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What are the Stars?
Depending on the score, 1, 2 or 3 Stars can be earned. In order to earn stars in each level, that level must be successfully completed.
The final score is then compared to the star requirements to determine the amount of earned stars.
Stars unlock features such as characters and the Wheel of Smek.

What are the Bubbles?
- Regular Bubbles
They are the default playable objects in the game; these are the objects that you draw together to create matches.
They come in a variety of colors. Regular Bubbles are cleared in order.
- Large Bubbles
Their functionality is exactly the same as regular bubbles. Not all levels have larger bubbles.
- Power Bubbles
They are awarded after a combination of matches; these special bubbles can be used strategically to clear a larger number of bubbles or to get out of a tight spot.
Power Bubbles are created every 4th match: match 4 bubbles, match 8 bubbles, match 12 bubbles, etc. Power Bubbles remain on the board for you to activate later by either tapping or matching with bubbles of the same color.

There are 4 Power Bubble types:
1. Lane Clear Bubbles: Created anytime you create a match of a certain number of bubbles in any direction. Upon finger release, the line containing the “Lane-Clear Bubble” is immediately cleared in a vertical or horizontal fashion.
2. Area-Clear Bubbles: When activated they remove directly neighboring bubbles. Used strategically, they allow you to create valuable matches and get out of tight spots in style.
3. X-Clear Bubbles: When activated, they clear all bubbles diagonally in both directions from the center point of the power bubbles.
4. Rainbow Bubbles: Allows you to make bigger matches after the game play board is wiped. Rainbow Bubbles can be matched with any color. They also appear randomly during the game.