Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive Guide: How to Play, Controls Tips and Strategy

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How to Play

The goal is to achieve the highest score possible in a single run by avoiding obstacles. using Boosts and performing extra actions.

Collecting Coins allows you to buy upgrades. Boosts and cars.

Missions have to be completed in a single run. It a mission is too hard to complete you can skip it by paying Coins in the main menu.

Completing all the missions rewards you with Coins and increases your Rank - assigning you with new missions. Each Rank provide three mission to complete.

New cars require higher Rank and a certain amount of Coins To buy them. You can select one Boost at the beginning of the game and a second Boost when you reach The 10th Rank.

Tap left side of the screen to turn left tap right side of the screen 10 turn right. You can switch to tilt mode In the Options menu.

Avoid crashing Into other vehicles or road obstacles.

Tap Boost Icon to activate Boost Each Boost activation uses one charge. More Boosts can be bought in the shop.

Driving through spilled oil or bumping into barrels makes your car hard to control. Difficulty and car speed increases over time