Heroes of SoulCraft Guide Cheats: Basic, Advanced and Other Tips and Strategy

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HoS Basic Tutorial / Beginners Guide
In Heroes of SoulCraft the Angel team fights against the Demon Team. You win by destroying the enemy's Nexus Turret. Your Base is protected by Towers and frequently spawning minions.

Help your Minions push the lane and destroy the enemy Towers. Don't attack enemy Towers alone!
Attack with your Minions to be successful.

Move your Hero with the left analog stick or mouse. Press or hold the buttons to use your skills.
Your Titan skill is your Ultimate ability. Items and Skill upgrades are automated by default.

HoS Advance Tutorial
All XP and soul you gain is shared with your team. You can join running games and you can also leave running games without receiving a penalty. Bots will be added if teams don't have the same number of players.

The 4 vs 4 map has a 2nd lane with 2 towers. If you destroy the inhibitor turret in the 2nd lane you receive super minions on your primary lane. You can also farm creeps in the jungle to gain extra XP and souls for your team. If you kill the big abomination he will spawn in your primary lane.
Towers consume energy while shooting. Push your lane to deplete the enemy towers. If the time runs out, the overtime starts. In Overtime normal towers explode and both Nexus Tower leave their bases and if the overtime runs out, sudden death starts and Heroes won't revive.

Most skills in Heroes of Soulcraft will simply be activated by pressing a button. But some skills may also be charged by holding the button. Other skills can be reactivated and trigger a follow up skill.
Use your teleport to go back to base to recover health and mana. If you don't attack or get attacked for a while you gain the out of combat buff. This buff will increase your movement speed and your health regeneration.

As a standard Item-buying and skill is done automatically. If you prefer a different item or skill order, deactivate this in the options menu.Then you can buy items manually and also upgrade your skills manually. Heroes are full costumizable. You can change your Titan skill and you can also personalize your items to fit to your play style.

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