Diamond Quest! Guide Cheats: Puzzle Pals, Level Up and Other Tips and Strategy

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Diamond Quest! for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices


What are Puzzle Pals
Puzzle Pals are friends who join you and help you defeat Monsters.
It is difficult lo progress in the game without the right Puzzle Pals by your side!

What are Rare Puzzle Pals?
Flare Puzzle Pals will have two abilities! The badge by their picture in
Collections will indicate a Flare. Each collection includes some Flare Pals

How do I get more Puzzle Pals?
The arch-villain Lucien has captured Puzzle Pals, and it is up to you to
rescue them! To do so, lap the Collections icon on the Map. You can then
choose a Chest to bust open; a Pal is trapped in each one!

How can I get more Keys?
You gain a Key for each Star you earn from winning a stage.
Get 3 Stars on all the stages to collect all the possible Keys!

How can I get more Gold?
On any map screen, there is a + button that you can tap to add more Gold
You can also earn Gold by completing Challenges.

What does Puzzle Pals do?
Puzzle Pals directly help you defeat Monsters in puzzle stages.
When a Pal is fully charged, he or she will attack the Monster which does damage.
Their ability is also activated which improves your game board position, e.g. clearing obstacles or transforming a random normal Gem into a Special Gem.

How do I charge an attack tor a Puzzle Pal?
Each Puzzle Pal has 1-3 activation colors (usually 1).
Charge your Pal by matching and clearing Gems of the activation color(s).
As your Pal charges up, they will move from left to right across the top of the screen. Once they are fully charged, they approach the Monster and automatically attack.
Afterwards, the Pal returns to the left side of the screen, ready to be charged for another atlack!

How do Puzzle Pals get stronger?
All your Pals get slightly stronger (increase their attack damage) every time you Level Up! If you open a Chest, there‘s a chance to make an existing Pal better!
Their activation cost will be lowered.


What ls Gem Attack?
Gem Attack is the bonus damage that you can do to the Monster in one turn on top of the regular damage you inflict from matching and clearing Gems.
Your Gem Attack is increased when you Level Up!

How can I Level Up?
To level up and increase your Gem Attack, gain XP. You gain XP by winning
and losing stages.