iPhone Android Fast & Furious: Legacy Guide Cheats: Challenge, Crew Battle

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Fast & Furious: Legacy for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Races: Challenge

Races in Challenge Mode are a great way to farm Coins and Upgrade Points, two materials required for Car Upgrades.

To continue with your Story, go to Races, and select “Challenge”. You will have the chance to choose your favorite City and Race Type.

Rewards will depend on the level of difficulty. Turning the SIM on will drastically reduce the rewards of the Race.

Remember that each Race Type has its own gameplay, but that racing is all about timing. Time your launch, shift, drift and steering to refill your Nitrous:

Street Races require a lot of concentration and evasion skills.
Drift Races test your skills behind the wheel. 
Drag Races are based in Gear Changes, you will have to time each Change perfectly.

If you reach a Win Streak of 5 Races, you will receive a Bonus Race Reward.

Races: Crew Battle

Battle other Crews in races around the world to win respect and rewards, and prove that you and your crewmates are the best! To do this, make sure that you have joined a Crew.

Crew Battle races can be found by going to your Races and selecting “Crew Battle”. If a Crew Battle Event is active, you will be able to tap on “Race” to start it.

Races: Ranked

The Ranked Event has two stages.

Stage One: Rank 1 - 30 
Race against other players to become Elite. Earn Milestone Rewards as you rank up from Rank 1 to Rank 30.

Winning will make you go up in Rank, losing a Race will make you go down. You will earn Milestone Rewards if you reach specific Rank. Both the Ranks required for this and the rewards will depend on the Event. If you lose your Rank and then reach it again, you will not receive new rewards.

*Tip: Your opponent's car class will always match your own, so you'll never have to face A-class cars with your E-class. But you will earn more points racing and winning in higher class cars!
**Tip 2: Performance cars give you a huge advantage!

Stage Two: Elite Status
Once you reach the max Rank 30, you will receive the Elite Status. This temporary Title will be active until the end of the Event.

Elite players compete against other Elite players to get top prizes. Losing Races will not affect the Status, but will affect your place in the Leaderboards.

Races: Story

Story Mode Races will help you unlock the basic features of the game, gather Gold, and develop your Character in the game.

To continue with your Story, go to Races, and select “Story”. 

If you do not meet the requirements to start the next Race, try to upgrade your car in your Garage. If you continue to be stuck on the Story Race, try some Challenge Races to gather the materials for an Upgrade.