iPhone Android Blood & Glory: Immortals Guide Cheats: Gems, Gear Score

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Blood & Glory: Immortals for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

What is the current level cap in Blood & Glory: Immortals?
The current level cap is fifty.

What is the advantage of joining a guild?
Being in a Guild is a twofold advantage: Aside from being tracked on the leaderboards, some Special Prizes and Items are only available to guild members. Some Events will be only guild-specific, so you can only participate in those if you are in a guild. These have even better prizes and rewards.

What is Gear Score?
Gear Score, or GS, is a ranking for each piece of equipment you can wear.
When looking at an item in your inventory that in the bottom left of the info window it will show you GS and MAX. GS is what the current ranking of Gear Score the item gives you while MAX is the full potential of the item after it is completely fused and evolved to its max level.
An item's GS can only exceed the MAX number by adding items such as Spirits to the item.

Each equipped item's GS adds together to make your characters total GS as seen under your EXP bar at the top left of the screen while you are in town.

Blood & Glory : Immortals abbreviations used in game
GS — Gear Score
CC — Critical Chance
CD — Critical Damage
IIF — Increase Item Find
ER — Energy reduction
ATK — Attack Damage

What are Gems and how do I obtain them?
Gems are a currency in that you can earn or buy to spend in game.
You will see how many Gems you currently have in the upper right of your screen while you are in town.
To obtain more Gems simply click the plus sign next to your current Gem number and a store window will open with different options to purchase gems.
Once purchased, the Gems will be added to your current Gem count.
You can also obtain Gems via quests and other means.
From within the store window you will see options such as “Watch A Video” or “Get More Free" where you can earn free gems.

How do I know if there's an event on?
When in town, you can view the bottom of the game screen if there is an
ongoing event. To know more about the event, select/press the event bar at
the bottom of the screen.