Alien Creeps TD Guide: Best Strategy Tips

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Help I am stuck and can't beat a level!
Every game you play earns Coins, to progress you will need to invest these Coins in Tower Upgrades which can be found by clicking the Upgrade button on the main map screen.. These upgrades allow you to access stronger towers in levels, these towers are key to your victory in later levels!
To boost your defence be sure to use Reinforcements and Airstrikes, if you are lacking Infantry or are out of Tesla charge they can save the day!

What are the difference between the towers?
There are 4 core towers to construct in Alien Creeps TD:

  1. Infantry - Build a barracks and the troopers inside will attempt to stop and slowdown any Creeps coming towards them.
  2. Machine Gun - A fast firing direct damage tower, cheap to construct and fast to jump between targets.
  3. Laser - A focused energy beam with high damage but long reload times. More effective against Shielded enemies.
  4. Rockets - Slow firing but each Rocket packs a punch damaging any units in close proximity

Why can't I see my tower upgrade in the game?
There are 4 key towers you can place in a level, each tower has 3 upgrades and 2 abilities to unlock. These can be unlocked by purchasing upgrades via the upgrade section, then you must use the unlocked tower upgrade option to progress your towers mid action.

Can I recharge my Tesla Tower?
Every level starts with 3 charges in your Tesla Tower, once these three charges are used you can get 3 more charges using Gems.

How do I get more Reinforcements and Airstrikes?
Everyday General Steele will send you a Care Package for FREE containing a number of Reinforcements and Airstrikes. These can be collected by entering the settings menu from the main map screen, and pressing the mail button.
To get more you can get more in game using Gems or you can connect with Facebook and share Care Packages with your friends, each Care Package contains free Reinforcements and Airstrikes
If you run out of either Reinforcements or Airstrikes during playing a level, you can purchase more using Gems

What is Energy?
Energy is used in levels to construct towers and your defences.
You begin every level with energy and can earn more by killing Alien Creeps, different types of Creep reward varying amounts of Energy
You can also gain more energy by calling in waves early. Simply tap twice on the Wave Herald to call a wave in early.

Challenges are short bursts of intensive gameplay design to test your mettle in combat
Challenges unlock after you complete level 4 of the campaign.
You can earn Coins, Gems, Reinforcements and Airstrikes by beating challenges. As you progress through the challenges, the difficult rises but so do the rewards. Rewards are cumulative and you can cash them in after winning any challenge or risk them to earn greater prizes, but be warned, losing a challenge means you lose all of your rewards.

How do I get Coins?
Coins are used to begin upgrading your towers and to train your Heroes
You can earn more Coins by completing levels and through Hero kills. Heroes will earn Coins for every enemy they attack!

How do I get Gems?
Gems can infrequently be dropped by some Alien Creeps in the heat of battle, typically the only way to get more Gems is to purchase them in the shop.

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