Blood & Glory: Immortals Tips Cheats: Tributes, Items and Other Guides and Strategy

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Blood & Glory: Immortals for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

What do the different colors mean on my items?
Each item is color coded to its rarity. Each color signifies how powerful the item is and rare it is, meaning how likely it is that this item drops from mobs in game.
Colors and Meanings:
- White: Common item.
- Green: Uncommon item.
- Blue : Rare item.
- Purple : Epic item.
- Gold : Legendary item

What are the different types of reagents?
There are 5 types of Blood And Glory reagents:
1. Tears
2. Blood
3. Eye
4. Heart
5. Soul

There are 6 Tiers of Blood and Glory reagents:

Where do items won from Tributes go?
The rewards won in Tributes are never lost as they are automatically added to your inventory instantaneously.
If you have won the consumables such as a Health Potion, these will be automatically added to inventory which can be found under the “Store” tab.
If you have won currency packs (coins or gems), they are automatically credited to your account. You might not have noticed the difference but we assure you that currency is added to your account.

If you have won a weapon, armor or other such item, then you can find that in your inventory - use the filter at the top of screen to quickly find it.
If you have won energy then you can use it when you run out of the energy.
Just tap on the "Energy bar" located at the top, you will find your extra energy.

How do I get more Tributes?
Tributes such as Citizen/Senator are usually obtained as quest rewards in game.
However other tributes are obtained via Gem purchases or through events.
The Guild, Hephaestus’ Hammer Hephaestus‘ Anvil and Prometheus’ Flame are obtained through events only.