SocceR10 Guide: Best Strategy Tips

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SocceR10 - Soccer Manager R10 Best Guide

There are 4 talents for you to improve: Power, Endurance, Technique and Speed.

Power vs Endurance and Technique vs Speed.
You can only select 1 talent out of 2 randomized talent displayed at the game.
Example: Speed or Power. If you select Speed, the scoring will be based on your Speed VERSUS the Technique of your enemy. Your Speed must be higher than the Technique of your enemy! Equal means a loss for you, specially when you are the goal keeper. Just remember "Power vs Endurance and Technique vs Speed."

What is the best strategy in assigning your Talent Points?

Normally we assign talent points in an equal way. For example: every level up or talent points that are available, we spend it in order like Power followed by Endurance followed by Technique followed by Speed and goes back to the Power and so on and so fort. This is a good strategy but I have better strategy for me to share with you.

Best Strategy: Select any one of your talents and just neglect it and focus upgrading on your other three talents.

Why neglect one of your talents? In the game, you will have an option to choose 1 talent out of 2 talents that are displayed for you to perform a MOVE. For example if you neglect your Endurance talent, you can select the second talent option! Whether if it is Power, Speed or Technique it doesn't matter because you have allotted talent points with them.

Three focused talent upgrade is better than balance talent upgrade. For example: you are already at level 12. For the balance talent upgrade, you will have 3 upgrade talent points for each of your talents. For our new strategy, you will have 4 upgrade talent points for each of your talents except for the neglected talent. That's 25% bonus talent points for each of your selected talents (3 vs 4).

In this strategy, you can save money and energy. For example: if you neglect your Speed talent, you don't need to make a building for speed thus another free slot for your other talents and you also don't need SPEED FOCUS TRAINING, you can give that training to your other talents.

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