MORTAL KOMBAT X Tips Cheats: Factions, War Points and Other Guides and Strategy

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MORTAL KOMBAT X for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Challenge Mode
Challenges appear for a limited time and grant the opportunity to win a unique
featured character. To earn a challenge character, all towers within the challenge
mode must be completed before the event is over.

Daily Events
New towers will be available every 24 hours from the main menu in the form of
Daily Events. Complete the daily event towers to earn rare rewards.

Guest Character Towers
Several towers in Battle Mode contain towers in which a guest character will join
you in your f ight. This character must be used for the entire tower, so make sure
to build your team accordingly.

Multiplayer Ladders
You will have your choice of playing different multiplayer ladders against other
opponents' teams. Quitting a ladder will cause you to lose your progress in that
ladder, so make sure you are ready for the number of matches before you enter

join a faction to Fight for their cause. Multiplayer leaderboards are faction
specific. Every week, a bonus reward is given to all faction members based on
faction rankings. You can change your faction at any time, though this can affect
your leaderboard placement.

War Points
Each day, you may contribute up to 1,000 war points to your faction by playing
multiplayer matches. War points are earned through playing online. The more
total war points a faction receives, the higher it will rank, affecting the weekly
reward given to its members. Contribute the maximum each day to increase the
chances of your faction staying on top.

Koins, Souls, and Alliance Points are used to make purchases in Mortal Kombat X.
Koins can be earned in a number of different ways including fighting in battles or
completing bonus missions. Souls are earned through completion of towers and are
much rarer, and more valuable, than Koins. Alliance points are earned through
using allies, and having your champion used as an ally.

Bonus Missions
Every 24 hours, three bonus missions can be completed to earn extra Koins. Bonus
missions require you to perform meet a variety of conditions during Kombat to
complete. During this time period, one bonus mission can be replaced with another
random bonus mission.

Team Loadouts
You will be able preset three teams in Mortal Kombat X. Each team can be edited
and set from the edit team screen. Teams are automatically saved based on which
characters are in each slot upon leaving the edit team screen.

Champion Select
Select a champion to proudly display them on your main menu. Your champion
can also be selected and friend requested by other players. Champions can be set
from your player pro?le.

Ally System
Allies used in Kombat will perform their best special move to help defeat your
opponent. Before each offline match, you must select an ally to accompany you.
The ally list is made up of friends and suggested allies from other players around
the world. Allies can be friend requested upon completion of a match.

Friends List
Allies who accept your friend request will appear and remain in the friends list. lf
a friend request is declined, that ally will no longer appear in your friends list.
Pending friend requests will also appear in the friends list. Friend slots are limited,
so make sure to use them on valuable allies that will assist you in Kombat.

Display Name
Your display name is what other players will see on your player module in
multiplayer. Display names can be changed at any time.

Notification Tray
The notification tray can be accessed from the main menu by tapping on the
NetherRealm logo in the bottom left corner of the screen. Within it will appear
various notifications from the game, as well as unclaimed rewards such as season
rewards from multiplayer.

Player Module
Your player module displays your player background, display name, and account

Create and log in to your WBPlay account to access exclusive mobile to console
unlockables. Using a WBPlay account will also save your game to the WBPlay
servers, which will allow you to play the same game save on multiple devices.