Battle Monsters Tips Cheats: Battle, Monsters and Other Guides and Strategy

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Battle Monsters for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices


You compete with other players for Gold in a Battle.
Each side can bring 10 monsters per level. For example, if your level is 20, you can bring up to 200 monsters to the battle.
Monsters with higher Attack Power will have priority when attacking, and the ones with higher Defense Power when defending.
If the result shows the attack power of the attacking party is higher than the defense power of the defense side, the attacking side will win and take away some Gold from the defense party.

Clan Support Monster

If you join a clan, you'll automatically receive clan support monsters when attacking/defending. Clan support monsters are not included in the maximum number of monsters in the battle, but they'll be affected by the clan office capacity.

Clan support monsters can be 10x stronger in a battle. However, they can die, too.

Enhanced Monsters

Enhanced Monsters join the battles apart from normal monsters. The maximum number is 25 or more and 5 per each cage. Just like normal monsters, they will be automatically sorted by attacking and defense power if you possess more than the limit.

Enhanced Monster Skill

Enhanced monsters in the battle will use skills at a fixed rate. They can use up to 3 skills per battle.

They'll use attack type skills when attacking and defense type skills when defending. There are also general skills used in both.


Monsters are the most important part in battles and Boss Raids and the purpose of this game.
As you acquire higher class monsters, you'll find yourself ever stronger.


There are 6 monster classes from zero-star, 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, to 5-star in order of power. The higher the number gets, the stronger the monster gets.

You can buy zero-star monsters with Gold but cannot combine/enhance them. They'll make up the number, but you can't ignore their power when you have a lot.

You can hunt and capture 1-star monsters or get them from a Random Ball in the Shop. You can combine 1-star monsters to make higher class ones but cannot enhance them.

You can get 2 to 4-star monsters by capturing or enhancing, or get them from a Random Ball in the Shop. You can combine/enhance them to make them stronger.

Since 5-star monsters are the highest, you can't combine them to a higher class. You can only enhance them.

Monster Rank

All monsters have unique ranks according to their type. Monsters from the same class can have different abilities according to their ranks. It's common that a higher-ranked monster from a lower class can be stronger than a lower-ranked monster from a higher class. Monster ranks are given to the monster type, so the same type monsters will have the same abilities. (except for Enhanced Monsters),

You can purchase monsters with higher ranks than your level through combining or a Random Ball, but cannot directly buy from the Monster Book. ,


You make a new monster with 1 higher class by combining 2 monsters of 1-star or above. As long as the monsters are from the same class, you can combine them even if they are different types.

Combination has success rate, and the rate decreases as the class and ranks get higher. If you fail to combine, a monster with the same class as the material will be randomly created.


You make an Enhanced Monster with special abilities by combining 2 monsters with the same type.

Enhanced monsters' class doesn't change, but compared to normal monsters, their attacking/defense power increases immensely, and they will have skills useful in battles.

You can enhance monsters repeatedly to make more powerful Enhanced Monsters, but the maximum abilities will depend on your monsters and material.

If you use Enhanced Monsters as material or Enhancer Pills for enhancing, you're more likely to have higher abilities.

Enhanced Monsters

Enhanced Monsters are special monsters with unique skills and abilities.

Apart from normal monsters, you can have up to 25 Enhanced Monsters join the battle and own up to 50. If you build a Monster Cage, you can increase the limit.

You can appoint one of your Enhanced Monsters as your Leader Monster that can join battles, hunting, and Boss Raids.