Heroes of SoulCraft: Shakkur Guide, Skills Strategy and Other Tips

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The Shadow Assassin
Style: Melee, Assassinate
Born without a face, this nightmarish assassin carries his one good eye on his deadly dagger. Using stealth and deadly strikes, he consumes unsuspecting targets at will.
Damage: 3/4
Defense: 1/4
Movement: 3/4
Utility: 3/4
Difficulty: 4/4

Shakkur Skills

Quickly attack a single enemy.
Stab is a fast single target melee attack.

Seeing Dagger
Throws a dagger at an enemy. Reveals the target and generates Energy. Reactivate: Jump behind the marked target.
Shakkur throws his dagger.
If the dagger hits an enemy, he is revealed for a few seconds and Shakkur gains energy.
You can reactivate the skill for a second time to jump behind the marked target.

Shadow Walk
Shadow Assassin becomes invisible, ignores unit collision and generates Energy.
Shakkur becomes invisible and generates energy.
While active he also ignores unit collision.

Execute a nearby enemy Hero, consuming Energy.
Shakkur executes his target dealing extra damage but consumes his energy.

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