NBA All Net Guide: Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

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NBA All Net Guide for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android Devices

Daily Sign In Rewards
Receive a reward for every daily sign in. Rewards reset every month so you must be present always to get the 30th reward!

Daily Task
Finish your daily tasks to maximize your potential daily rewards!
You can get diamonds, topaz and other stuffs!
Prioritize your daily tasks first because you only have limited supply of energy.

You can also get diamonds in achievements from legendary match to good management.

You can claim Legendary and Epic players for free however you just need to wait for the timer to expire.

You can enjoy the benefits of being a premium by just purchasing diamonds. You can reached up to premium 10 perks. These perks will help you level up faster and improve you whole team.

30 Days Pass
With the purchase of the 30 day pass instantly receive an awesome reward pack! In addition you will receive a Diamond gift every day for the next 30 days.

Level Up Rewards
You can get free stuffs when you reach level 10 and your next rewards will be an increment of 5 levels

Loyalty Rewards (Ends at November 17)
Purchase Diamonds to increase the diamond counter to unlock great reward packs! Every pack unlocks with the corresponding amount of diamonds.

First Purchase Gift Pack
Purchase any amount of diamonds and receive a free fit pack containing a legendary card and more!

Training increases a card's level, overall stats, and potential. Remember to train your cards as often as possible.

Transfer XP from one card to another. Useful when you get a new card that you would like to level up quickly. Only cards of epic rarity and above can be used in an XP transfer.

Level Requirements Unlocks

  • Rank Up Level 10
  • Tournament Level 12
  • Ranked Match Level 15
  • Road to Glory Level 18
  • Development Level 19
  • Evolution Level 22