Heroes of SoulCraft: Yaku Guide, Skills Strategy and Other Tips

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The Anime Kid 
Style: Melee, Poke
This kid has watched all anime available and thus gained the powers of his favorite characters. He is very versatile in melee and ranged fights and always positive.
Damage: 2/4
Defense: 2/4
Movement: 3/4
Utility: 2/4
Difficulty: 2/4

Yaku Skills

Attacks with his giant sword, dealing damage in a line in front of him. Deals more damage with the ball on the target.
Yaku's basic attack hits all enemies in a line in front of him.
He has more range with his sword than most other melee heroes.
The attack does more damage on marked enemies.

Can bounce three times in a row, each time pushing enemies away from you where you land.
Yaku can jump a short distance.
He can jump 3 times in a row before the skill goes on cooldown.
Land close to an enemy, to push them away.
The attack does more damage on marked enemies.

Charges his laser that damages enemies in a line when released. Deals more damage if charged longer and also stuns if the ball is on the target.
Yaku charges his power to unleash a beam of energy that hits all enemies in a line.
The longer he charges his power the more damage he deals.
If an enemy is marked the beam does more damage and also stuns the enemmy.

I Choose You
Throws a ball onto an enemy hero. Your other skills gain additional effects when you attack the marked target.
Yaku throws a ball which does some damage and marks an enemy.
If an enemy is marked all other skills have extra effects.

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