Immortal Odyssey Guide: Characters, Skills and Other Tips and Strategy

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Immortal Odyssey Guide 

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Main Character
The main character represents you in this adventure. Your main goal in this game is to make him/her stronger.

Class there are four classes in the game: The fighter, the ranger, the Knight and the mage.
Fighter - Fierce Combatant
Ranger - Deadly Assassin
Mage - Powerful Magic Wielder

As you advance in the adventure, you'll get experience that represents your growth. Your level marks your total progress.

You'll get 1 talent point each time you level up.
You can choose any of the talents you like; however, once you select one talent branch, you won't be able to choose the other one.
A high level talent will be unlocked once you have unlocked enough of the previous talents leading up to it.

There are passive and active skills in the game.
An active skill requires a certain number of rage points to be cast.
Passive skills will always be functional in a fight.
An Ally can get a new skill when their rank is increased.

Allies are partners who help you on the battlefield. You can collect them through your journey or in the lottery.

Similar to your main character, your Ally's level shows how much experience they have. Allies can fight in battles, use XP potions, or absorb other Allies to gain XP.

Each Ally has a rank that represents their power, shown as stars.
You can increase their rank by using certain items.

Allies have classes and can equip powerful equipment as well.
Equipment is an important way to increase your power.
Defeat monsters in the dungeon to get equipment. You can also find nice equipment in the shop and in events.

The border color of an Ally card displays its rarity.
White means Common, Green means Uncommon.
Blue means Rare, Purple means Mythic,
Orange means Legendary.
The greater their rarity, the greater their power.

You can get the gift in the reward menu after you've reached a certain level.
You can purchase VIP gifts after you reach the corresponding VIP level.