Asphalt Overdrive Full Guide, Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

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The goal in Asphalt Overdrive is to become a legendary
getaway driver, pulling off the biggest heists these streets
have ever seen.
To do this, you'll have to escape the police and perform
incredible stunts and takedowns to score as many points as
you can.


To control your cars, swipe left or right to change lanes.
Swipe up, left or right at the correct moment to perform
awesome stunts while going off a ramp.
Double-tap anywhere on the screen to activate the Nitro


Asphalt Overdrive has two currencies.
Bills Obtained by completing missions and earning stars;
sometimes found during a run.
Gold: A highly valuable and rare reward earned by completing
difficult achievements, events and missions. It can also be
purchased in the store and can he exchanged for helpful
Boosts or Bills.


Energy is used to run Asphalt Overdrive missions.
If you're out of energy, you'll have to wait until it's recovered
to run a mission.
You can use that time to crack open a book or take a walk
Or you can also take a shortcut and buy your energy.
Being the best getaway driver in town is a huge achievement,
but don't forget to nourish that real-lite energy too!


Every week, the League begins, giving you and a group ol
other players the chance to compete to be the best driver.
All players are ranked using League Points. If you are among
the top drivers of the week, you'll be promoted to the next
League and for awarded a prize.
But he careful if you are among the lowest-ranked drivers,
there's a chance you'll be demoted to a lower League.


League points [LP] are earned by completing the game's missions.
These points allow you to be ranked within your League.
Every week, after a League Season ends, all players‘ League
Points are reset to zero.
Home missions are more valuable than others when trying to
earn league points, so pay close attention.


Events are special challenges that occur during the game.
They will invite you to complete as much oi a specific action
as possible in a short period of time.
Complete events in order to earn awesome rewards. Continue
performing the action and you would make it onto an Asphalt
Overdrive leaderboard and earn even Cooler rewards!
Home Events are also enabled for players in the same Gang.
Together, try to reach higher objectives and compete against
other Gangs during a full week of Stunts!


Create or join a Gang to form a community with other players
and compete with rival gangs.
Gang events have shared goals that allow you, and your gang
mates, to snore big and heat other gangs.
If your gang has 5 or more players, energy is recovered
faster, allowing you to drive more!
Play together and soon your gang will be running the streets!


There are two types of obstacles.
Breaktables: These can be destroyed without causing you to
lose speed usually, they are a warning of incoming
Unbreakables: These Cannot be destroyed. Becareful, because
it you hit them, you'll crash!


There are two kinds of vehicles you will encounter in traffic.
Light: Generally cars, these vehicles can be taken down.
However, your speed will be drastically reduced if you hit
them from behind, so look out!
Heavy: Trucks, buses or police vans; these cannot be taken
down and you'll crash if you hit them from behind. Be careful!


Pick-ups are objects you can collect during missions that will
help your progress in a run or later in the game.
These can be Bills, Gold, or small or big nitro shares.


Nitro gives you a short speed boost and will allow you to
out-distance the police in any situation.
Activate it by double-tapping on you screen during a run.
The Nitro gauge is located on the top part of your screen. The
fuller this gauge is, the longer the Nitro will last.
When the gauge is full, its color changes from blue to pink.
To fill the gauge, pick up Nitro charges during a run or perform
stunts or takedowns.


Stunts are spectacular actions you perform during a run.
There are 3 types:
Aerial stunts: Performed on ramps.
Destruction stunts: Performed by taking down vehicles in
Dexterity stunts: Performed by avoiding obstacles at the very
last moment.


Stunts can be chained to create a combo when performed
within a short period.
The score for your actions will be multiplied by the number of
combos you perform.
A circle around the combo number will indicate the time
remaining to chain another stunt.
Try to get the highest combo to get the highest score!


Drafting happens when you stay behind a vehicle in traffic.
You will get a slight velocity boost and you will sustain your
combo timer.
IMPORTANT: Chain the longest combos with drafting and
multiple stunts.


Your score is the points you have earned by the end of the run.
It includes the total distance traveled added to the combined
value of your stunts multiplied by your combos.
At the end of the race, you'll get e speed score based on your
average speed during the run.
You'll also get a Gang bonus if you had the good sense to join a


At the end of a mission, your performance is rewarded with
stars. The first star is granted lor successfully completing the
mission. The second and third stars are awarded based upon
your score. Each new star and its prize are only granted once.
Earning stars rewards you with Bills, Bold, or Boosts.


In Asphalt Overdrive, there are different types of missions.
In Getaway, you escape from the cops. Stunt Run requires you
to perform as many jumps as possible before the time is up.
Likewise, Destruction needs you to "take down" as many cars
as you can before the timer expires. Restricted Run gives you
big rewards but requires you to own and use a special oar.
And finally, Daily Test Drive allows you to drive a new car as
far as possible through checkpoints that add time.


The Dealer is where you need to go to purchase new cars and
select those that have been bought.
Cars can be bought with Bills, but some car models can only be
bought with Gold.
CAR POWER is the global strength of the car. It takes into
account the engine, gear and nitro upgrades!


The Upgrade Garage is where to go to maximize the
performance of you car
Three different elements can be upgraded:
the Nitro tank, the maximum speed and the acceleration. All of
a car's attributes will help you win missions, so don't forget to
upgrade regularly.
However, keep in mind that some upgrades take time to install.


The Customization shop is where you can give your car some
Paint your car whatever color you like or add a personalized
license plate to your car.


Achievements are a list of challenges you can complete in
Asphalt Overdrive. Some will be more difficult than others, but
the real challenge is to finish them all!

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