ZOPO ZP530 Gaming Review Guide

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ZOPO ZP530 Gaming Review Guide

64 BIT Quad Core CPU
Fast as you require
64 Bit Quad-Core CPU. Uses Cortex-A53, 28nm processor, compared with 32 bit CPU, performance doubles.
Cooperate with Mali - T760 GPU, whether play 3D games or watch HD videos, fast beyond imagination.

Antutu Benchmark Score - 31,596 from ZOPOMOBILE youtube channel*
It has a score of 31,596 which is excellent for today's best graphics mobile games.

5.0" HD IPS Display
The 5.0" screen, making TOUCH shine brightly. 1280*720 Resolution, 95% color saturation, meanwhile with the ON CELL full lamination technology. Pictures are not only HD, but also more vivid, fresh and colorful.
A 5.0 Inch screen is perfect for gaming ergonomically. HD display is already enough for your viewing pleasures and with ON CELL full lamination technology, your gameplay visuals will be more vivid, fresh and colorful.
HD display is perfect on a 5.0" screen with 64 BIT Quad Core CPU if you want perfect quality and performance. Remember the higher the resolution is the more processing power it needs.

Low Battery Capacity of 2100mAh.
With a 5.0" screen with 64 BIT Quad Core CPU, this phone should have atleast 2400mAh if you want long playing hours. Just bring an extra powerbank or ZOPO ZP530 battery for more playing hours.

ZOPO ZP530 Gaming Videos

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is one of the best Racing Games in Android in terms of Visual and Gameplay.  ZOPO ZP530 can play Real Racing 3 smoothly, thanks to it's 64 bit processor.

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