FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper Guide Cheats: Battles, Soul and Other Tips and Strategy

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FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Choosing a Battle
Choose a battle to enter the fray. but be warned: entering battle costs Stamina. Stamina costs vary per

There are several rounds in each battle. Emerge victorious from every round to complete the battle

Fleeing Battle
Pausing gives you the option to flee battle.
Fleeing battle returns you to the point before you entered the battle, however, the party's current stats and conditions will persist.
*Fleeing a battle does not refund the Stamina spent to enter it.
*If you flee from battle, any EXP, items, or gil obtained in that round are lost.

ATB Gauge
Battles in FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper use the Active Time Battle (ATB) system.
Once the ATB Gauge is full, you can choose a command.

Choosing an Action
Once the ATB Gauge is full, you can choose Attack, Defend, or Ability.
There's a delay after selecting Attack or Ability, which varies depending on the specific action taken.

The Elements
There are nine elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water, Holy, Dark, and Poison. Damage can also be Non-Elemental.

Elemental Resistance
Characters can be Vulnerable, Resistant, or Immune to elemental damage, and in some cases can even be healed by Absorbing the damage.

Auto Battle
Tap AUTO during battle to have your characters automatically Attack once the ATB gauge is full.
Tap CANCEL AUTO or the Command Bar at the bottom of the screen to return to manual control.
*Auto Battle can only be used once the tutorial has been completed.

Soul Breaks
You can use Soul Gauge charges to execute Soul Breaks, with different Soul Breaks requiring different numbers of charges.
Each party member has his or her own Soul Break. Like abilities, there's a delay after selecting a Soul
Break before it is executed.

Soul Break Equipment
Equipping a character with armor or a weapon containing a Soul Break allows the character to use that Soul Break if it's a Soul Break for that character or a Shared Soul Break.

Soul Gauge
The Soul Gauge fills when taking damage from enemies, attacking, or using abilities, and depletes
when using Soul Breaks.
The Soul Gauge is not depleted if Soul Break is selected but fails to activate for whatever reason.
The number of Soul Gauge charges used depends on the Soul Break.

Getting Treasure
When enemies drop equipment, it will appear as a treasure chest.
Treasure chests can't be opened until the end of battle.

Getting Orbs
Enemies sometimes drop orbs, which are used to
create abilities.
Orbs cannot be collected until the end of battle.

Getting Gil
Enemies sometimes drop gil.
Gil cannot be collected until the end of battle

Getting Potions
Enemies sometimes drop potions.
When a potion drops, it immediately restores the party's HP.

Battle Time Limits
If 72 hours pass after beginning a battle, the battle will end whether you've completed it or not.
If you're removed from battle for going over the time limit, your party will be restored to its condition
before the battle, and any rewards earned will be lost.
If you've already defeated all enemies when time expires, the battle is considered completed, and you'll keep any rewards earned.