Angry Birds Fight! Guide Cheats: Battles and Bosses, Map and Other Tips and Strategy

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Angry Birds Fight! for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Battling Players All Over the World

How do I sabotage my opponent?
When you match four panels displaying the bird you are using, you will activate that bird's sabotage power.
Sabotage power can also be activated by tapping an Angry panel that appears when Fever Time is triggered.
Depending on the specific skills associated with your items, Angry panels may appear randomly.

What is the sabotage effects?
There are different sabotage effects depending on the bird you are using.
Red: Wooden boxes appear in place of red bird panels. Tap them once to destroy them.
Chuck: Holes will appear in a horizontal line. They will disappear after a certain amount of time.
Blues: Panels will become covered in paint. Match 3 of them and they will be erased.
Bomb: The entire screen will be temporarily covered in ash and becomes black and white.
Matilda: Holes will appear in a vertical line. They will disappear after a certain amount of time.
Stella: Bubbles will start floating around, blocking one’s view. This effect will fade after a certain amount of time.

What is Fever Time?
Fever Time is triggered when five panels are matched.
During Fever Time, you can get double life points and power by matching panels!
Also as a bonus an Angry panel will appear when Fever Time starts.
Tap it to launch a sabotage power against your opponent!

What is Bonus Time?
Once the time limit is reached, Bonus time will begin and random panels will be erased automatically.
During Bonus Time, you can't match panels.

What is a Chance Battle?
A Chance Battle can be encountered randomly when you start a battle.
By playing a chance battle you will get double Area Points whether you win or lose.
What happens when I have winning streak?
When you win several times in a row, you will receive more coins after each battle.
The longer your winning streak is, the more extra coins you can gain!

Defeating Bosses

What are bosses?
When you collect the required number of Area Points, you will encounter a pig boss.
All the birds you have unlocked will board the ship to battle the boss!
You will NOT get any more Area Points until you defeat the boss, so you must defeat bosses in order to progress.

How do I defeat bosses?
You need to customize your ship with strong parts. Rare, powerful ship parts can be obtained by playing the Slot game!
The higher level and more powerful your birds are, the more attack and defense you can gain in battles.

What is a Challenge Battle?
Once you've cleared an area, a Challenge Battle will be unlocked.
Fight the Challenge Battle and you will be given a star rating.
If you get three stars, you will receive a reward.

Help! That nasty boss is attacking me!
Each boss will try to sabotage the game by attacking you. Each boss has a special attack:
Stone Box: Every few seconds, panels will become locked in a stone box. You need to tap then twice to break them!
Piggy Panels: Some Bosses will slip in piggy panels. Match three piggy panels to erase them, but you won't earn any attack or life points.
Holes: Holes will temporarily appear in place of panels.
Blind View: Panels will be displayed in grey, making them difficult to match. This effect will disappear after a certain amount of time.

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