ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Guide Cheats: Character, Evolve and Other Tips and Strategy

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For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Crew Cost
When building a crew, you have to make sure that the Current Cost of your characters doesn't exceed the Total Cost for the crew.
" The Total Cost goes up as you gain Pirate Levels.

Character Cost
This is the Cost assigned to each individual character.
* The Current Cost oi your characters must be below the Total Cost for the crew.

Character LV
Powering up your characters rewards them with experience points. Build up enough points. and they'll gain a level, making them even stronger!

Sell Character
This allows you lo exchange characters in your possession for beli.
* Think carefully before selling! Once you sell a character. you can‘t get them back.

Character Power Up
Power up your characters to build up their experience points Once they earn enough. their level will no up. boosting their strength
* Resource characters used to power up other characters will disappear. Choose them carefully!

Same Character Bonus
Combine identical characters together to power the character up and earn an experience bonus!

Power Up Special
You can power up Specials by combining characters with the same Specials or by combining identical manuals!
The level of the Special has a set chance of going up when you do this

Character Evolve
' Only certain characters can be evolved once they reach their maximum level.
' Evolving allows you to strengthen the character even more, but can only be done with certain resource characters.
' After evolving. the character will return to level 1.