Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive Guide: Scoring, Pickups, Bank Tips and Strategy

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You gain score while time is running. by collecting Coins and by:

  • Performing TAKEDOWNS by hitting srnall vehicles from either aide. GOLDEN TAKEDOWNS are TAKEDOWNS performed on the opposite lane. These actions cannot be done on big cars.
  • Performing Near-Misses by driving-by other car: or obstacles in o dangerously small proximity.

Coin Rush bar fills up with each TAKEDOWN. GOLDEN TAKEDOWN and Near-Miss. It decreases over time. When fully filled. you get 0 reward.


  • Shield Powerup activates SHIELD which allows you ta perform a TAKEDOWN on small vehicles from behind. Big vehicles are still unaffected.
  • Magnet Powerup draws nearby Coins to your car.
  • Driving better cars will spawn Revive pills on the road for you to collect.
Use instant Revive pill 10 continue the game after a crash without losing any progress.


To enter the Bank tap (+) Icon In the top right corner at the screen.

There are two permanent upgrades to buy:
  • Double Coins doubles the value at each collected Coin.
  • Coin Rush Boost fills the Coin Rush bar 60% faster.
You can buy extra Instant Revive pill for later use.