ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Tips Cheats: Rainbow Gems, Friends and Other Tips and Strategy

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For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Grading Up Ships
Cola is required in order to grade up your ship.
You can occasionally get Cola while out on adventures!

Rainbow Gems
This purchasable item can be a big help during your adventure. Use
[Rainbow Gems] for the following effects:
- Continue battle after a Game Over
- Recover Stamina when you've run out
- Unlock more slots tor your characters ‘

FP Recruit
You can use Friend Points (200 points per search) to recruit new ally

Friend Points
Earn Friend Points by being chosen as a Guest Captain or enlisting another
player to help your own crew!
" You can earn login-bonus Friend Points a maximum of once per day.

Complete adventures to earn yourself new titles! Earning titles expands the maximum number of friends you can have.
You can also create original titles for yourself on the [Title Edit] page.

Extra Island
Complete the [Shells Town] adventure to unlock the entrance to a new and unique island!
* Extra Island adventures may not always be available.
* Depending on your device's time settings. adventures may not be correctly shown.

Login Streak
Play the game at least one per day to build up your Login Streak!
Keep the streak going to earn special presents!
A new day begins within the game at 11:00 AM PST daily.

You can befriend other players within the game.
Friend characters can unleash Captain Abilities when they're helping out your crew!