X-Fighting Guide: Obtain Gold, Diamonds and etc. Tips and Strategy for iPhone and Android

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How to obtain Gold?

  1. Midas Touch converts diamonds in to Gold.
  2. Sweep instance: Defeat monsters in the instance to earn corresponding gold.
  3. Team instance Defeat monsters in the team instance to earn more gold.
  4. Smack prisoners: Players are only allowed to smack prisoners for limited times every day.
  5. Meditation Rock: Do meditation on the meditation to earn reputation and Gold.
  6. Login Rewards
  7. Treasure Mountain: Dig out more treasures to get more Gold.
  8. Take a part in daily, weekly events and server wars that can earn you more Gold.

How to obtain Diamonds?
  1. After login for at least 5 consecutive days, players will obtain diamonds every day. Login for 7 days to obtain Diamonds, gold and vouchers.
  2. A few Diamonds may be dropped in team instances.
  3. New players will obtain 30 Diamonds every day in the first 3 days.
  4. Players will obtain 10 Diamonds every day starting from the 6th day, as long as they login consecutively.
  5. Diamonds will be given out in various events.

How to obtain Reputation?
  1. Obtain reputation on Meditation Rock or by interrupting players who are doing meditation.
  2. Players can challenge 15 times in the arena every day, every success brings them 20 reputation and every failure brings 5 reputation.
  3. Successful revenge in arena.
  4. Comfort prisoners.
  5. Rescue your friend from the warden.
  6. Flatter wardens if you are a prisoner.
  7. Summon "Sky Blessing Spreading" on Meditation Rock to get 1,000 reputation instantly and boost the reputation of all players who are doing meditation.
  8. Get abundant reputation from daily guild drumroll.
  9. Summon Immortal Spring in the guild.
  10. Take part in weekly World Tournament, Guild War and Server wars to get abundant reputation.
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