Marble Heroes Guide: Increase Luck, Max Luck and Strategy

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Marble Heroes Guide for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony Xperia, Lenovo Devices

Luck is an extremely important Attribute in Marble Heroes for farming Monsters, chests, and codices! Luck affects the number of rewards you get after clearing each dungeon. More Luck means more chances for bonus rewards at a faster rate!

We recommend players to continuously evolve their beginner Monsters to their last evolution in order to get their maximum Luck. The process takes time but is worth it as maximum Luck greatly increases your rate and chance of getting 5-Star Monsters!

Where do you check the Luck value?

You can view your Monster’s Luck value in its details page, on the right of its icon, in the four leaf clover. Monsters summoned during non-event periods start with a Luck value of 1, whereas monsters summoned during event periods usually start with a Luck value of 5.

How do I increase Luck?

The only way you can increase your Monster’s Luck value is through enhancement, using the same Monsters of its series. Each enhancement increases Luck by 1 point.

What is Maximum Luck?

Each Monster has a max Luck limit. 4-Star Monsters have a limit of 60 Luck, with a bonus of 12 Luck added at the end of a dungeon clear. 5-Star Monsters have a limit of 75 Luck, with a bonus of 15 Luck. 6-Star Monsters have a limit of 99 Luck, which will be displayed as “Max”.

There is a huge difference between a 99 Luck and a 90 Luck Monster. Only a max Luck (99 Luck) monster can obtain an extra bonus reward at the end of a dungeon.

Luck increases when you enhance your monster with its same bloodline. For example, your 2 star Fire Dragonling if enhanced with 5 more 2 star Fire Dragonling with get +5 Luck added on. Even if your Fore Dragonling Evolve to a 3 star or 4 star or even its last form of 5 star Elder Blaze Dragon, enhancing with 2 star Fire Dragonling will work. I would recommend ONLY enhancing your monster with its bloodline for a MAXIMUM potential of 90 Luck. It takes awhile to farm for 2 star Dragonling but do it only with 2x drop rate. Good Luck!

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