Dragon Friends: Green Witch Tips Cheats: Enhanced Breeding, Rain Cloud Altar and Other Tips and Strategy

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Dragon Friends : Green Witch Tips

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

How to use the Enhanced Breeding Garden?
The Enhanced Breeding Garden is another place for breeding. The key behind this
Breeding Garden is that it increases the chance of you producing the next rank (or next
star) creature. Because of this, you can only breed two Dragons or Animals of the
same kind.
At Level One, you can only breed Animals. Upgrade your Enhanced Breeding Garden to
breed Hybrid element Dragons.Be mindful that Sheep and Single element Dragons
cannot be bred here.

How to use Rain Cloud Altar?
The Rain Cloud Altar produces a large Cloud you can use to Rain on all your plants at
When you see the large storm cloud hovering above the Rain Cloud Altar tap - it will
make Rain fall all over the place. The next cloud will be produced in an hour and 15
minutes. The Rain Cloud Altar unlocks at level 20.

How to Auto Collect? I How to use the Tax Office?
Auto Collect is one of the features The Tax Office gives you.
The Tax Office is available for Hearts or Gems at Level 25. It is also available for Gold
at Level 30.
Go to the Tax Office and choose "Harvest All" to collect Production Rewards and
Harvest Crops all at once.
Another feature the Tax Office gives you is "Care for All" - it allows you to offer Care to
your friends‘ crops without having to visit their islands.