Legendary Saga Guide: Magic Spells Tips and Strategy

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Magic spells

There are 10 tiers of magic spells, each featuring 4 spells, which makes a total of 40 spells in the game.

Magic is mainly useful for mage or paladin heroes. Warriors usually don't have enough intelligence to efficiently use magic spells of the same tier with items and units. Spells can be categorized the following way:
Attacking spells (most of the spells are attacking spells)
Countering spells (some attacking spells can counter specific element troops)
Healing spells (restore health of your hero and your units)
Buff spells (can make your units invulnerable or increase their damage)
Debuff spells (deal damage-over-time to enemy units, freeze them or temporarily turn them to your side)

Every spell in the game has 5 main parameters that define its efficiency and the way it should be used:
Damage: the amount of health this spell takes down when successfully hits enemy boss or units
Mana cost: the amount of mana you need in order to cast the spell
Cool-down time: the amount of time you have to wait till you can use this spell again
Multi-hit: how many units are affected by this spell
Element (countering spells): if the spell can counter elements there is an element it belongs to

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