Destiny War Guide: Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

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When Stamina is used up:
If you've already played for a longtime in the stage, , It's better to take a short break.
There are 3 ways to refill the Stamina :
a. The first kind is that one point will be got in every 5 minutes,please wait for a while and you can continue the game.
b.The second kind is the level up of Exp.RK. When you notice that the account Exp: is about to level up, you can choose a stage with more experience values. Complete the stage and the value is
leveled up RK then the Stamina will be refilled.
c. The third kind is to use the gold. All you need is 70 gold and the Stamina will be refilled immediately.

2.When you don't have the Coin level up card;
There’re 3 ways to get Coin.
a. The first kind is to sell the cards unwanted in the backpack. , the various amount of Coin will be acquired according to the card quality.
b.The second kind is to reenter the stage.When breaking the boxes or destroying other stuffs, a piece of Coin will be acquired. In addition, complete the stage can acquire the Coin too. Pile them up are quite a bit ot money!
c.The third kind is to use the gold. When purchasing the Coin, 100 golds can acquire you 30000 the Coins. If 1000 gold is used one time, more Coins will be acquired, 399000 which is a fast way to increase the fortune.

3.How to get gold?
There're 3 ways to acquire gold.
a.The reward of clearing the stage: I When you complete a chapter or the chapters of event stages, the system will grant you 77 golds as reward!
b.Event bonus: Some events, such as grading for the game, will grant you the gold for reward.
c.Pay to purchase: Click purchase in the shop category to purchase gold , the payment descriptions will be displayed. Android platform provides multi payment methods while iOS platform only allows credit card payment.

4.Where to get the card's evolution tools?
Both the evolved tools and quickly level-up tools will drop off in the
event stages, and the acquisition of the tools varies according to
the difficulties of event stages. the stages, The more difficult the stages, the
better the tools quality.

5. The difference of campaigns and events:
Generally, campaigns are easier than event stages, , however, the campaigns will e getting harder while the chapter develops. Campaigns and events complement each other. When you're stuck in the campaigns, the level-up and evolution tools dropped off can increase your Vitality.. In addition, when you can't pass the event stage, breakthrough the campaigns to acquire the tools and gold can help you pass the event stage. Appropriate switch and use will increase your Vitality faster.

6. How to decide the placement of cards?
There’re 3 ways deciding the placement.
a. Before the placement is determined, you have to realize more about our enemies. Read the status brief carefully before the fight. a lot of/information will be provided. Like the tip states, boss monster moves match with the general who moves swiftly so that you can gain the winning advantage.
b. Be aware of you card skills. Different general cards varies in skills, for example: the cards of the same team will multiple the damage  points while single- handed sword generals will receive more multiple damage points. Meanwhile, the passive skills of equipment cards have different multiple effects. The equipment cards of the same team normally receive more extra values.
c. Be aware of the differences between cards. Each general card and equipment card has the attribute that multiples more, for instance: some generals who own very high Vitality values or Strength values with great multiple equipment .

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