Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips Cheats: Elements, Dungeon and Other Guides and Strategy

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What are the differences between the elements?
Besides providing a different visual, elements also provide bonuses and penalties depending on how they are used. Each element is stronger against one other element and weaker against another. If you attack a monster whose armor has an element that is weak against your weapon's element, you will deal bonus damage. Likewise, if a monster with an element strong against your armor's element attacks you, you will receive extra damage. Fire beats Nature, Nature beats Dark, Dark beats Light, Light beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

How can I generate Gold and Monster Tokens with my Stronghold?
The gold generated by your Stronghold is related to your current League Ranking. Higher League Levels mean more gold generation from the Stronghold. Assigning a minion to the Stronghold will also grant gold and/or Monster Token generation bonuses.

How do I access my Stronghold?
Go to the Multiplayer page from the player base. There, you will have the option to modify your Stronghold and collect the gold it has generated.

What can I find in Daily Dungeons?
Evolution materials can be found in Daily Dungeons.

How do I win prizes in Daily Dungeons?
There are no special prizes for playing the dungeon, but you keep all the loot you find.

What is a Daily Dungeon?
A dungeon that is available only one specific day of the week.

How can I earn free gems?
You can obtain them from the daily login bonus.

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