Legendary Saga Guide: Heroes, Bosses, Items, and Stats Tips and Strategy

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Heroes, bosses, items, and stats

Heroes are player characters. You can hire heroes by going to your Profile > Hero tab > Change hero. Bosses you fight are similar to heroes, but unlike heroes they do not wear items. More about that in Battle briefing topic. There are two stat categories in the game: basic stats and global stats. Basic stats take roots from the hero or the boss himself and include the following:

  • Health: the basic amount of health points of the hero
  • Damage: the basic maximum amount of health a boss or a unit loses when successfully hit with hero's regular attack
  • Intelligence: the basic maximum amount of mana the hero / boss has
  • Attack speed: how long does it take for the hero / boss to perform a regular attack
  • Attack range: the distance from which the hero / boss can reach an enemy with their regular attack
  • Combo-hit: the maximum amount of troops the hero / boss can hit with their regular attack

Damage is calculated along with the combo-hit, so you need to divide your damage by your combo-hit and the amount of hits. This means if your damage is 461 (as on the screen above), if you hit just one enemy your damage will be 231. Also, the damage from a single attack depends on amount of hits your hero makes within a single attack. With the example above, the hero (Khronos) makes two hits within attack so a single hit deals 115 damage.
The basic stats of your hero summed up with the stats from items give the global stats. You can see your global stats when you enter the profile menu. Global stats come from your hero and the items you wear:
  • Intelligence: defines your total maximum mana
  • Attack: defines how much damage you deal with your regular attacks in total
  • Health: defines the amount of health you have in total

As you can see, items increase your total stats. There are 3 kinds of items in the game:
  • Weapons: mainly increase your attack and thus the damage you deal to your enemies, however some weapons can also increase your health and intelligence
  • Armor: mainly increase your health and thus the amount of damage you can take, however some armor can also increase your attack and intelligence
  • Shields: mainly increase your intelligence and thus the maximum amount of your mana, however some shields can also increase your attack and health

Another category of items are consumables (food). These items can be used in a battle to instantly add health or mana.