King of Thieves Tips Cheats: Dungeons, Traps and Other Tips and Strategy

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King of Thieves Tips

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What do I need these green potions at the bottom of the dungeon screen for?
Potions are useful to make it through a dungeon with less blood and tears. You can find them in the locks or earn them by completing rituals with gems of the same color.
There are 5 kinds of potions:
1) Gang of Thieves – magically clones your character, allowing you to sneak through tricky sets of traps.
2) Slow motion – slows time down, making it easier to find the right timing for jumps.
3) Ghost – shows you the ghost of the dungeon’s owner getting to the chest.
4) Disable Trap – randomly disables one of the traps in the dungeon
5) Double Gold – doubles the amount of gold earned from the chest….if you manage to reach it.

Are there any other ways to complete dungeons more easily?
Yes, actually there is a way. After 7 deaths in a dungeon, the trap that inflicted the most damage is disabled.

After moving, I can choose a trap set to install. Why should I pay hundreds or thousands of gold or orbs for other trap sets? They don't look too impressive.
Expensive sets of traps come with harder and more advanced pre-made level designs, especially the third one. However, in many cases you can design a strong defense using basic traps, but it requires plenty of time and skill.

If I buy a set of traps, will they apply to the next dungeon?
No, traps only apply to the current dungeon.
If I upgrade a trap, would that upgrade apply to all traps of the same kind in my dungeons?
Yes. You do not upgrade a specific trap, but rather, a whole set of traps.

What advantages do these outfits give to a player?
Outfits increase your stats:
1) HP.
2) Chance to steal a gem.
3) Chance to steal the best gem available on a Totem.
4) Amount of gold you can steal from opponent.

Where can I get the ingredients to craft and upgrade the outfits?
You receive ingredients for each completed Totem ritual.

Why should I complete my own dungeon twice in a row?
This is meant to make all dungeons passable and fair for everyone. Completing a dungeon once can be an accident. Completing it twice in a row provides assurance that it can be completed by other mortals.

How does the “Retrieve” function work?
It allows you to recruit your Facebook friends to retrieve the gems stolen from you. Actually, those gems are copies of the ones stolen from you, because their new owners can already sell them or unite them with the other gems through rituals.

Can somebody steal gems from my Totem slots if I didn’t start a ritual?
No, your gems are safe. However, it is usually a good idea to put gems into the Totem and keep the ritual running in order to progress through the game.