Dizzy Fruit Guide: How to Get High Score - Tips and Strategy for iPhone

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Dizzy Fruit for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini

How to Play?
When the game starts, 1 out of 8 fruits will randomly appear. Remember the first fruit and tap the screen. After you tap the screen, it will be followed by another fruit. Does the current fruit matches the previous one? If yes tap the "yes" button otherwise tap the "no" button. Once you press the wrong button or the timer expires, the game is over.

How to get a High Score in Dizzy Fruit?
Dizzy Fruit is a speed game whether you like it or not. The longer you survive the faster you need to react. This is another "reaction" game that doesn't need your problem solving ability (seriously). To get a high score, you only need 10% strategy and 90% consistency.

10% Strategy
Why you only need a 10% strategy? Because it is a simple game, you only need to press yes or no button and your done! So what is the best strategy? Simple, just place your left thumb at the no button and your right thumb at the yes button.
Set your right thumb to your conscious mind (your focus) which means if the fruit doesn't change, your right thumb should automatically press the yes button.
Set your left thumb to your subconscious mind (unconscious focus) which means if the fruit does change, your left thumb should automatically press the no button.

90% Consistency
You need to be consistent at your strategy most of the time. The strategy above will not work if you are not consistent. So how to be more consistent?
  1. Focus: Focus on the displayed fruit. Avoid distraction such as watching a glimpse of your current score or the timer.
  2. Practice: Train your subconscious mind to react when the fruit doesn't change.
  3. Avoid Frustrations: Frustrations appears when you don't get your expectation such as getting a new high score. You will lose focus and if you are very frustrated, you might throw your device LOL.
  4. Clear Mind: When you have a clear mind, you can focus at the game and give your 100% performance. If you have a current problems, unfinished tasks or depression, you should avoid playing this game.