Card of Legends Guide: Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

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Card's Tribe
There are 6 tribes.
Each is classified by background color

Card's level
You can make cards from 1-star of the lowest level to 5-star of the highest level.
The higher the level is, the higher ability is Level of cards can be classified by the number of stars and the color of card border.

Card's Type

  • Fighter type: AP is strong but HP is weak.
  • Tank type: HP is strong but AP is weak.
  • Balance type: Both AP and HP are in balance

Tribe's relationship

  • Human is weak on Undead, but strong on Plant
  • Undead is weak on Plant, but strong on Human
  • Plant is weak on Human, but strong on Undead
  • Animal is weak on Dragon, but strong on Orc.
  • Dragon is weak on Orc, but strong on Animal.
  • Orc is weak on Animal, but strong on Dragon.


  • AP Runes: Enhance attack ability in Team Fighting
  • HP Runes: Enhance HP in Team Fighting.
  • Critical Runes: Enhance critical chance.
  • Skill Runes: Enhance skill chance in Team Fighting
  • STR Runes: Enhance damage to Wave.

Card's cool time
Reduce the card's cooltime.

Inventory Up
Increase the capacity. (If the card is generated after the inventory's capacity is full, the inventory can't keep it)

2-Star Card Percentage
Increase the chance of card's cooltime of 2-Star when Cards are generating.

Maximum Life
Increase the number of Life to clear the game.

Card Price Down
Reduce the card's cost in shop.

Steel Earnings Up
Increase Steel which you can get after killing Wave Monster.

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