Legendary Saga Guide: Troops and Elements Tips and Strategy

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Troops and Elements

There are following elements in the game:
Fire       ==counters=>    Earth
Earth    ==counters=>    Wind
Wind     ==counters=>    Water
Water   ==counters=>    Fire

There are 10 tiers of troops in the game, each tier featuring 4 kinds of troops that belong to one of 4 unique elements each. Units can counter each other according to the general rule. However, the way units counter other units is rather a consequence of unit stats than elements. Here's the explanation:

Fire troops squad contains 12 units that have ranged attack. They attack quickly and deal moderate damage which allows them to quickly wipe out earth units, who have little health. Still though, they are vulnerable against heavily armored water units.

Earth troops squad is the largest squad in the game and contains 24 very fast melee units. Their speed and the amount lets them quickly approach slowly-shooting wind units and kill them. However, their low health makes them vulnerable against fire units.

Wind troops squad is the smallest and contains only 3 ranged units. They have the highest damage, which lets them counter though very armored, but very slow water units. However, their slow shooting speed makes them a good target for fast hordes of earth units.

Water troops have 5 slow melee units in the squad. They have the most health among other units, which lets them "tank" their way and cover weaker units, as well as counter fire units. However, their slow speed makes them vulnerable against wind units who deal the highest damage among all.

You will need some gold in order to unlock new units tier. Each tier of troops is 15% stronger than the previous tier.