Legendary Saga Guide: Tips and Other Tricks and Strategy

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Tips and Other Tricks

  • When playing a Warrior hero remember, you can convert your health and big multi-hit into advantage in troops, especially against mage bosses. Approach enemy quickly and wipe out their troops with your regular attacks till you feel you need to back up. Strategy like this lets you accumulate your army and finish the fight with your troops.
  • When playing a Mage hero it's crucial to stay at the safe distance and use your magic spells along with your regular ranged attack. Mage heroes have very little health and are vulnerable for enemy troops and bosses.
  • Explore different spells. Some spells can aid you a big time. For instance, when you feel you don't have enough power to counter specific enemy troops, use debuff spells like "Frozen spike" to freeze unwanted kind of troops and win your army some time.
  • Don't forget to purchase and equip new items as soon as you can. Items can significantly increase your stats and thus, your efficiency in battle.
  • If you lack gold remember you can always go back and try completing silver lane and golden lane bosses. Each such lane grants more gold and experience for killing bosses and keeps a shiny chest with gold and crystals at the end of the lane.
  • Try and save crystals you get from completed locations and achievements to purchase Paladin hero. Trust me once you try them you wouldn't want ever play Warrior or Mage.
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