Ghost Hunter Guide Cheats: Gear, Guardians and Other Tips and Strategy

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Ghost Hunter by SmileGate for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

 1. Gear 
Gear consists of three types: weapons, armor and accessories. The color and number of stars indicate its Rank.
Equipping a specific set of Gear activates a set effect. (Gear Sets can be found in the Soul Album.)

Upgrade Gear 
Gear can be upgraded up to Rank 10, with it becoming progressively more difficult to upgrade to a higher rank.
However, if an upgrade attempt fails, a fail mileage is accumulated and slightly increases the chance of success.

You can upgrade by selecting an item in the Gear box and pressing the [Upgrade] button.
Upgrade will use up Gear Gems and resources (Gold or Ruby).

Fuse Gear
Select two Gear items of the same type and rank to Fuse. Both Gear items must be upgraded to +10. The result will be a Gear item with a higher rank, please note that the new Gear will have an upgrade value of +0. (Set Items cannot be fused)

Sell Gear 
A Gear can be sold by selecting the item and pressing the [Sell] button. The [Sell] button
below the Gear box can be used to sell multiple Gear at once.

2. Ghost Card Item 
This can be equipped onto Gear or used to craft Guardians.

Acquiring Ghost Cards 
Find a Ghost Card in the Soul Album and purchase it using Gold or Rubies. Alternatively, acquire it through Ghost Extermination.

3. Guardians
Guardians not only increase a Hunter's stats, but they also grant a unique skill (as does a pet in other games).
Each Guardian holds specific skills and stats, and a Hunter can equip up to two Guardians.

Fuse Guardians 
Guardians can be fused using Ghost Cards, Souls and Gold with the corresponding Formula. To fuse, a
Guardian requires its lower Rank Guardian item as a material.
E.g., Rank 2 Guardian = two Types of Ghost Cards + Rank 1 Guardian + Gold

Upgrade Guardian 
Upgrade a Guardian by selecting it and using Guardian Gems and Gold. The maximum Upgrade rank is 10.

4. Store 
In the Store, you can purchase various game items, such as Hunters and Upgrade Gems. You can also purchase in-game resources, such as Gold, Rubies, and Elixir.

Purchase Hunter 
Although a Hunter can be purchased using Rubies, a Hunter can also be purchased using Gold if you complete a specific quest.
You can view the Hunter's stats, evolution tier, and skills prior to purchase by pressing the Info button.

Purchase Items 
You can purchase items such as Upgrade Gems, Evo Gems and Ultimate Potions.