Compass Point: West Guide Cheats: Battle and Town Cards, Map and Other Tips and Strategy

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Compass Point: West for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

How do Battle and Town Cards work?
Check in at your town Saloon and weddings to draw your card deck.
Drawing new cards Will allow you to collect two different kinds of cards:
Battle Cards and Town Font
Battle Cards Represent a sidekick That You can deploy in a battle.
Collecting 4 or more of one sidekick Will allow you to merge your sidekicks Into More Powerful allies.
By merging cards you free up space in your camp as sidekicks for more.
As the name Suggests, Town Cards are used Exclusively in your town.

Here's an overview of the different kinds:
A James Spencer and Jakob Ammann are speed-up cards that will help you finish your building or other time related tasks faster.
A William Wealthy and Goody Goods are resource giveaway cards That give you instant free resources.
A Doctor Waltz is not no quack, and he'll fix you up quick sharp when you hold this card!
There are three upgrade levels available for all cards: Rugged, Veteran, and Notorious.

How does the map work?
Ain't nobody goin' nowhere without no map! Here's your key to exploring all the unknown areas around your town:
From the map you'll be able to see which towns and areas have been taken over by Owille Driller and his outlaws, then attack them.
You'll also see other players appear on the map. You can attack these suckers too, but if you ain't got the belly for a fight you can always get a new opponent by tapping on the town from the map view and selecting ‘change opponent‘ from the options that pop up.
Keep your eyes peeled for extra diamonds!
From time to time big sacks of diamonds will appear on the map, hit pay dirt by tapping on them.

How to attack other towns?
Explorin' the map will help you find new locations to attack.
To access the map, tap on the map icon in the lower right of the screen.
You can scout the towns and different locations that can be attacked, and then attack them!
Scouting helps you decide the best possible strategy to beat opposition defenses.
By choosing to attack, you will head to battle to save the townsfolk or free a Farm or Prospector Cabin.
Once you start an attack, deploy your sidekicks in the deployment area by selecting them from the bottom left.
If you destroy the town you increase your deployment points for the next battle, so fight hard!

Attack Strategy
During an attack, you can direct your sidekicks towards buildings by selecting the flag icon in the lower right corner of the screen and then tap on a point on the location you would like your sidekicks to move.
Your sidekicks will follow that flag for 10 seconds and attack whatever it's closest to, so use it wisely!