Legendary Saga Guide: Locations and Lanes Tips and Strategy

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Locations and Lanes

When you navigate the global map, you can enter locations by selecting them and pressing "Start" button, which brings you to the location map. From there you can attack bosses, unlock chests and collect tributes. Each location follows the set of rules: there are 3 lanes within each location and each lane has 6 bosses with 18 bosses total within each location. The lanes stand as follows:

  • Bronze lane: In most locations you need to complete this lane in order to advance to another location (except dead-end locations). Fighting bronze lane boss consumes 3 energy points
  • Silver lane: The bosses are a bit stronger than the ones at the bronze lane. You don't have to complete silver lane to advance, but at the end of each silver lane there is a chest with gold and crystals. Fighting silver lane boss consumes 5 energy points
  • Golden lane: The bosses are stronger than the ones at the silver lane. Not obligatory to complete but has a nice golden chest at the end that gives even more gold and crystals. Fighting golden lane boss consumes 7 energy points

Completing each lane unlocks you a tribute: 1 crystal per hour, so the more lanes you complete the more crystals you will gather from locations each hour.
You can only attack bosses that you've reached, or the ones that you've completed. Each available boss has a set of indications that help you understand:

  • How strong is this boss (in general)
  • What lane does this boss belong to
  • How much health does this boss have
  • How much loot does this boss have

Even if you lost the fight against boss their health need some time to refill. So it's a good strategy to attack the boss again while they have little health. Each time you fight a boss you have already completed you loot less and less gold and experience: