Attack the Light: Steven Universe Guide Cheats: Upgrades, Harmony and Other Tips and Strategy

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Attack the Light: Steven Universe for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Level Up Guide for Attack the Light: Steven Universe Game
This is the best upgrade for any characters in this game. It will increase your character's harmony pool or health pool by 5 for every upgrade.
This is better than your defense upgrade if you want to increase your character survivability. Why? Because defense decreases the enemies damage minimal for every upgrade. The more harmony pool the better it is, coupled with Steven's "Encourage" it will be difficult for your enemies to kill your character.

You don't need defense if you have a large pool of Harmony!

Attack vs Luck
Attack increases your Output Damage while Luck increases your chance to land a critical strike. Critical strike amplify your normal damage up to 2 times!
For every upgrade, attack gives only 1 attack while luck gives 2 lucks!
Luck is more efficient because it will give you more chance to land critical strikes specially if your characters have Trigger Based Badge like KO Badge or characters that can hit enemies multiple times!

Skills Upgrade vs Stats Attributes (Harmony, Attack, Defense and Luck)
If you upgrade harmony when it appears to the character's level up upgrade choice. It will leave to the other 3 Stats Attributes, because only 1 upgrade choice slot will be consumed for Skills Upgrade.
An Example for the upgrade slot if it has include Skills Upgrade. Slot 1: Skills Upgrade, Slot 2: Least 3rd Stats Attributes, Slot 3: Least 4th Stats Attributes.
Least Stats Attributes means are those Stat Attributes that you don't upgrade usually compared to the other Stats Attributes.
Skills Upgrade are very important compared to the least stats attributes. Even if some skills are not important, just upgrade them to unlock other skill upgrades.

Steven Upgrade Guide
Always Upgrade Encourage all the time to increase your character's survivability.
Upgrade Steven's Skill Ukulele Songs and other skills.
Avoid getting Unlock Escape because you need to kill enemies to get experience. It doesn't matter if it is weak or strong enemies as long as you can kill them.
Upgrade Unlock Wallet if it is needed like if you want to purchase some badge in the shop.

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