about completing each level perfectly. You may comeback to them later when you have more talents and cards.

Remember that some one-time effects from towers and spells, like slowdown, poison and curse effects, do not stack. Two poison effects will deal no more damage than just one.

Use magic wisely. Sometimes it can turn the tide of battle.

With the help of towers and stones, it's possible to block the path of the enemy and force him to go around.

Upgrading a tower is often a better choice than building a new one.

For victories you get silver and stars, which you can spend in the store on new cards, cards sets or treasure chests.

You can select easier mission, but don't expect big rewards from them.

You can take the risk and select a harder enemy in the hope of finding a rare artifact.

Combine the strengths of different towers to create an effective defensive network.

If you're having some trouble killing a boss, conduct a few raids in the Primezone, and then upgrade your cards in the Forge.